Asthma symptoms and treatment

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Asthma symptoms and treatment

Of the factors causing asthma, environmental pollution or domestic Ktdechin parents or one or the lack of ventilation and sunlight and the large number of dust or the presence of animals (dog, cat, bird ... etc.)
Asthma is a disease spread widely in the world, nearly 150 million people, as a chronic disease that affects the respiratory tract and is caused by several factors make the airways very sensitive, and become once exposure to one of these factors have:
1 infection, which makes the respiratory tract mucosa swollen and red and filled with mucous secretions blocking the influence of the air, making the person has great difficulty in breathing.
2 contraction of the muscles that surround the respiratory Balqbbat which leads to a narrow view of these towns and thus lack the amount of air that passes through them. The more developed these symptoms as the patient suffered from a lack of air and difficulty in breathing more.

What are the factors that cause an asthma attack?
Are numerous and include:

1 factor sensitivity to a substance such as house dust or vaccine Alocjaroo of the common cold which is why the swelling of the respiratory tract and narrow, and Ahmrarha.

2 cold air or smoke exposure or fatigue and exhaustion caused by contraction of the muscles surrounding Balqbbat respiratory and prevent air from passing through as it should.

For every person suffering from asthma should be paying well to the agent or agents that cause the emergence of the Nuba even avoided in the future and thus avoid the emergence of the Nuba again.

What are the causes of asthma?

Are numerous and the greater the number of a person whenever he had been exposed more to the disease.

1 genome: the human being who has one or both parents with asthma are more likely to get is the other, for this is required to take all precautions before his injury.

2 environmental pollution or domestic Ktdechin parents or one or the lack of ventilation and the sun and Ktherpghabar or the presence of animals in the home (dog, cat, bird, etc. ..)
3 profession: Some of the materials (paint, chemicals, materials, laundry, medicines ...) are the other can cause a person with asthma.

4'Adawiyyah diseases, especially viral in children.

What are the symptoms of asthma?

A cough that is accompanied by a spat, whistling in the chest, difficulty breathing, anxiety, sweating, cyanosis, ... Etc

Outside the heart is breathing as the patient becomes a normal and natural.

What is the cure is the Tribulation?

This requires a disease that kills about 18000 people each year in the world, to respect the terms of prevention and treatment compliance, which remains necessary and is in the form of antibiotics and synthetic hormones expanders airways which the patient must follow for life.

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Early diagnosis of cancer through blood tests

A team from Harvard University of America, to the modern method to examine the blood cells that cause the dissemination of cancer, including predicting Sieodh cancer after treatment. The team found after taking samples of 20 men with cancer, "Prostate" cancer cells spread in patients with tumors that did not spread, "low-grade cancers," In patients who had eradicated the gland "prostate" three months ago. The Sonitha Najrat, who led the study, "These groups of patients we do not normally expect to see them spread of cancerous cells, so this test gives us a tremendous amount of information about their exposure to risk again".
The researcher believes that such a test is a blood test to detect prostate cancer, where this test can detect about 200 cancer cell spread, through the amount of blood the size of a teaspoon taken from cancer patients.
Prostate cancer is the most deadly men after lung cancer, but often the disease is slow-growing, and there is no confirmation on who the doctors are men who have the most deadly species, and those men who are most vulnerable to the spread of disease or return.

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The diabetic foot

Motor, sensory and autonomic fibres may all be affected in people with diabetes mellitus. Because of sensory deficits, there are no protective symptoms guarding against pressure and heat and so trauma can initiate the development of a leg ulcer. Absence of pain contributes to the development of Charcot foot, which further impairs the ability to sustain pressure. Motor fibre abnormalities lead to undue physical stress, the development of further anatomical deformities (arched foot, clawing of toes), and contribute to the development of infection. When infection complicates a foot ulcer, the combination can be limb or life-threatening.

Ulcer and foot lesions

What is a foot ulcer?

A skin ulcer is where an area of skin has broken down and you can see the underlying tissue. Most skin ulcers occur on the lower legs or feet. The skin normally heals quickly if it is cut. However, in some people especially those with diabetes and poor circulation the skin on the feet does not heal so well and is prone to develop an ulcer. This can be even after a mild injury such as stepping on a small stone in your bare feet.

