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Many plants
medicines, the
saponmes owe their
name to the fact that, as
soap, they produce '
foam when
are immersed in water The saponmes
exist in two forms, steroids and
tnterpenoides The chemical structure of steroids is
similar to that of many human hormones
(estrogen, cortisone), and many plants which
contain affect hormonal activity Wild yam
(Dwsoerea mllosa,) contains a saponmes steroids from
which we synthesized the birth control pill The sapomnes
tnterpenoides contained in licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) and
primrose (Pnmula vens, have a lower hormonal activity
They are often expectorant and facilitate the absorption of food

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The coumannes of different types, is
found in many species
plant and possess properties
The coumannes wide variety of méhiot
(Melilotus offianahs, ) and
horse chestnut (Aesculus
hippocastanum, ) contribute
a thin the blood while
furanocoumannes as bergapten,
contained in Celene (Apium graveolens,
), treat skin diseases
and that the khelline Khella
(Ammi visnaga, ) is an A
powerful vasodilator

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These are the main constituents of
plants such as senna (Cassia senna,
) and rhubarb from China
(Rheum palmatwn ), which all
both act on constipation
They have an irritant and laxative
the large intestine, causing
contractions of the intestinal wall
and stimulate evacuation
about ten hours after
They make taking the stool
more liquid, thereby facilitating the

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The anthocyanins are derived from the hydrolysis
of anthocyamdmes (flavonoids close
flavones), giving flowers
and fruits their color blue
red or purple These powerful
Antioxidants cleanse the body
free radicals, they maintain
good movement, including
in the regions of heart,
hands, feet and eyes
Blackberry (Rubus
jruticosus,), grapes
red (Vitis inmfera,
and hawthorn (Crataegus
contain all

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These are the main constituents of
plants such as senna (Cassia senna,
and rhubarb from China
(Rheum palmatwn, ), which all
both act on constipation
They have an irritant and laxative
the large intestine, causing
contractions of the intestinal wall
and stimulate evacuation
about ten hours after
They make taking the stool
more liquid, thereby facilitating the

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Present in many plants
medicines, such as digital woolly
and purple (D Digitahs lanata and purpurea
cultivated in Europe) and thrush
(Convallana McGale), the
as cardiac glycosides
digitoxin, and the digoxme
convallotoxine have action
direct and powerful on the inside
They can help maintain the pace
in cases of cardiac weakness
These glycosides are also
They contribute a diuretic
transfer fluids and tissues
circulatory system into the ducts

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Glanders and Melioidosis

Signs and symptoms:
The incubation period of 10-14 days after inhalation. And the onset of symptoms may be a surprise or appear or may appear gradually. When a person is infected by inhalation haunted by high fever (usually above 102 F) and trembling, race and malaise and headache and pain in the chest, lung and at the same time appears a swollen neck glands and swelling of the liver and spleen and inflammatory papillary and in the form of blisters. And there may be a severe pneumonia, and other complications may appear such as the spread of bacteria in the blood and blood acute poisoning.

When you make a microscopic examination of pus on the use of blue dye Mithleen Methylene blue dye Wright or Wright stain, and it shows a few vertical spread bacteria on the slide and form of the bacteria, such as a pin with two poles and can be used as the core media (regular) for the cultivation of the causal factors of this disease and is B. mallei and B. pseudomallei. and may appear in the scattered rays chest injuries and multiple or intoxicate a small complex in the upper part of the lung with the hoarding and scaly. And often the number of white blood cells normal or slightly higher and can be performed on the serum tests to help confirm the diagnosis and the antibodies do not appear or appear with a live low does not mean that the disease does not exist.

Treatment depends on the type and severity of clinical symptoms of the disease. In cases of topical treatment is the use of oral antibiotics for 60 to 150 days. In the event of severe patient may need to prolong the duration of treatment and to give antibiotics by injection.

There is no preventative treatment for cases of pre-or post-exposure at this time.

Isolation and sterilization:
Can be used as the basic preventive measures for health personnel and rare infection from person to person through the air, but the person may become infected when handling materials contaminated with secretions the patient must be careful of care for patients infected with skin because the infection may occur during the touch-in this case. And for environmental sterilization, it can be used to focus Alhipklorat solution of 0.5%.


