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There are several factors that are integrated and lead to the appearance of acne Ohmhaalawaml hormonal and genetic and microbial:

- Hormonal factors:

The presence of sebaceous glands active precondition for the emergence of acne, which affects the sebaceous glands, active only has been scientifically proven that male hormone which androgens is to stimulating hormone to the lymph fat in males and in females are also sources are the testicles in males and the ovaries and the gland above the kidney in females.

It is noticeable that acne does not affect patients who suffer from a lack of secretion of male hormone as it begins to emerge after the start of hormone replacement therapy and noted that relapse of the disease in girls with menstrual cycle.

- Microbial agents:
Live some of the microbes naturally on the skin surface and in the barrels of hair follicles fat which coexist with humans and cause him trouble in habit and live one of those microbes inside the barrel gland fat and breed with more oily and produces the microbe when breeding materials Inflammatory implemented Ajeribp causing infections around.

- Genetic Factors:
Observed in many cases, the infected acne descended from parents who had been injured one or both of the disease also noted a willingness particularly vulnerable to the disease in some families.

- Nutritional factors:
Failed to demonstrate a relationship between frequent intake of fat and fatty foods, chocolate and the emergence or intensification of acne - as was believed in the past so no reason for excluding patients with acne from eating those items.

- Acne
Appear on the infected areas like the face, trunk and Aldhiraiin a mixture of many forms such as:
Head black Alcolmidon a show on the black dot, if the pressure has emerged in the form of Doidp white color tends to zero with a black head and there is also a smaller type-called white head.
1. Small red granules
2. Sididip yellow pustules appear on the top of granules
3. Painful abscess
4. Deep bags

In most cases, consisting of infection from over form above and disappear injuries after a period ranging from days to weeks to appear other and pass the same stages and is followed by the disappearance of infection simple surface, such as grain and pustules surface appearance of red spots last for several weeks and then disappear without a trace recall. But in severe cases the survival of the deep scars etched notes distorted does not disappear forever. And in general can be divided into infection acne into two main types: simple kind which is characterized by the appearance of black heads or granules, pustules or superficial, leaves that kind lasting effects when it is extinguished and the type of severe and is characterized by the appearance of blisters deep abscesses bags and leave scars carved distorted after the demise

- Treatment of Acne

* General Tips:
Patients are advised to washing the face several times a day warm water and soap to help keep skin pores open a wellhead follicles. The patients are advised to stay away to deal with any kinds of food there is no relationship between the quality of food and a love of youth. Patients are advised to take off the habit of pressure on the pimples and squeeze it as that would lead to keep the color dark brown lesion.

What to do with acne?

Almost eight out of ten people appear in the face of acne in adolescence and may persist for years after the period of adolescence and the estimated number of acne sufferers in America alone 17 million people. When you look at the mirror and see a pimple great on your face I know that the injury has nothing unusual Fortunately, the There are some simple steps can help you to reduce the impact of infection in acne.

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