Deficiency anaemias

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Deficiency anaemias

Defined as a pathological condition that result from the lack of hemoglobin in blood and which leads to lack of oxygen Article important assistance to the cells to carry out operations vital to enable the organism to carry out its vital role. The iron an important component, which enters in the composition of hemoglobin in the hemoglobin process of exchange of gases between cells and the lungs where it is with the oxygen coming from the lung composite Alaoxihimocalobin which disintegrate within the cell, giving oxygen, while also binds hemoglobin with carbon dioxide resulting from the production of energy within the cell component composite Alkrbohemocalobin which disintegrate in the lung repellent carbon dioxide to come up with breathing, combined with oxygen and transmit to the new cells and so on

Of the most important cause of anemia different food for medical reasons, genetic or environmental reasons can be customized in the following points:
First - The lack of affordable or the amount of iron absorbed from food
The body absorbs only 10% of iron found in food intake if food contains 10 mg iron as the body absorbs and one milligram is therefore important to:

Eat a large amount of foods high iron content, which includes red meat, eggs, pulses, dates,
* Must also deal with food containing Viamban C and is available in citrus fruits and leafy vegetables, as this vitamin helps to increase the absorption of iron

Avoid eating foods that reduce the absorption of iron directly after a meal, especially nuts, tea,

II - Practice wrong ways of weaning

Breast milk the best food for a child with the many benefits that have become known to everyone, every day, shows new benefits, but must be clear that the milk is very poor to iron a child in the first three months of support at its stock of iron is therefore important to start providing food of high iron and foods that help to absorb iron from the start of the third month and gradually and in small quantities to avoid any impact of allergies and such food, eggs and meat, mashed citrus juices

III - to increase the amount of iron to certain categories

Children and pregnant and lactating women and adolescent girls increased their need for iron in quantities more than other groups must therefore be taken into account when planning meals for them
IV - do not benefit the body of the iron

There are some cases of chronic infections due to illness or absence of synthetic material of hemoglobin such as lack of vitamin B-12, due to illness or genetic

V. - blood loss

Because of a particular disease, such as the joy of the stomach or intestine, or parasitic infections, intestinal or menstrual blood or a lot of long-term more than three days and the bleeding has caused a lot of blood, causing anemia
Those are the main reasons it is clear that a large proportion of which can be earned by modifying dietary behaviors sound

What is the impact of anemia?

* Directly affects the physical growth and mental development of children and lead to a child is weak and delays in mental development
* Caused by the lack of absorptive capacity to learn and the ability to collect scientific
* Reduces the immune inflammatory diseases
* Notes that people with this disease the actions and behaviors are not acceptable with loss of self-confidence

All of these factors we had to all disease control and prevention of all available methods, whether educational, therapeutic or application programs to provide iron following the method of strengthening food iron especially baby food and nursing mothers, pregnant women and students of schools and this needs the participation of departments of the educational, health and food factories in the work of a coordinated and integrated lead God willing, to end this problem, which is considered one of the main dilemmas of public health in developed countries and developing countries.

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