The causative agent of glanders disease and pseudo-disease glanders is the bacterium Burkholderia mallei and Burkholderia pseudomallei, respectively, and each of these bacteria is confined to vertical negative and appears as a pin when microscopic examination. And the two types of bacteria infect pets and wild animals that become (such as rights) through inhalation or contamination of wounds.
And the mallei bacteria cause disease in horses and donkeys and mules. And they were very rare incidence of this disease in humans despite the repeated handling and adjacent to the infected animals. And it may cause the disease as a result of exposure to low concentration of microbes from injuries on the spot animals. It is worth mentioning that the malignant types of the bacteria to animals is not malicious for humans. And spread among humans and horses are four types of the disease. And species are more common in the acute mules and donkeys, and death occurs usually after a period ranging from 3 to 4 weeks from the beginning of infection. The other type of this disease is more common in horses and causes swelling in the lymph nodes, and many of the contract turn into skin ulceration and start of attrition. And other symptoms Frost and inflation and the complexity of the lymph nodes and localized in other regions. And intensify the so-called lymph nodes, and to freeze Glanders farcy and human infections usually occur among veterinarians, horses and donkeys, shepherds and slaughterhouse workers.
Spread and B. pseudomallei in abundance in tropical and subtropical regions, dengue is endemic in Southeast Asia and northern Australia and in north-east Thailand.
B. pseudomallei is one of the common risk factors for blood poisoning in the community. And this semi-glanders disease in humans appears in various forms in the degree of severity is the range of mild clinical symptoms of disease do not lead to satisfactory up to severe blood poisoning, where the percentage of death to 90% and occurs within 24-48 hours of onset of the disease. And also can be infected with glanders semi-ill patient and the patient can remain a carrier of the disease for a long time after the first infection and may lead to chronic disease and life-threatening.
These microbes spread through the invasion of the mucous membranes in the eye and the mouth, nose, and also by inhalation, which reaches the lungs or through cuts or scratches on the skin. Have been observed the spread of disease among factory workers through the spray causes of laboratory cultures and this spray is very contagious.
There is no vaccine or cure and is supported by the spreading infection by aerosols, a very effective way.

History and importance:
Despite this potential for large deployment in the laboratory, the spread between humans is rare in nature and did not record a case of a pandemic of the disease in humans, where there are only sporadic cases rather than epidemics, and during the sixty-one years did not record a single case a natural proliferation in the United States, but sometimes appear sporadic cases in Asia, Africa and the Middle East and South America. It is believed that during the First World War spread a disease glanders by the central forces and caused injury to large numbers of Russian horses and mules in the eastern facade and this had an impact on the convoys of troops to rely on horses and mules. Has increased the incidence in humans during the First World War and beyond and it is known that the Japanese deliberately infected horses and civilians and prisoners of war by B. mallei at the Institute of Pinfan in China during World War II. And the United States had considered this factor as a weapon of war, a possible common 1942 -44, but not Islhoh (ie Iteke for use as a weapon) and believed that the former Soviet Union was interested in. B. mallei as a biological weapon possible after World War II. And which represents a difficult-to-human transmission, during the Second World War there were 30% of animals showing positive results in tests that indicate the disease, but the incidence in humans is rare. In Mongolia and the proportion of infected animals, ranging from 5-25%, but there were no casualties. And in nature (in these areas) are the bacteria in infected animals but not found in water, soil or plants.
And on the contrary, in tropical regions, the spread of these bacteria in the soil and water and the disease remains endemic in some of those areas for a long time. And disease glanders is one of the origin of tropical diseases in Southeast Asia and northern Australia and can be spread easily and unintentionally because of ignorance of its existence because the incubation period is too long.
And studies have been done in the United States about the possibility of using this disease as a biological weapon, but did not arm and had also stated that the former Soviet Union was seriously considering this factor in the arm.