Why are people with diabetes prone to foot ulcers?

Because one or both of the following complications develop in some people with diabetes.

Reduced sensation of the skin on the feet

Your nerves may not work as well as normal because even a slightly high blood sugar level can, over time, damage nerves. This is a complication of diabetes called 'peripheral neuropathy of diabetes'. The nerves that take messages of sensation and pain from the feet are commonly affected. If you lose sensation in parts of your feet, you may not know if you damage your feet. For example, if you tread on something sharp, or develop a blister due to a tight shoe. Therefore, you are more prone to problems such as minor cuts, bruises, blisters. Also, if you cannot feel pain so well from the foot, you do not protect these small wounds by not walking on them. Therefore, they can quickly become worse and develop into ulcers.

Narrowing of arteries (blood vessels) going to the feet

If you have diabetes you have an increased risk of developing 'furring' of the arteries. This is caused by fatty deposits called atheroma that build up on the inside lining of arteries. This can reduce the blood flow to various parts of the body. The arteries in the legs are quite commonly affected. This can cause a reduced blood supply ('poor circulation') to the feet. Skin with a poor blood supply does not heal as well as normal and is more likely to be damaged. Therefore, if you get a minor cut or injury, it may take longer to heal and is prone to become worse and develop into an ulcer. In particular, if you also have reduced sensation and cannot feel the wound.

What increases the risk of developing foot ulcers?

  • If you have reduced sensation to your feet (see above). The risk of this occurring increases:
    • the longer you have diabetes, and the older you are.
    • if your diabetes is poorly controlled. This is one of the reasons why one aim of treating diabetes is to keep the blood sugar level as near normal as possible.
  • If you have narrowed arteries (see above). The risk of this occurring increases:
    • the longer you have diabetes, the older you become, and if you are male.
    • if you have any other 'risk factors' for developing 'furring of the arteries'. For example, if you smoke, do little physical activity, have a high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, or you are overweight.
  • If you have had a foot ulcer in the past.
  • If you have other complications of diabetes such as kidney or eye problems.
  • If your feet are more prone to minor cuts, grazes, corns or calluses which can occur:
    • if you have foot problems such as bunions which put pressure on points on the feet.
    • if your shoes do not fit properly which can put pressure on your feet.
    • if you have leg problems which affect the way that you walk, or prevent you bending to care for your feet.

Are foot ulcers serious?

They can be. Foot ulcers often respond well to treatment. However, foot ulcers can get worse and can take a long time to heal if you have diabetes, particularly if your circulation is not so good. Also, because of the complications of diabetes, infection can occur. Sometimes more serious problems can develop such as gangrene. In extreme cases, the foot may need to be amputated. However, foot ulcers can often be prevented by taking care of your feet.

What can I do to help prevent foot ulcers?

As a rule, the better the control of your diabetes, the less likely you are to develop complications such as foot ulcers. Also, where appropriate, treatment of high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, and reducing any other risk factors will reduce your risk of diabetes complications. In particular, you are strongly advised to stop smoking if you smoke.

Have your feet regularly examined

Most people with diabetes are reviewed at least once a year by a doctor / podiatrist and other health professionals. Part of the check is to examine the feet to look for problems such as reduced sensation or poor circulation. If any problems are detected then more frequent feet examinations will be recommended.

Foot care

Research has shown that people with diabetes who take good care of their feet, and protect their feet from injury, are much less likely to develop foot ulcers.

