Vegetable purifies the skin

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Vegetable purifies the skin

British study refuted the concept prevalent and common that a lot of drinking water, clean the skin and maintains the freshness, according to scientists now claim that eating fruits and vegetables are the key to achieving that end. The newspaper "Telegraph" that the British report, "the British Nutrition Foundation" was entirely different from the tradition that has been the fairer sex to follow strictly, especially Hollywood stars and fashion models make a lot of drinking water means easier and cheaper to maintain a permanent youth.

And claimed that the institution in its "skin food" that you follow a diet based on a balanced diet and the use of sunscreens are much more effective in maintaining the freshness and youth of the skin. Engaged the British establishment to support her theory by reference to the absence of any studies that backed a strong evidence to support the prevailing popular advice that water helps the skin glow and freshness. The newspaper quoted the report prepared and dietitian Heather Yoger saying that "the drinking water up to drinking does not have any effect in improving skin appearance and it was just confusion and misunderstanding", adding that fruit and vegetables to maintain

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Arched back the floppy:

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Arched back the floppy:

The back round is one of the concerns are common to many of the families of some children, and is often to identify cases of back round by parents or teachers, where the patient sitting and standing status flaccid. Can children who have a positive correction round the back look round the back involuntarily in situations to stand and lie down on the abdomen.

Corner may be the total curvature of the haversack on the image in X-side status of the stand. X-ray profiles show status of lying down on the back with increasing energizes the back of a full arc of. It is common belief that this situation leads to permanent deformation. But fortunately there is no evidence that the status of the back round flexible physical side effects. Program could help increase the extension of the chest exercises to strengthen the muscles of the spine extended, but remain the primary responsibility rests with the patient in improving his situation. Not be indicated orthodontic treatment in patients with back round floppy.

Structural curvature of the back:

The slight increases in the common structural curvature equally to male and female children, but the situation could get worse when the male a little more of them in females. Do not know the percentage of absolute occurrence of this disorder because of small grades of structural curvature of the back may not be obvious clinically. Studies have indicated that spinal changes associated with the back round structurally speaking back 7-8% of the children. The reason for this is unclear but this may be the result of increased pressure on the spinal growth plates at the front of some people who have a severe case of the back round and flexible, but this relationship have not been evaluated clearly.


Simulated patients Ptqos on the chest circumference of a greater degree and intensity of that found in normal individuals and unlike the case of the floppy back round the patients can not fully correct the deformity. Many patients complain of pain sometimes slightly sore in the area of curvature, but it is rare to be severe or a bar of the movement.


X-ray evaluation includes taking pictures of side effects and status of the stand. X-ray observations include the following conditions:.

1 - narrowing the space between paragraphs

2 - Lack of headroom front normal paragraph infected and affect the body paragraph

3 - increase the amount of deflection angle in the paragraphs.


Treatment depends on the patient's age and degree of deformity and the presence or absence of pain in the affected area and there is little evidence that patients with curves in the back less than 70 or 80 degree seat suffering from pain or neurological disorders. The distortions that exceed 90 degrees carrying more likely to be aesthetically unacceptable and may be associated with restriction of movement.

Does not need adult patients who do not suffer from pain or suffer from it a little and who have a simple bow and aesthetically acceptable any treatment. Patients may benefit from immature exercise programs increasing the extension of paragraphs if the distortion is slight.

But those with deformities Inhnaiip greater than 60 degrees require treatment in the event of pillars considered that the treatment helpful.

Be used surgical treatment for patients who have a serious deformity is painful after they have completed their development. These include the treatment of partnership between integration and liberalization front of the spine.

Congenital curvature of the back:

Arched back, or congenital deformity tuberous is the result of irregular form paragraphs that occur during the first trimester of pregnancy. The most common abnormality is a congenital failure in the formation of all or part of the body of the paragraph and the failure in the front part of the spine.

Can be identified severe deformities at birth and develops rapidly after that, and the distortions less visible, it may not become apparent until late childhood. The cams congenital evolving is a critical problem must be alert to it. Paraplegia may develop as a result of the lower spinal cord compression at the top of the deformity. Often surgical intervention is necessary and the result of the surgery better if made before the full development of deformity

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What is Acne What are the causes?