Clinical symptoms:
The patients and semi-glanders glanders may appear in the form of localized disease or severe pneumonia or blood poisoning, explosive (fulminant) a sharp and deadly. And may show some or all of these symptoms in human cases. It may remain semi-glanders disease without symptoms after infection dormant for decades, but in the case of vulnerability to show symptoms of the disease after several years. And incidence of the disease after exposure to the spray prepared as a biological weapon shows this syndrome as well. And the incubation period ranging from 10 to 14 days and this period depends on the dose received by the injured and the power of bacteria.
It seems that one form of the disease may appear suddenly Kedzmm blood associated with fever, stiff and sweat and muscle pain and chest pain pneumonia and ulcers or granulomatous vital Mcnrzp necrotizing lesions and Zmat Ihmrrarip generalized erythroderma and appears yellow and sensitivity to light and Altadma and diarrhea. In the clinical examination are fever and rapid pulse and swelling in the cervical lymph nodes and slight enlargement of the liver or spleen. And the results of blood culture is usually negative, and there may be a simple shortage of white blood cells with an offset to the left (in the development of white blood cells) shift to the left, or may appear to acute shortage of white blood cells.
In case form of the disease that appears sore pneumonia following inhalation or natural outbreaks, the symptoms of poisoning appear in systemic as described previously. And appear in the chest X-rays scattered from a 0.5 to 1.0, or inflammation of the alveoli in the lungs symmetrically bilateral and appear as pneumonia may experience partial or one-lobed or there is condensation or hollowing-out of the lungs. May appear in the case of acute inflammation of the mucous membranes and / or mucous membranes kind pus which blood from the nose accompanied by a contract and sores on the wall of the nose bone Qarni contract or in the nose. If there were infected in all organs of the body caused the spread of infections or injuries, mucous membrane skin rash may appear or Garihat on the skin and these symptoms may resemble symptoms of smallpox (and is a factor used as a biological weapon) and evidence suggesting the existence of such situation is Algarihat a damn on the skin and internal organs like the liver or spleen and lung injuries, and many of the disease when it appears on this picture, the very high risk of death, and in most cases the patient suffers the shock of the situation of severe bacterial poisoning.
As for the chronic state, it is not unusual to show any symptoms within 14 days after the attack Diversity droplet. Specifications and form of the disease and a damn on the skin and within the muscle on both arms and legs and these ulcers related to inflation and the complexity of the lymph glands and channels localized, and may not show symptoms of the chronic form of the disease, and particularly in the event of illness semi-glanders. And have been found in some cases, bone infections and Waldman in the brain and inflammation of the brain.

These bacteria appear when a microscopic examination of pus using Gram staining bacteria in the form of bipolar negative coloring. And does not have a specific character when using two instances dye blue or Wright. And these organisms are grown in the center of a basic agricultural. And add 1-5% glucose or 5% glycerin agar or record the use of foodstuffs, including meat, meat infusion maceration could speed up growth. Insulation needs to be the initial 48 hours at a temperature of 37.5 o. With regard to B. mallei, the Alilzan agglutination tests may not show positive only after 7-10 days and usually no standard in the background of high-titer serum affect the result (1:32 - 1:640) and the presence of this background, cause difficulty in reading and interpreting test results. It is therefore advisable to install the use of complementary tests complement fixation because they are more specialized. And the result is considered positive if the criterion is equal to or greater than 1:20 for him and for B pseudomallei increase in the standard by 4-fold supports a diagnosis of disease almost glanders. And therefore the presence of a single standard 1:160 with an appropriate clinical picture indicates the presence of inflammation effectively. These cases that appear with no presence of any contact with animals or non-presence in the area of the settlement of the disease refers to an attack with biological weapons. And the mortality rate seems high, even after the use of antibiotics. Has been found in research conducted on mice exposed to RnB to a number from 1 to 10 objects by the spray was a killer too.