  • Looking carefully at your feet each day, including between the toes. If you cannot do this yourself, you should get someone else to do it for you. Looking is particularly important if you have reduced sensation in your feet, as you may not notice anything wrong at first until you look.
  • If you see anything new (such as a cut, bruise, blister, redness, or bleeding) and don't know what to do, see your doctor or podiatrist (chiropodist).
  • Do not try to deal with corns, calluses, verrucas, or other foot problems by yourself. They should be treated by a health professional such as a podiatrist. In particular, do not use chemicals or special 'acid' plasters to remove corns, etc.
  • Use a moisturising oil or cream for dry skin to prevent cracking. But, do not apply it between the toes.
  • Look out for athlete's foot (a common minor skin infection). It causes flaky skin and cracks between the toes which can be sore and can become infected. If you get athletes foot, it should be treated with an antifungal cream.
  • Cut your nails by following the nail curvature rather than 'straight across'. If you cannot see properly do not try to cut your nails as you may cut your skin. Get someone else to do it.
  • Wash your feet regularly, and dry carefully, especially between the toes.
  • Do not walk barefoot, even at home. You might tread on something and damage the skin.
  • Always wear socks with shoes or other footwear. But, don't wear socks that are too tight around the ankle which may affect the circulation.
  • Shoes, trainers and other footwear should:
    • fit well to take into account any awkward shapes or deformities (such as bunions).
    • have broad fronts with plenty of room for the toes.
    • have low heels to avoid pressure on the toes.
    • have good laces, buckles or Velcro fastening to prevent movement and rubbing of feet within the shoes.
  • When you buy shoes, wear the type of socks that you usually wear. Avoid slip-on shoes, shoes with pointed toes, sandals and flip-flops. Break new shoes in gradually.
  • Always feel inside footwear before you put them on (to check for stones, rough edges, etc).
  • If your feet are an abnormal shape, or if you have bunions or other foot problems, you may need specially fitted shoes to stop your feet rubbing.
  • Tips to avoid foot burns include: check the bath temperature with your hand before stepping in; do not use hot water bottles, electric blankets or foot spas; do not sit too close to fires.

What if I develop a foot ulcer?

Tell your doctor or podiatrist straight away if you suspect an ulcer has formed. Treatment aims to dress and protect the ulcer, to prevent or treat any infection, and to help the skin to heal.

  • The ulcer is usually covered with a protective dressing.
  • A nurse or podiatrist will normally examine, clean and re-dress the ulcer regularly.
  • A podiatrist may need to remove any hard skin that prevents the ulcer from healing. Also, depending on the site and size of the ulcer, they will protect it from further injury by using padding to take the pressure off the area.
  • You may also be advised to wear special shoes or have a cast made for your foot to keep the pressure off the ulcer.
  • Antibiotics will be advised if the ulcer, or nearby tissue, becomes infected.
  • Sometimes a small operation is needed to drain pus and clear dead tissue if infection becomes more severe.
  • In some cases the arteries in the legs are very narrow and greatly reduce the blood flow to the feet. In these cases an operation to bypass, or widen, the arteries may be advised.

Many foot ulcers will heal with the above measures. However, they can take a long time to heal.
In some cases the ulcer becomes worse, badly infected, and does not heal. Sometimes infection spreads to nearby bones or joints which can be difficult to clear, even with a long course of antibiotics. Sometimes the tissue in parts of the foot cannot survive and the only solution then is to amputate the affected part.

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Diabetic foot

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Diabetic foot

The Diabetic foot of the diabetic complications of serious long-term that arise with the passage of time. Time due to an increase in blood sugar and harmful to the wall of blood vessels that feed nerve sensory nerve especially kicking.

And cursing this effect at the beginning Baltnumeil feeling, pain and severe Alkhaddran especially at night and the pain usually starts at the top of the toes and begin to spread gradually.

Ischemia also causes the arteries of the parties and not to feel pain in the foot to the very slow healing of wounds and sores.

Foot care (proper way)

* Check the roof and bottom of your feet every day and make sure that there are no cracks or wounds or fungi, especially in the area between the fingers to determine any injuries immediately.

* If you can not check your feet yourself, you can use a relative or using a mirror to LOSES.

* Wash your feet daily with warm water and soap and lose water temperature before washing your feet and prefer to measure the water temperature Bkoek to be able to feel good or Berodth Bsgunth.

* Dry your feet well, in particular places between the fingers.

* Must be considered good because the skin is often dry and easy to injury may be used moisturizing creams for the feet to avoid putting cream between the fingers.

* Manicure: Never use sharp cutting tools are very serious and prefer to cut the nails with a straight face after a shower when it is wet, with careful not to cut Alazferdakhl skin becomes inflamed and then use the file, preferably characters to trim nails.

* Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes Alrafeepao narrow forward it to cause pressure and a defect in Alyasaba Mphast feet and chose the proper footwear is as follows: -

* When you boot, shut down fingers and heel.

