One of every eight people infected with disorder in the brain,

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One of every eight people infected with disorder in the brain


Netherlands study reported that 13 percent of healthy adults have the disorder in the brain was not detected, but harmless.

The Mike Vernooy from the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, that brain scans are becoming more frequent and detailed and doctors need to know whether there is justification for concern if the Sadfhm what is expected.


The Vernooy MRIs performed on about two thousand volunteers over the age of 45 years, in which the magnetic resonance to provide a detailed picture of the structure of the brain, showed a little more than seven percent and there is evidence of clots in the brain, but the stroke was very small so it did not cause the appearance of any symptoms and was common apparently with age, and was about two percent of people with a swelling of blood vessels in the brain, which can cause burst blood vessels, if too large, resulting in a stroke, but 32 out of 35 cases of swelling in the blood blood was very small and did not recommend the researchers followed these cases for treatment.

The researchers explained in preeclampsia that with the increased sensitivity of the magnetic resonance imaging, it is "likely to increase the number of bugs discovered simple" and would require doctors to find out which cases can be ignored without the risk to the owner of that situation.

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