Medical treatment:
Should take the usual precautions (core) to prevent infection from one person to another in the event that the presence of the disease. The proposed treatment varies according to different quality and the power of the medical situation and had proposed a program of oral treatment (given by mouth) follows in the case of residual disease and this program is as follows:
Alomuksyschaelin / Kfayyolanat 60 mg / kg / day in three divided doses per day.
Tetracycline / sulfa 40 mg / kg / day in three doses fragmented
Or Altramthoprem (TMP) 4 mg / kg / day and sulfa 20 mg / kg / day in divided doses and continue treatment for a period of 60-150 days.
And if it is found that the situation has led to localized disease with a simple poisoning should be given two of the programs listed above for 30 days and follow the program component of treatment and one either: for Omuksyschaelin / Kfayyolanat or tetracycline / sulfa for a period of 60-150 days. And if there is spread of the disease outside the lungs, inflammation of explosive must continue treatment for 6-12 months. Accordingly, the patient requires surgery to dump Waldman.
In difficult cases of the disease must be given injections consisting of Ambasstmzdaem (ceftazudime) 20 mg / kg / day in three doses with the TMP / sulfa (TMP 8 mg / kg / day and sulfa 40 mg / kg / day) in four divided doses for two weeks and then followed by oral treatment for six months.
And have been found that some of the other antibiotics effective in tests conducted outside the body or on rats and rabbits, these include: Aldotxoschaelin and Alrvambyn and Alcyprovluxin and should be taken into account it is not evaluating the effectiveness of these therapies are a small percentage of human cases, the more information known come from experiments conducted on animals or experiments conducted in vitro outside the body, and many species have been isolated in very different sensitivities, so tests must be conducted on each type are isolated from bacteria.

Prevention before exposure:
Vaccination: There is no vaccine suitable for use in human cases
Antibiotics: may experiment with the use of post-exposure prophylaxis TMX / SMX

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«Body spoiled child» how to protect it?

Hair loss is one of the most diseases that afflict patients with skin clinics, especially women, are affected by hair significantly affected by hormonal and psychological changes that occur for a person to the extent that some doctors call it «the poster child for the body» as the intensity of emotion to these changes.

When the hair begins to fall, the patient feared loss of the whole in a short period, and may be this fear is not justified unless the rate of hair loss is scientifically hair between 100 to 150 hairs per day.

The reasons for hair loss are many we identify as follows:

First: Altologini precipitation is the most common, and its causes:

- Tension and the consequent changes in the physiology of human, this typically occurs before the tests or when starting new work or if there are chronic problems in the home.

- Disease of the thyroid gland.

- High fever.

- Anemia and iron deficiency.

- The diet is studied (diet or harsh).

- After the birth and surgical procedures.

- Dealing with certain types of medicines.

Second: precipitation Alonegene: This occurs because of dealing with cancer drugs or certain medications such as heparin.

III: Precipitation Psychiatry (Trajkutlomagna): and is caused by deliberate plucking subconscious often has come to most of the hair and do a lot in young age.

IV: precipitation because of sycosis

The most common are the following diseases:

- Vixen: They are divided into several sections which mismatch recover after a short period but may be, including the chronic but limited, including the Vixen's overall capital, and there is general alopecia, which comes on the whole body so there is no hair in the body and head.

And immune disease lupus, as the immune skin that are part of the immune attack the physical roots of the hair and lead to destruction, similar to a large extent in terms of disease vitiligo pathology.

- Hair loss gene (Alindrugeni): divided the women into 3 sections (Ludwig), and 7 sections in men (Hamilton)

- Hair loss due to skin diseases such as lichen, lupus skin or syphilis.

- Hair loss due to bacterial or fungal infections and this often happens in children.

This is the most, were not all, of the reasons that lead to hair loss. Here should be noted that there are those who believe in the existence of other reasons did not prove to hair loss such as: the use of the kaffiyeh, Shamag and ghutra, or impact the quality of water used, or clogged pores, or frequent washing, or poor circulation. All these reasons do not cause hair loss.

The status of different kinds of oil on the hair could lead to the proliferation of fat on the hair, but do these oils prolong the hair, or shot down or prevent hair loss, these are not scientifically proven, at least according to doctors, but treatment is divided into several sections:

First: the use of treatment, you can use the vehicles Alniuksedel 2% to 5% for long periods may be extended to longevity, because if he was stopping the drug will be lost all that had been achieved, and hair loss due to an earlier era.

- Vehicles Alvenistrajl: used in the treatment of enlarged prostate, and discovered its usefulness as a treatment for hair loss in men only, while it is harmful to women in the age of menopause because it may cause congenital diseases of the children live.

