Drinks and herbs harmful to the cradle

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Drinks and herbs harmful to the cradle

There are some herbs and beverages are harmful for a pregnant woman or fetus or the baby:
Sage: not recommended during pregnancy using Sage
Coffee are stimulants and rich substance (caffeine), and breeding them is not suitable for pregnant women.
Cinnamon have an impact in increasing uterine contractions at the beginning of the open before birth. If the pregnant woman in early pregnancy and have a date dropped frequently due to uterine contractions .. It should not frequent them.
Celery reduces milk and could harm the nursing infant
Tea abundance also harm the fetus and infant can cause them to addiction to caffeine
And the many tea lead to lower fertility of women
Alsno harm a pregnant woman and baby
Saffron prefers that it Atkther pregnant, especially in the first months
Castor harm the fetus in the first months
Watercress is possible that many dealt with in the first months of the holder of the bleeding
Ginger not given to pregnant women in the first few months it is possible to cause a hemorrhage or omissions.
I hope that this issue is beneficial to all

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