Dark chocolate

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Dark chocolate

A medical study reported that dark chocolate improves the function of blood vessels, thus confirming the results of previous studies on the medicinal benefits of cocoa on the cardiovascular system.
The researchers from Yale Center for Prevention Research - for the past six weeks - study the impact of non-sweetened dark chocolate with 39 people, men and women were divided into three groups.
The group took the first day of this 227 grams of unsweetened dark chocolate, while the second addressed the dark chocolate, pancakes and the third was given a substitute.
The doctors during the study period by a special measuring the basic ability of the artery in the arm to relax to allow blood to flow more, before and after consumption of the quota assigned to each group.
Found for the two groups, which Asthlkta cocoa can arm artery's ability to relax improved significantly by 4.2% in those who ate dark chocolate is sweetened, and by 5.1% in those on quality of desalinated water.
As for the group, which has been given an alternative appeared that the ability of the artery to relax eased by 8.0%.

It is known that cocoa is rich in anti-oxidant (Flavonoiid) help dilate the arteries. This article also found in fruits, vegetables and red wine.
A study of physician Diane Baker, a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore published last November, confirmed that eating a few small squares of dark chocolate every day have the effect of aspirin in reducing blood clotting and reduce the risk of clogged arteries, is responsible for many heart attacks

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