Cancer of the urinary tract Bladder Cancer:

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Cancer of the urinary tract Bladder Cancer:

Is the growth of uncontrolled and irregular cells of the lining of the ureter or urinary bladder, which results in an accumulation of cells and therefore obstruction of the ureter.

1. The presence of blood in the urine.
2. Sense of frequent need to urinate and inability to do so.
3. Pain in the back or abdomen accompanied by contractions in the ureter.
4. Weak in the strength of urine with burning strong.
5. Anemia and weight loss.
6. Strain rapidly.

1. Smoking.
2. Urinary tract infections recurrent.
3. Schistosomiasis infection.
4. Exposure to the material used in the aniline dyes and printing.


1. Examination of the urine.
2. Work of the ultrasound bladder.
3. X-rays of the abdomen and back.
4. Work-ray dye.
5. Work perspective of the bladder.
6. Take a sample of the tumor and examined under a microscope.
7. The work of a CT scan.

Methods of Treatment:
1. Surgical intervention: and be either removal of the tumor or the ureter injured or in severe cases to eradicate the urinary bladder.
2. Chemotherapy.
3. Radiotherapy.
1. Stay away from smoking.
2. Treat urinary tract infections and not be neglected.
3. Taking care of non-infected with bilharzia.
4. Take precautions when exposure to dyes

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