Broken Heart Syndrome ".. a female disease caused by grief and tension

90% of women with this disease over sixty years

Broken hearts are not limited to romance novels only, but are also found in Cardiology. This is called a disease syndrome Broken Heart (Broken-Heart-Syndrom), and limited infection to older women about. Similar to the symptoms of this disease with the symptoms of a heart attack, but it was not serious to this extent. Prior to infection in the patients often have gone through a painful event, Kovap one person close to the heart or separation from a life partner.

The symptoms of this disease is frightening, where they appear in the form of shortness of breath and chest pains and feeling sick. So it's no wonder that women who think they show these symptoms Bisapthn a heart attack at first. And not only are those who believe that, doctors are the others to go to this belief as well. Explains Michael Becker, a cardiologist at the hospital the university city of Aachen, West Germany, "The results of initial tests which is shown by electrocardiogram ((ECG) are the same as the results indicate that heart attack." We therefore have to install a catheter (as is common in patients with heart attacks) to the heart of the women infected.

After that it becomes clear to doctors that these symptoms are not symptoms of a heart attack, because blood flow in the coronary arteries of the heart are normal, and there is no sign of blockage or even a lock, but there is a part of the heart was no longer moving.

Age and women who have this syndrome Tsibehn Schoppmann says Rainer, senior doctors at the hospital, Dr. Baker Monezih Zaust near the city of West Germany "More than 90% of all patients over 60 years." Since more than ten years Schoppmann treated patients, "Broken Heart Syndrome", and last year treated five patients.

Remains the clinical picture of acquired heart broken a somewhat more recent, and therefore the research conducted in this area is still inadequate.

It should be noted that this disease has been described for the first time in 1991 after an earthquake in Japan. In Europe and America, was published the first scientific reports of the new millennium. According to Dr. Baker: "There was no definition of the disease already before 2006."

It may well be the cause of this syndrome in the stress hormones secreted by the body when exposed to an event or situation where one is thrilled. And not necessarily that this event will be a bad or negative, always, where, says Dr. Baker, "is sometimes enough surprise party or event exciting in the city to the disease."

And pick up Schoppmann party talk, and says that the excitement felt by one after winning such prize lottery could lead to the syndrome Broken Heart, but that the majority of patients Ieishn already events painful ranging from accidents, through natural disasters and the way to the death of a person close to the heart.

And may give rise to the adrenal glands of patients with a lot of stress hormones, which may occur "explosion hormones", including of the word meanings. Accordingly reside hormones adrenaline and dopamine in the blood of patients at rates much higher concentration of healthy people. Heart can not take these hormones flowing a lot at once, and then part of it depends on the performance of his job. Perhaps the reason for all the elderly women in particular, this disease is due to the continuing decline in the proportion of estrogen their bodies after menopause, because estrogen (hormone in women) provides the usual protection of the heart.

A few years ago, tried to University of Cologne, West Germany to resolve this puzzle, it conducted a study in conjunction with scientists and pharmaceutical scientists specializing in molecular biology about the effect of estrogen, but the hypotheses put forward was not proved.

The good news is that all patients with acquired heart broken to write about their survival, as death rates do not exceed approximately 3%, in addition to that heals the heart of his own. Schoppmann explained: "fade changes in a matter of weeks is almost always full." It is a precaution in the remaining women initially in the intensive care unit, so that was under observation in the event of complications such as cardiovascular system disorders, but they get out of the intensive care unit a few days later, and feel thrilled to status because a heart attack.

Information is available about how many risk of re-infection syndrome Broken Heart. It is true that beta blockers (Beta Blockers) alleviate the impact of stress hormones, but it might not be available real possibility of prevention. However, patients can undergo psychiatric treatment to learn how to deal properly with the anxiety and tension.

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