High temperature in children .. How to deal with her parents in the home?

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High temperature in children .. How to deal with her parents in the home?

Temperature rise of the child is always something disturbing to parents, perhaps both lived this scenario: one of them wakes up to find the child standing next to the bed and seems to be fatigue, facial flushing and sweat moistened his body, laying his hand on the forehead of the child and find a warm, awakens each other to say to him: a child has a temperature, and here start suffering the night.

Why monitoring

* Easy to deal properly with a high temperature because it is not a disease in itself but is one of the symptoms, therefore, is the parent is always to find the cause of the rise then you need to treat this reason or not, and how it's done. Cases dealing with the heat itself is limited in the sense that makes the effort to reduce, the most important is that the temperature exceeds 38.9 degrees Celsius, but if less than this is not addressed only in two cases, the first to appear on the child shows signs and symptoms of the affected child or be age child less than three months. The fact that the doctors today they overheat children under three months of age with great interest if they exceed 38 degrees Celsius temperature measurement of anal parents advised to be dropped then contact the family doctor or take the child to hospital immediately.

The older children of this general condition must be taken into account the sense of observing their behaviors when fever to know the extent of need for treatment or see a doctor without alarm or panic, When the child is not in serious condition, we find that have an interest in playing and eating and drinking and smiling when Ilaabh Sun The color of his skin is natural and it seems quite normal if the temperature dropped after that, but this was the case must only note the child and monitor.

Although temperature alone does not reflect whatever is behind it, may result in bacterial or viral inflammation of the viewer to raise the temperature to 40 degrees Celsius while serious bacterial infection or a cancerous tumor invoking the heat so much, especially when the child is small. The heat, falling and rising in quick succession, sometimes accompanied by chills or decrease the emergence of tremor is a complex process, which means Put simply an attempt by raising body temperature by moving the muscles to meet the degree to which ordered «thermometer» in the brain and the view that it is suitable for bacterial resistance, When not strengthens the body for maintaining the high temperature to resort to a new mechanism to raise the temperature by shivering or shivering.

This happens in certain cases of infections, so parents must mention this to the doctor if it happened. And children sweating in an attempt to reduce the body temperature within the complex operations also in the mechanism of body temperature as the event of an inflammation of the evaporation of water on the surface of the skin pulls him part of the heat, as does the child when he is breathing rapidly. But it must be noted there is difficulty in breathing if I get, or keep breathing quickly after the low temperature and mentioned this to the doctor.

Address the high temperature

* Fancy than many parents and mothers in particular that the high heat causes damage to brain cells is not true what temperature did not exceed figures particularly high 41.1 degrees Celsius. Therefore, not all heat must be reduced to the mother or even as long as the treatment does not affect the child or the child does not have a case of convulsion with a high temperature. In the case of this vulnerability to the above-mentioned symptoms, you can give the child a drink Abannadol or other material which contains paracetamol or acetaminophen or ibuprofen can be given up, according to the weight, age, and the mother to make sure the dose contact your doctor and do not depend guidance seller of medicines in the pharmacy. Do not use aspirin at all to those who are under the age of twelve years of age, and remember that drugs are heat-reducing effect of temporarily relieved after hours to return, possibly to what it was. What is important is the baby shower in the average water temperature is cool because no cold water to make the child was trembling and thus higher temperature more!, And to ensure that children wear light coating and covered with a blanket or light ihraam so the body can lose heat and maintain a cool temperature of the room and to care for liquids and providing lots of snow and cold food and Kalgele avoid Kalkola contains caffeine, tea, and Ngsbh on the type of food or drink, the important thing is calm and comfort, nor send him to school it ceased to be the heat.

Request the assistance of a doctor depends on the general situation of children and the amount of temperature in addition to year, and in general should go to the doctor that the child was under the age of three months and temperature exceeded 38 degrees Celsius, or older child, when temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. But if the heat is less and the child appear to be effects or symptoms of the disease Kagaye frequent diarrhea or dehydration, or complained of pain in the throat during swallowing or abdomen or ear or appear to be idle and refused to eat or drink, or if the fever persists in the child and not the second the age of more than 24 hours or 72 hours is greater than or repeated heat in a few days.

Need to go to the emergency department at the hospital immediately when the child is crying continuously for hours or it's very tense, or inert or dramatically red rash appeared on his skin or lips or fingernails appear blue or there is difficulty in moving his neck or breathing or suffered a heart spasm .

Common causes of high temperature of the Child

* There is a center in the brain to regulate and adjust the thermostat or temperature (thermometer) is working to conserve body heat in the rate at which the appropriate action of its members to complete the chemical and biological processes efficiently, so the brain sends letters to be sent in order to maintain body temperature that is about 37 degrees Celsius, and differ in certain times of day are less normally in the morning and highest in the evening as if to make up physical exertion and other conditions, but remains within the range normally does not exceed 37.7 degrees Celsius as the highest acceptable limit. When the temperature rises of the child, this would be for several reasons, mostly as a result of which is usually for a matter of three things:

Bacterial infection of both bacteria or viruses then will be one of the means by which heat the body tries to resist bacteria and eliminate them.

The acquisition of high body temperature, either directly Kkheroj to the hot weather or stay in a room a warm dose of one type of vaccination.

It should be noted that the teething or the emergence of teeth is a dynamic process in which the body siren effort to complete and then the temperature rises in some children but often do not exceed the amount of the highest limit of any natural rate of 37.7 degrees Celsius.

How to measure the temperature of the child?

* Knows one of the parents of the child through the heat of a caring touch or a kiss on his forehead, but rough measure of the effect that should ensure a more accurate direct measurement across the balance of the heat. And diagnosis of high temperature is if the temperature of the rectum exceeding 38 degrees Celsius, or 37.7 of the mouth under the tongue specifically, or 37.2 of the temperature under the armpit, every place to measure temperature with a different degree we can not say what is natural in the mouth that natural armpit.

Measured the temperature of a child under three months of age only in the anus, and between three months and four years can be measured by the anus or the ear temperature is not dependent on temperature armpit, and is over four years can measure the temperature of the mouth or ear or armpit, whichever is easier. There are many thermometers available balance of the market, one is keen to make good use of them appropriately, and proper does not mean easier at all, but what gives the most accurate reading medical instructions as indicated, it is Species:

- Digital thermometer or e-mail: machinery and give a good quick read, accurate and available at affordable prices, and are used to measure the temperature of the mouth or the armpit or anus.

- Ear thermometer or digital-mail: measures the temperature of the eardrum with precision, speed and ease, it is suitable for older children, but the American Association of Pediatrics does not recommend its use at all for young children, especially those under three months old.

- PVC adhesive tape: What are the branding Paljpin not recommended at all for the children at any age.

- Thermometer in the form of Popsicle: requires to stay in the mouth and takes a long time so it is hard to rely on.

- Mercury thermometer: it was something reliable and used in the past because the only available, but today is not recommended like all medical devices containing mercury that environmental contaminant, and must be disposed of everything that contains mercury in the home.

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