The story of the potato

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The story of the potato

Is called the fruit of the potato's name crop chaotic, despite the reservations that have been common in the past and considered poor diet, but he is in control today on the much larger farms in the world especially in China and India and to the information, the crop yield low production of wheat because the rate of damage and pests that affect crop potato is very simple and non-existent and affordable to a large extent.

As for health benefits, the most significant Fetmrp medium boiled Balakecr contain what they need human adult of Vitamitat, calcium, and minerals during the day and the proportion of calcium is located directly below the crust so it is advisable to purchase a grain of boiled potatoes without peeling in addition to the cortex itself contains a high proportion of Vtetamit c.

Potato farming experts consider the modern savior of a famine, a crop which will be crowned on the throne of agriculture and nutrition.

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