II: Surgical intervention:

As possible through the hair transplant procedure, which is the subject of a stand-alone.

The hair loss due to skin disease, skin disease must be treated first, and Vixen dealt mediated steroids with great care and under the supervision of the competent doctor. The treatment is proven that garlic may lead to treatment of alopecia, but at the same time, may lead to a change in skin color; because of the garlic cause inflammation of the skin and thus lead to a change in color.

The question Is there a cure for alopecia in order not to come back again? The answer is, unfortunately, does not exist to date, only treatment currently available.

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way can help them a natural anti-fungal agent

Addinm British researchers find a way can help them a natural anti-fungal agent found in grapes and other crops, in the prevention of cancer.

The researchers Onmadp resveratrol found in grapes in the body to become an anti-cancer Ghaderaly target and destroy cancer cells.

The supervisor of resveratrol research, said a defensive anti-fungi in grapes and other crops and there are higher rates in plants that do not address mosquito innate industrial, and added that learning from nature Bhmaalchukl will help us in our work, which aims to install drugs are selectively activated in tumor can be the basis for therapy of cancer.

The study confirmed that the resveratrol analyzed by an enzyme known as the CY P-1 P-1 which is found in cells of different types Manalouram, and lead and lead this process to convert resveratrol into a material substance Albisetanolohi close plant estrogen, known for its anti-cancer.

It is noteworthy that, scientists had thought before then that the enzyme CY P-1 P-1 Ohdmspbat cancer because it does not exist only in tumor cells without the healthy tissue, and Alanbatwa believe that the enzyme found in the tumor cells to combat it, so the team continues to research on how to help him in his work.

Commander of the research team, saying we doubt that this natural material beneficial to health and have anti-cancer properties, but this research clearly how the prevention of tumor production of such elements within the anti-cancer Alkhalaiaasertanip itself.

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Clean the ears more harm than good

Points of olive oil Tveban Tnzvan ear wax
Use a finger or pen in the ear cleaning displays to inflammation
Dr. Rob Hicks, a British Doctor provides some tips on the ear and how to protect and avoid problems which he says that man is usually the cause.
A common problem is blockage of the ear, and why this problem is usually caused by the substance produced by the ear wax, which is usually paid by the rights to the home during his attempts to get rid of them.
These attempts to get rid of the wax does not cause blockage of the ear, but also hearing impairment and the resulting injury ringing in the ear and pain is also very occasionally.
Many people believe that cleaning the ears in this way is healthy and desirable, but they do not know that this way more harm than good. But what they do not know also that the ear has an internal mechanism to clean itself without outside help from humans.
Inside the ear fats and oils, protect and prevent the entry of foreign objects into the ear. When these materials are mixed with dust and other foreign matter forming the wax, which get rid of him by the ear of hundreds of micro-filaments in a manner we do not notice.
When we do we are trying to get rid of this wax, we do not pay home, but only to help him freeze, making it hard for many of the process get rid of it, and then a quorum clogged ear.
The best way to get rid of the wax is put two drops of olive oil in each ear twice a day. All types of olive oil, cheap and expensive ones, working to dissolve the wax. But in some cases need to be a doctor is to withdraw the accumulated wax in the ear.
He also advises doctors not to authorize the use of drying towels or cotton, but that let it dry naturally or use a hair dryer from a distance.
When someone develops psoriasis or atopic Have a strong desire to scratch the skin, and when the infection in the ear pain and a feeling of greater comfort.
And rights are often resorted to the use of his fingers, pens or any tool that can enter the ear in an attempt to rid himself of this feeling, here comes the problem, this method leads to the destruction of thin material lining the ear and allow access for HIV infection into the human ear to catch what is known as inflammation the external ear.
It can also occur during swimming, when the ear is filled with water, Vtaatdkhm interior of the ear canal and narrow and become more painful is possible, with man-of-hearing and the problems usually start in getting the ear of some of the material.
In this case a patient needs to take antibiotics in the form of points in addition to the sedative pills, but also in some severe cases, the patient requires medical intervention.
Might use a lot of girls to their ears hole and two-time and three followers of fashion, but this fashion has a price paid Gal ear.
All that damage the skin does not hurt, but also allows contagion, which is what happens in the ear Halpthagb especially when not looking after the girl's bloody military siege well during and after the hole.
There are also some people who suffer from particularly sensitive to certain metals such as nickel, which is used in the manufacture of earrings, which may lead to the inflation of the ear, so it is recommended to use pure metals such as gold.
Perhaps many people are keen not to expose their faces or heads to direct sunlight and take precautionary to protect them, but they do not realize that the upper part of the ear of the most sensitive and exposure to the sun and harmful UV rays.
Exposure to the sun's rays to the skin peeling of Foreign Affairs of the ear, just as happens with the face when exposed to the sun a lot. The solution is to try to protect the ear of those rays, either through coverage or use some creams for protection from the sun.
The doctors warn that the ear is also susceptible to skin cancer because of the sun