* Comfortable shoes made of leather good.

* Do not wear shoes or the surface of the plastic sandal.

* Wear cotton socks that absorb moisture, even in the feet should not wear tight socks, which extends to groin or knee so as not to put pressure on blood circulation of the feet.

* Do not walk barefoot at home and feel inside the shoe before wearing it to make sure the area is free of any rough or sharp objects or hard may injure the feet.

* Exercise and walking Bahzbp comfortable, because the exercises improve blood circulation in the feet. Stop for sports or getting Baltegrahat,

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Ginger and muscle pain

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Ginger and muscle pain

Ginger known among the majority of people, but at the same time ignorant of the great benefits of the health of the human body

U.S. experts have discovered that eating ginger daily and regularly helps a lot to Tkhviev muscle pain associated with exercise

And Patrick O'Connor, said lead author of the study from the University of Georgia that eating two grams of the roots of ginger a day helps to ease muscle pain

Caused by sports by 25 percent, it is advisable for athletes who are at the level of muscle pains to address whether ginger Kaaasir

Or a spice-eating while advised not to eat when the children, especially in adolescence because it leads to other Anflat

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The Gazan drinks cause cancer of the pancreas

Soft drinks are the drinks industry plus the preservative gases and flavors give the taste characteristic, which varies from one type to another as flavor additives, with no nutritional value, in addition to containing high-calorie due to the presence of large amounts of sugar, as they cause indigestion , to contain it on the article "bicarbonate" it is very strong, working to reduce stomach acid, which plays an important role in the digestion process, deprives many of the digestive enzymes ability to digest, because it only works in the middle of acidic and carbonated water change the center of the stomach to the alkaline.

In Search off alarm bells about these drinks and the danger to human health, recent British study has warned that soft drinks can raise the risk of pancreatic cancer.

A study conducted at the University, "East Anglia" in Britain over 25 thousand people over 16 years, that those who ate the sucrose "white sugar" frequently also have double the incidence of pancreatic cancer compared with those who ate less sucrose.

The newspaper "Daily Mail" Britain, the function of the pancreas in the body is producing insulin, which in turn maintain the rate of sugar in the blood, saying that dealing with an increase of sucrose can lead to cancer of the pancreas through an increase in the production of insulin.

On the other hand, found scientists from the University, "George Town", USA, who conducted the study over 60 thousand men and women in Singapore over 14 years, that those who ate more than two soft drinks per week doubled their risk of pancreatic cancer.

Soft drinks destroy fertility

As a medical study warned that the multiplication of men from soft drinks, especially the dark ones that contain large amounts of the "cola" to more than a quarter of gallons per day offering sperm significantly to damage and destruction.
Research has also carried out in this regard, that the men who used to frequent consumption of cola with a decline rate of 30% in the number of sperm than men who eat moderately, which exposes them to problems in reproduction and infertility in some cases.

The researchers attributed this to the scientific truth of these drinks contain large amounts of caffeine adverse impact negatively on their health.

The medical reports showed that sugar-sweetened drinks, and fructose significantly associated with increased risk of gout in men, while not more than carbonated drinks that do not contain calories, a large "Diet" section of this risk.

He explained, "Hyun SK. Shui" that sweetened soft drinks contain large amounts of fructose, a sugar extracted from fruit, which increases the levels of uric acid, and the findings provide the first evidence that fructose and fructose-rich foods are important risk factors for gout.

They used Shui, from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Dr. "Gary Curhan, from" Harvard Medical School in Boston, used for food for the assessment of levels of consumption of soft drinks and fructose in 46393 men in the study of "follow-up of occupational health" were not suffering from gout at the beginning of the study and were followed for over 12 years.

Similar trend was noted in the consumption of fructose, Compared with individuals who consumed the lowest levels of fructose, those who consumed the highest levels of increased risk of gout of 102 percent, and is also associated with consumption of high-fructose fruits such as apples and oranges increased risk of gout.

Coca-Cola warns ..

The Coca-Cola Company announced a major soft drink companies in the world, it has decided to remove the substance sodium benzoate "E211" in gradually after the revelation of the products for potential to cause hyperactivity and damage to DNA "DNA" users with soft drinks produced by this company.