Acne skin disease signs and appearance of cereal and blisters on the skin and possibly turn these pills or pimples sometimes a small abscesses. It is usually on the face, chest, back and neck from behind. In the past, was seen as a curse affect adolescents who eat Alhombd and sick over Pepsi or Coke, but that acne affects many people from adults. Despite what he says a group of people that the acne does not only come from the lack of hygiene, but not proved the veracity of that statement, but is the main reason behind the emergence of these pills are the key factor is the excessive production of sebum sebum, a waxy substance fatty fill the pores of the skin and lead to the formation of heads black and white heads and pimples. And as we know it at the age of puberty the body begins to grow and start hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands to become overactive, causing frequent discharges in some Hayan not cause the secretion of the explosion in excess of the hormone that occurs in adulthood. In adults it may result from heredity, stress and monthly hormonal fluctuations in women. We must treat a person with acne carefully so as not to use the kinds of soaps and poor Igh strongly or tries to take off the heads of pimples fingernails. The women must Ijtneben Msthzerat oily cosmetics which can clog the pores of the skin and cause of flared acne treatments that we will talk about if used in conjunction with daily personal hygiene block infection acne.

What are the things that reduce the appearance of acne?

Reduce eating some fatty foods such as fried potatoes or pizza or chocolate

Also wash your face twice a day with soap and water Dafi help non-proliferation of facial acne

Non-scratching pimples strongly

For women to make sure that the make-up, who use it free of fat face wash well to remove traces of make-up

When using any sprays for hair make sure to be far away from one's face when the use that these sprays can cause clogged pores and if you have. Long hair touches your face make sure to wash him enough and repeated after you attend work or school took the initiative to be washed with soap and water

There are a lot of moisturizers and creams in pharmacies to help treat acne or reduce the causes of his appearance, but you must follow the instructions carefully and do not use more than one type at one time, causing dry skin and the outlook is very bad and make sure it does not cause. Any allergies that you experience a fraction of the Quran or moist before use

The emergence of acne, taking all precautions listed is normal even if some women (seven out of ten women) have the appearance of vulnerability. Some grain on their faces before the days of their menstrual cycles because of hormonal activity in this period

When viewing oneself in the mirror and see some pimples or grain from the temptation to find a friendly get rid of these warts, but before doing so. You should know that the removal of pimples in this way increase the inflammation and possible to leave permanent scars too small for your face

The strong sunlight does not help to cure acne but also helps the appearance of wrinkles at an advanced age, so be careful not to exposure. The sun sharp.

Some adolescents who have severe acne can request assistance from the dermatologist who has described them some creams strong, but they always remember that acne is spreading among many of their friends and relatives, they live normal lives with love. Young people taking advice mentioned above. Quoting forums forums gate Arab scientific forum of Medicine and Health everything about acne and Al Riyadh.

What kind of methods used to treat acne herbal?

- Burdock root BURDOCK

A plant dual-Hol height of up to about 0.15 meters Odhu sheets Mekovp and red flowers, which is more toxic to plants, refrigeration and has been important in western herbal medicine and Chinese alike.
User part of the plant leaves and fruits, roots, plant known scientifically as ARCTIUM LAPPA and home of this plant in Europe and Asia. Contains Gelokozydat once flavonoids and tannins, acid, volatile oil, and miscellaneous items acetylene and turbines and one-half Aynulin. Burdock is used in the treatment of several diseases and is used to treat conditions resulting from excessive toxins in the body such as throat infections, acne, rashes and chronic skin problems. Root and fruit helps to clean the body of waste and root very useful in removing heavy metals in particular. Burdock is a good antibiotic studies have shown that Germany and Japan polyhedra acetylene, especially in the root have the effect of R bacteria. Burdock and distinct effects for the treatment of skin Aladthrb as in acne and skin infections and abscesses spot. Taking 50 grams of powder root of burdock and immersed in a pint of water and boil on low heat for 20 minutes, and used Kkmadat where taken tissue soft, clean and placed in the boiling after lower temperature relatively then put towel on the place of acne, and changing compresses several times and the duration of the development Compress the grain 10 minutes.

The fruits of grapes wolf BLACKCURRANT

Plant grapes wolf Muammar height of up to meter and a half it smells like bugs coarsely toothed leaves and clustered yellow flowers and impregnated Boukdharp inside red. Plant known scientifically as RIBES NIGRUM and part of the plant used fruit "Nbat" and leaves. Grapes contain the fruits of the wolf Anthusia Nusidat and flavonoids and pectin and acid, vitamin C, potassium salts, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. Use the fruits of grapes wolf used externally only and is not taken internally because of its toxicity and the way to be taken a few hands of one of the fruits and immersed in a half liter of water and then placed on low heat for 10 minutes and then used in the form of compresses, a hot, where filling the tissue soft clean in this boiled and placed on the place Acne is warm and leave to cool and repeat this process several times a time of 10 minutes each time with a note that the grapes must be placed the wolf away from the reach of children because of high toxicity.


