Skin ulcer (medical consultation recommended)

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Skin ulcer (medical consultation recommended)

Loss of substance of the skin that has little tendency to heal.

Following a skin wound, healing is wrong and "the flesh still on edge. You do not know what to do for this ulcer found at faster a brand new skin.

Here are three natural treatments easy to implement, which usually give good results:

Apply locally on the ulcer until complete healing, one of these natural products - the
choice - as follows:

• Clay: Clean the ulcer with a little clay water (obtained after diluted clay green
powder in a glass of water left to stand for a few hours: the water is what floats
called clay water), then apply morning, noon and evening a cold poultice of green clay
thickness of one centimeter for about two or three hours.

• Honey: After thoroughly cleaning the ulcer with saline (which you buy in
pharmacy), apply directly to the honey lavender or rosemary on the lesion and cover with a
tight dressing that you will renew only every 24 hours.

• Propolis: Always after a good cleaning of the ulcer with saline or water clay
Apply a small thickness of propolis powder purified (in pharmacies, stores
Diet and natural products, or in a specialized bee) that you cover with a
gauze and an occlusive dressing to reason, too, is a single pack a day.

For convenience, the treatment with propolis, which we prefer and we recommend that you practice first. No doubt he will serve you as soon as possible depending on the importance of the skin defect.

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