The company that it will remove this article of all packages Diet Coke by next August, and indicated that they want to remove the benzoate sodium of other products whenever possible, and she has yet to find acceptable alternatives to this article in the soft drinks Fanta and Dr Pepper.

He warned Professor Peter Piper, an expert on chemicals at the University of Sheffield, that sodium benzoate can paralyze cellular energy with yeast, and may occur in the same effect in humans, and the University of South Ineptun considered sodium benzoate Sun seven articles added to the food symbolized by the letter "E" that can added to the Vitamin "A" to form carcinogenic benzene.

Produces sodium benzoate naturally in some types of fruit, but using a more focused soft drinks to prevent them from rotting.
The sodium benzoate as well as in existing products such as Pepsi and Pepsi Irene Pro Max and Okozad.

Harm does not end ...

Not only impact on the mind only, but recent study pointed out that soft drinks contain the equivalent of ten spoons of sugar, which is sufficient to destroy the vitamin "B", whose deficiency results in the body to poor digestion, poor infrastructure and neurological disorders, headaches, insomnia and muscle cramps.

The study pointed out that soft drinks are the weakness and osteoporosis, especially in adolescence, affecting the teeth because they contain phosphoric acid and harder for corals that cause erosion of tooth enamel of the teeth protector.

The study showed that soft drinks manufactured from cola drinks that contain caffeine, which increase heart rate and high blood pressure, diabetes, and increasing acidity, also caused material cola insomnia in children and sleep disturbances.

As a scientific study showed that modern soft drinks or sparkling increase the risk of cancer of the esophagus, indicating that there is a strong correlation between consumption of beverages that contain sodium bicarbonate and cancer of the esophagus.

The A statistic to increase the proportion of these beverages as a consumer with about 10.8 gallons in 1946 and became 49.2 in 2000 as well as cancer of the esophagus that affects about 14 thousand U.S. and has caused the deaths of 10 thousand U.S. dollars annually.

Scientists have proved that the relation between soft drinks to cancer is not a coincidence, as Experience has shown that sodium bicarbonate caused a swell in the stomach, leading to flash back the bile, which is infectious Msppt of cancer of the esophagus.

Was supported by the results of a recent study on mice suspicion that sugary soft drinks is linked to the development of liver disease. The results of the study was announced at the annual conference of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases held in Boston and America.
The results of the study, rats that ate large amounts of water sweetened with sugar hit fat liver diseases, especially those that dealt with a kind of sugar known as fructose, and the less the rats on food when it acquired a greater number of calories and increased weight.
These findings support the theory that dealt with large amounts of fructose destroys the liver and increases the proportion of toxins.

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Medical advances in cancer control

Stressed physicians specializing in the fight against cancer that the growing use of drugs that hinder the growth and spread of the disease, known therapies target has improved in recent years methods of treatment of cancer. According to The Washington Times reported that the field of medicine over the past few decades several stages of progress in the fight against cancer, and that the world has become today's medicines and treatment plans for a new and modern facilities to help care for cancer patients.

According to the National Institutes of Health U.S. cost of cancer last year only about 219 billion dollars in direct medical costs instead of labor productivity, and each year get sick about half a million people in the United States.

The American Cancer Society expects to be 1.4 million diagnosed cases of cancer this year and the death of about 565.650 people, because of illness, and about 170 thousand cases related to smoking.

And the National Institutes of Health estimated that 1.8 million Americans have a history with the disease were still alive in January 2004, which means that some people cured of the disease and others are still opposed by many of the disease and can be subject to treatment.
And low mortality

According to the American Cancer Society, cancer mortality rates declined since the beginning of the nineties, despite population growth and the increasing number of elderly people.
A report of the Assembly in 2007 that the death rates from most common types of cancer - prostate, breast, lung and colon - and cancers in general have continued to decline last year.

The researchers attributed the progress in the fight against cancer to several factors combined such early detection and better understanding of its causes and how it evolved and technical improved diagnosis, treatment and new drugs.