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Food is like drugs .. And the other is equal to the disease

Regular infections that can infect the body from time to time a matter of course as part of our body's immune system. However, if they exceed the borders infections are likely indicators of the significant disruption that would open the way for the injury of many diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular, Alzheimer's and others.

It is also known that the serious and chronic inflammation occurs when the immune system starts, because of certain defects in it, attacking cells and tissues (healthy and ailing) without discrimination, which may cause mutation of genes that cause cancer, for example, or a rash of coronary artery plaques, or disruption of the pancreas, and so on.

An American, Dr. Collins, author of several books on medical food beneficial and detrimental, says that the food items we eat helps to determine the quality and quantity of infections allowed to exist in the body. Some of these items is fighting infections, and thus reduce the risk of many diseases,


• sits fish, all kinds, in the forefront of nutritional foods, especially salmon and tuna, are rich in b «Omega - 3».

• nuts, almonds, hazelnuts and other types of nuts and flax seeds and canola oil. Also advised to eat red onion, tomatoes, broccoli and red grapes, berries and oranges, which is rich in varieties with chemicals called «flavonoid» able to fight infections.

• different kinds of spices, ginger, turmeric and gravel Frankincense (rosemary or rosemary).

• If we are to continue the war on infections, it must be eating a piece of chocolate (especially black or hot) after each meal.

In contrast, Collins advised to avoid many of the food items as encourage the spread of infections, and these items can be distributed as follows:

• Omega - 6: such as corn, safflower, vegetable oils, mayonnaise and most types of dressing, which added to the Authority (Dreseng).
* Saturated fat, which added to the hydrogen atoms, and sold in markets under several brand names. They have the advantage that the solubility of the highest melting point of other fats, which makes some people prefer to use in the preparation of food, as they extend the life of food before it becomes rot. But in the end, working to promote inflammation in the body.

It is very important not to boil the oil until smoldering, Such a process would work on fat oxidation and conversion to be a catalyst for inflammation. It is also important to avoid eating chocolate or the old peanut butter old.

* White starches come in very high rank among the items that cause inflammation, which is flour, sugar, rice, white powder and potatoes ready (MASH), because it raises blood sugar, causing the hormone Glycation and other products that promote further inflammation.

* Fat living, ie, assets Animal Kcefar eggs, red meat, poultry skins and whole milk and its products. These items are rich Arachidonic acid, which the body uses to create inflammation.

* Alcoholic beverages because they cause changes and leaks in the digestive system allows bacteria to enter the arteries and veins, helping to be a serious and chronic infections.

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Tea helps to get rid of the hands sweat

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Tea helps to get rid of the hands sweat

Tea helps to get rid of the hands sweat
Advised U.S. specialists in the treatment of skin diseases using tea to reduce the hands sweat, which may cause a lot of embarrassment

Especially since race feet may lead to the emergence of an unpleasant smell, as well as it increases the risk of foot fungi ..

To overcome these problems, specialists said in a bulletin issued by the pharmaceutical company of St. Martin American Physical Therapy: The boil five bags of tea in water for five minutes, then flooded the hands or feet in the solution after it cooled for a period of twenty to thirty minutes sponsor rid of the problems of race . The researchers explained that tea contains acid, which has the properties Tanik holding tissue responsible for generating the race, which reduces the secretions of sweat glands

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