Who does not know lettuce is a very old and has found its seeds in the Pharaonic and found it decorated many of them engraved image of the god of fertility and reproduction famous in Luxor was jammed under his feet, piles of lettuce, as mentioned lettuce in the Papyrus Ebers medical use within vehicles for pain side and de-worming and bloating . The horse knew before the birth of Christ, three hundred years the Greeks and the laying of three varieties of it, and the Romans increased their fruit in Aimanm huge help them to digest. Lettuce is known scientifically as LACTUCA SATIVA lettuce contains the fatty substances and protein and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, copper, iodine, chlorine, arsenic and Alkoppelit beta carotene and zinc, magnesium, sulfur, and is rich in vitamin A, B, C, E.

Lettuce is used to treat acne, where he works as a mask this mask in the following way:
Taken some fresh green lettuce leaves, and therefore prefer to lettuce turkey or syphilis, then add a few low-fat milk or skim the cream. Paper lettuce with boiled milk on low heat for a minute and cut lettuce paper into four sections. Taken into lettuce leaves chopped milk and placed on the face or place a warm acne Kkmadat. Take into account that the patient was lying on his back and face up and not tilted, and then prove compresses on the face for 20 to 30 minutes, then removed and then wash the face or affected area with lukewarm water without using soap in order to benefit facial oil lettuce resulting from boiling and the remnants of milk on the face.


Cabbage is known as cabbage, there are several types from which there is a green and white is what is the purple cabbage, known scientifically as BRASSICA OLERACEA and cabbage cultivated since 2500 BC The Greeks and Romans knew several varieties of it. And the population of western Europe, from the ancient Germans and Alskson are the first planted in northern Europe. Cabbage is rich in vitamins such as A, B 1, B 2, c. And how to use the color purple cabbage is sold in supermarkets large and finely mince the meat grinder then placed Kkmadat for half an hour on the affected premises.

Ahlgrenouk Fragrance HERB ROBERT

Is a herbal plant height of up to about 50 cm leg bar and covered with reddish Bsairat minute red color and smell unpleasant. Winged palm leaves are flat and serrated. Plant flowers, red striped light color. User segment of the plant and root parts of air, known scientifically as GERANIUM ROBERTIANUM contains acids and substance Afsip once called Geranin and a little volatile oil and citric acid.

And how to use the plant for the treatment of acne is to take a few hands of cards and flowers Ahlgrenouk fragrance then filled in half a liter of water and placed on the fire until the beginning of boiling, then continue boiling then on low heat for about ten minutes and then filtered boiled and used on the body compresses by a kerchief fine clean and that saw him in his time a little boiled and then put the handkerchief on the face or the injured part and leave the place for half an hour.

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There are several factors that are integrated and lead to the appearance of acne Ohmhaalawaml hormonal and genetic and microbial:

- Hormonal factors:

The presence of sebaceous glands active precondition for the emergence of acne, which affects the sebaceous glands, active only has been scientifically proven that male hormone which androgens is to stimulating hormone to the lymph fat in males and in females are also sources are the testicles in males and the ovaries and the gland above the kidney in females.

It is noticeable that acne does not affect patients who suffer from a lack of secretion of male hormone as it begins to emerge after the start of hormone replacement therapy and noted that relapse of the disease in girls with menstrual cycle.

- Microbial agents:
Live some of the microbes naturally on the skin surface and in the barrels of hair follicles fat which coexist with humans and cause him trouble in habit and live one of those microbes inside the barrel gland fat and breed with more oily and produces the microbe when breeding materials Inflammatory implemented Ajeribp causing infections around.

- Genetic Factors:
Observed in many cases, the infected acne descended from parents who had been injured one or both of the disease also noted a willingness particularly vulnerable to the disease in some families.

- Nutritional factors:
Failed to demonstrate a relationship between frequent intake of fat and fatty foods, chocolate and the emergence or intensification of acne - as was believed in the past so no reason for excluding patients with acne from eating those items.

- Acne
Appear on the infected areas like the face, trunk and Aldhiraiin a mixture of many forms such as:
Head black Alcolmidon a show on the black dot, if the pressure has emerged in the form of Doidp white color tends to zero with a black head and there is also a smaller type-called white head.
1. Small red granules
2. Sididip yellow pustules appear on the top of granules
3. Painful abscess
4. Deep bags

In most cases, consisting of infection from over form above and disappear injuries after a period ranging from days to weeks to appear other and pass the same stages and is followed by the disappearance of infection simple surface, such as grain and pustules surface appearance of red spots last for several weeks and then disappear without a trace recall. But in severe cases the survival of the deep scars etched notes distorted does not disappear forever. And in general can be divided into infection acne into two main types: simple kind which is characterized by the appearance of black heads or granules, pustules or superficial, leaves that kind lasting effects when it is extinguished and the type of severe and is characterized by the appearance of blisters deep abscesses bags and leave scars carved distorted after the demise

- Treatment of Acne

* General Tips:
Patients are advised to washing the face several times a day warm water and soap to help keep skin pores open a wellhead follicles. The patients are advised to stay away to deal with any kinds of food there is no relationship between the quality of food and a love of youth. Patients are advised to take off the habit of pressure on the pimples and squeeze it as that would lead to keep the color dark brown lesion.