Doctors also pointed out that the growing use of drugs that hinder the growth and spread of the disease known as targeted therapies, in recent years has improved the treatment of the disease significantly, these drugs are targeting specific molecules that cause or help spread the disease.

By focusing on molecular and cellular changes of the disease, could be targeted therapies more effective and less harmful to normal cells.

The Washington Times that the draft human genome has allowed scientists to identify genetic changes and genetic gained that contribute to increased susceptibility to cancer and, finally, to allow doctors to calculate risk based on each patient individually.

The doctors said that the field of medicine moving towards the day when cancer treatment Kda chronic, and this is what happened with AIDS.

The newspaper concluded that the budget of the National Institutes of Health increased from 7.6 billion dollars in 1990 to 28.5 billion dollars in 2006, also increased the budget of the National Cancer Institute from 1.6 billion dollars in 1990 to 4.8 billion in 2006.

Still total expenditure on cancer each year is about 11.5 billion dollars, which represents one sixth of what is spent annually on soft drinks

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A vaccine for cancer growth

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A vaccine for cancer growth

That so-called growth of new blood vessels feeding the tumor tissue, a phenomenon associated with cancer, side by side.
In fact, this phenomenon begins when sacrificing the size of malignant tumor mass is slightly larger than a few millimeters only. Here, the cluster becomes "hard" and is able to stimulate formation of new blood vessels is the processing of the cancer cells with oxygen and nutrients.

At present, we find a variety of drugs that may pre-empt the risk vessels feeding the cancer. However, most of them are still under test was given after the effectiveness of attracting the attention of cancer researchers in science to it. In a related development, it helps Swedish researchers, at the Karolinska Institute ancient advanced scientific research, they discovered the protein, called the (DLL4), plays a fundamental role in terms of controlling the growth of blood vessels feeding the tumor mass malware. Is the expression of this protein inside the cells Ratios (Apical Cells) when it enters the new blood vessel formation mediated by a blood vessel offline.

In case the silence the expression of this protein, the large number of new blood vessels are disrupted and functions. Helping to slow the growth of the tumor mass. This is targeted for DNA vaccine for this new protein and cells of blood vessels Ratios cancer. It also works to strengthen the reaction of the body's immune system gained against this protein to undermine the growth of cancer.

In the first phase, aimed at breast cancer vaccine has proved the effectiveness of good treatment to laboratory mice for his success in disrupting the blood vessels of the new cancer. Making it unable to feed the cancer cells of oxygen and blood together.

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A handful of peanuts ward off cancer

U.S. scientists have found that a handful of pistachios a day can help in the destruction of harmful cholesterol, prevent heart disease and prevent cancer.

It is well known that the peanut is full of antioxidants, which protect cells from damage by harmful chemicals or what is known chemically roots free (free radicals).


The findings come after earlier research found that pistachios help in the destruction of "bad" cholesterol, which can lead to a heart attack and stroke.

Said Professor Brown Chris Atherton of the University of Pennsylvania previous study showed the benefits of pistachios in reducing fats and proteins fat, which is a risk factor for heart disease.

The new study found additional impact of peanuts and then there are health benefits for multiple address.

The study found that the new pistachio much richer in antioxidants food staples such as lutein and beta-carotene and gamma-tocopherol and other nuts.

It is noteworthy that beta-carotene into vitamin A, which prevents cancer and gamma-tocopherol is a common form of vitamin A, which prevents heart disease. The lutein is found in dark green leafy vegetables, which is important for eyesight and skin health.

It is believed that antioxidants also prevent cholesterol from entering the walls of blood vessels causing inflammation.

When the researchers tested the effect of pistachios on the levels of antioxidants and antioxidant found that participants significantly higher in blood cholesterol concentrations were lower when they ate nuts.

During the experiment participants to eat three different meals for a month, a regular meal reduced cholesterol is not the nuts, and two other similar first, where about 43 grams and the second about 86 grams of pistachio.

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What is high blood sugar ....?

Is the rise in blood sugar level more natural
Than 200 mg glucose per 100 cc of blood in the random case.

And is a state of the most important problems facing patients with diabetes and is the most
Frequent, and even cause diabetic complications of acute and chronic.

High sugar occurs gradually and thus the symptoms occur
Unlike the case of a gradual decline in blood sugar.


* Non-adherence to diet (rich food) and eating foods Almmnuapmat
High-calorie (and is the most important factor in the Saudi society).

* Do not address the patient for treatment on a regular basis or change the treatment regime with
With or without consulting a doctor.

* For inflammation or other diseases Kalzkam and more.

* Lack of exercise and lack of physical activity.

* Stress and emotions nerve.

* Frequent urination.

* Thirst and dry mouth.

* Loss of appetite.

* Difficulty in breathing.

* Drowsiness and weight in the head.

* Feeling of weakness of the year.

* Drowsiness and slurred speech, and speech.

* Baltnumeil feeling in the limbs and face.

* Interference consideration.


* Regularities in the diet - eating the main meals and snacks
Based on the physician's instructions and a dietician.

* Regularity in dealing with treatment and at the times specified.

* When changing the regimen by the physician that the patient must
Constantly monitor the appearance of any symptom of high blood sugar
And for a period of two weeks began to change.

* Download a card stating the incidence of diabetes in a pocket or handbag is
Permanent case of any circumstance.

* Regularity in sports, especially brisk walking.

* Periodic inspection of blood sugar and urine.

What is low blood sugar ...?

Is a decrease in the level of blood sugar level below normal
Of 50 mg glucose per 100 cc. And the decline in blood sugar from
The most serious cases that affect diabetes patients and at the same time the easiest remedy.


* Occurs when decline in sugar disrupted one of the three basic rules
To adjust the sugar, which are:

(Food - Activity - drug)

 Food:

* Do not drink enough food.

* Delayed meal schedule.

 Activity:

* Increased daily activity than normal or usual and abruptly.

* Exercise without taking the necessary precautions and have a snack before.

 medicine:

* Increasing the dose of medicine required rate of error
(Example: repeated ingestion of grain Anti-diabetic).

* Change the drug dosage, with or without consulting a doctor.


* Sweating.

* Trembling hands and pallor of the face.

* Headache and dizziness.

* Heart palpitations.

* Blurred vision and double vision.

* Change the mood and severe nerve.

* Extreme hunger and appetite excessive especially for sweet foods taste.

* Cramps and fainting.


The coma hypoglycemia most of the coma as Alkithonip
To continue for long periods of time leads to vulnerability of the nervous system, especially the brain
Affected may not be cured.

Decline in sugar during sleep

Decline in sugar may occur during sleep, do not notice the patient but their symptoms:

* Disturbing dreams or nightmares.

* Wet race bed when you wake up.

* Severe headache when you wake up.

* Fatigue and lethargy when you wake up.


* Deadlines for the main meals and light weapons.

* Commitment to addressing the doses specified by the doctor and do not recur or increase
But consult it.

* When you change the treatment regime by a physician that the patient must
Constantly monitor the appearance of any symptom of low blood sugar
And for a period of two weeks began to change.

The practice of different activities with equanimity and after taking the sleeper and address
Snack and avoid sudden extreme fatigue.

* Control your blood sugar periodically by checking the blood sugar constantly.

* Download a card stating the diabetes in a pocket or handbag is
Permanent case of any circumstance.

* Download small pieces of candy in a pocket or handbag to take it up when you see
One of the signals to avoid the complexity of the situation.

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Damage lengthening nail

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Damage lengthening nail

nail art 01

Although many of the daughters of Eve are considered long nails as a symbol of beauty and femininity,

However, many of them may help change their minds if only they knew that under each nail a huge amount of germs and bacteria, as well as fermentation and fungi.

At the meeting of the General Assembly of Infectious Diseases, held recently in San Francisco in the United States of America

According to a study that artificial nails longer than mm

Carry a lot of bacteria and germs.

The study included 18 volunteer women with women and women with long nails, short nails,

It turns out that entrepreneurs have long nails bacteria under Ozvarhn by more than what Ihamlnh entrepreneurs nails short ..

The researchers confirmed the existence of two types of agents:

The first cause of pneumonia, a bacteria that causes pulmonary inflammation and bronchitis,

The second types of bacteria that cause urinary tract infection,

In addition to the type of fungus that causes inflammation of the blood,

It moves the blood through wounds.