What to do with acne?

Almost eight out of ten people appear in the face of acne in adolescence and may persist for years after the period of adolescence and the estimated number of acne sufferers in America alone 17 million people. When you look at the mirror and see a pimple great on your face I know that the injury has nothing unusual Fortunately, the There are some simple steps can help you to reduce the impact of infection in acne.

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People who walk every day more than ten minutes may have declined the risk of blood pressure


Iapanian scientists conducted studies to determine the impact on health, sport and chose the most popular sport and a popular walk. The study first conducted on the effectiveness of walking for protection from heart disease, study sample included 2678 men aged between 71 to 93 years. That the risk has been reduced to half of the walk about 2 km on a regular basis every day.

Walking is the best sport ever .. But what is the ideal time to exercise?

Are but a second study, which covered 6017 people aged between 35 to 60 years were conducted on the impact of duration of the exercise walking to lower blood pressure, have shown that people who walk every day for more than ten minutes have decreased the risk for high blood pressure by more than those who walk for lower

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Iron deficiency reduces the body to produce red blood cells

Researchers found that girls who suffer from a lack of iron in the body may suffer as a result of this lack of intelligence

اضغط على الصورة  لرؤيتها بالحجم الطبيعي

A study conducted by King's College University - London, that there is a strong relationship between low hemoglobin and low individual's ability to think or level of intelligence
And hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells that play a vital role in the transfer of oxygen to the tissues of different body
Iron is a component of hemoglobin function and without adequate quantities of iron in food is not the body can generate a sufficient number of red blood cells

May lead in severe cases to anemia if the body have to live with the results of the subsequent lack of oxygen in the tissues

Among the symptoms of anemia and in turn feeling tired and pale face, loss of appetite
The research focused on girls at the age of eleven to eighteen who studied in three public schools in London

And made a hundred and fifty-two blood samples girl and information about the nature of the diet Itbanh also undergone tests of mental abilities or what is known scientifically cognitive function

The researchers found that girls who suffer from iron deficiency, the degree of anemia, may also suffer from a decline in the level of intelligence

Study conducted on adolescent girls

Click on the image to see full size
The difference remained significant even after taking other factors into consideration, such as social class, race, diet, menstrual cycle for women
The other research conducted by the same team, led by Michael Nelson has shown that between ten percent and thirty percent of adolescent girls suffer from severe water shortage, or perhaps a mild iron stores, which causes anemia

An important role

The researchers, who published their research in the journal Nutrition Society, they concluded that iron deficiency is common among girls, although British adult diet and the proportion of iron which plays an important role in the report of cognitive function

It is likely that these enormous differences in cognitive function has important consequences with regard to the ability to learn and qualify for academic

Dr Nelson told BBC Online that there were two possible mechanisms may illustrate why a link function of the brain and the level of iron in blood

It is likely that the low level of hemoglobin associated with a lack of oxygen supply going to the brain, hindering its work should also be

Moreover, a number of enzymes that control the transfer of signals in the brain are also dependent on the iron to work effectively

Therefore, people who suffer from iron deficiency they must eat more leafy vegetables and fresh meat and grains such as beans and Albzalia, lentils and dry fruits
It contains articles on a good source of vitamin C, if taken in each meal, they enhance the absorption of iron in the body

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Reduce the amount of salt in the diet could save the lives of thousands

. U.S. researchers said that reducing the amount of salt in food can be a little bit to save the lives of thousands of people each year.

The basis of that study by researchers from the University of California, lowering the Americans to the amount of salt in their food by three grams a day can lead to avoidance of 44 thousand to 92 thousand deaths annually in the United States with high levels of salt in the diet of people relatively.

Other hand, the doctors found the possibility of reduction in the number of cases of diseases chronic heart by 60 thousand to 120 thousand annually in the United States and declining incidence of the sudden angina by 54 thousand to 99 thousand a year and fell injuries stroke rate of 32 thousand to 66 thousand per year in Americans for the reduction of the proportion of salt in their food, and this will lead to a reduction in the overall fiscal spending on health insurance and health care between 10 to 24 billion dollars annually.

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