Professor Carr has stated well Cofman internal medicine specialist that the best protection from these germs and bacteria

Is the cut nails and wash your hands very well.

She emphasized that the field studies have shown that most people do not wash their hands well and is long enough.

It is supposed to wash your hands with soap and water for a period of not less than 15 seconds

While the vast majority of people do not spend their half of that time ..

We expect that, if the damage which may take it from working in the field of nutrition and health care, especially for children if there is enough interest clean hands.

So hopes Albroofisserp Cofman abandon this feature aesthetic,

And confirms that the beauty of spirit even more important,

Especially if the nails in the beauty of what affects our health and the health of our children!.

And emphasizes that even though we wash hands well, we do not conclude our fingernails, which contain,

Therefore, we Bdekha well to make sure the arrival of water and soap to under the nail,

Even if they were scrubs and get water to the bacteria and fungi, it remains the only definitive solution to ensure the elimination of those bacteria is cut

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Drowning and near drowning incidents happen far too often in southern Nevada! Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in Southern Nevada for young children. It is called the 'Silent Death' because there is often no cry for help and very little sound from splashing. Even if the child survives the incident, many suffer permanent brain damage. Everyone with children of their own or those who supervise children need to believe it can happen to them.

Facts about childhood drowning dangers:

Most drowning deaths occur in the family pool. A child at greatest risk is between the ages of 18 months and four years. The most common time is between noon and dinner.

These tragedies often occur while one or both parents are home and there is a brief lapse in supervision.

Drownings can be prevented by following the A,B,C, and Ds:

"A" means adult supervision:

Designate a responsible person to keep children in direct line of sight and maintain a distance of no more than an arm’s length at all times the child is in the water.

Look in the pool area first if a child is missing. Get a lifeguard for social gatherings. In a bath tub, a child can drown in the time it takes to answer the door or telephone.

"B" means Barriers:

Install a non-climbable, four-sided four-foot isolation fence that separates the pool/spa from the residence. Openings should be no more than four inches wide so children cannot squeeze through the spaces.

Use self-closing, self-latching, gates and side gates leading to the pool/spa area, with latches above a child's reach (54" high). The gate should open away from the pool. Never prop gates open.

Power operated pool safety covers are the safest and easiest to use. (Solar/floating pool covers are not safety covers and do not provide adequate protection. Children can slip underneath and become trapped out of sight.)

Secure and lock all doors (including "doggie" doors), windows, and gates leading to the pool/spa area when not in use. (Doors and windows could be alarmed to alert family members when opened. Newly developed delayed alarms allow adults to pass through doorways without triggering an alert while children set off the signal. (Small children can’t reach the reset button.)

Remove items that could be used for climbing (tales, chairs, planters) away from fences.

"C" means Classes (age appropriate swimming lessons and CPR)

Enroll children in age-appropriate swimming lessons by a qualified instructor.

Teach children to:

-leave the water if the adult leaves the area

-enter the water only while wearing a swim suit

-first enter the water in the shallow end

Require parents, grandparents and care providers to know CPR, rescue techniques and how to call 911.

"D" means Devices:

Have a poolside phone- it allows access to 911 and avoids leaving a child unattended to answer a phone call. Post the 911 emergency number, your home phone number and home address by every telephone.

Install a life saving ring, shepherd's hook and CPR instructions by the pool. Rescue equipment should be in good repair.

Children must wear a Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD) around any body of open water.

There must be a life jacket for each person in a boat-a non-swimmer should always wear theirs.

Also, Never…

· leave a child alone near any body of water in which a child's nose and mouth can be submerged.

· use" floaties" or other inflatable toys as life jackets or substitutes for adult supervision.

· leave toys in or around the pool/spa.

· consider children to be 'drown-proof' despite swimming skills, previous swimming lessons, or experience.


Most children drown in their own backyard swimming pool, but others drown in bath tubs, buckets, and toilets. Small children are top-heavy, and they don't have the upper body strength to lift themselves out of one of these dangerous situations.

Always have a "designated child watcher". Learn to swim. Never swim alone, or while under the influence of alcohol or medications. Never swim when thunder or lightning is present. Never dive into unfamiliar or shallow bodies of water.

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