Damage lengthening nail

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Damage lengthening nail

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Although many of the daughters of Eve are considered long nails as a symbol of beauty and femininity,

However, many of them may help change their minds if only they knew that under each nail a huge amount of germs and bacteria, as well as fermentation and fungi.

At the meeting of the General Assembly of Infectious Diseases, held recently in San Francisco in the United States of America

According to a study that artificial nails longer than mm

Carry a lot of bacteria and germs.

The study included 18 volunteer women with women and women with long nails, short nails,

It turns out that entrepreneurs have long nails bacteria under Ozvarhn by more than what Ihamlnh entrepreneurs nails short ..

The researchers confirmed the existence of two types of agents:

The first cause of pneumonia, a bacteria that causes pulmonary inflammation and bronchitis,

The second types of bacteria that cause urinary tract infection,

In addition to the type of fungus that causes inflammation of the blood,

It moves the blood through wounds.

Professor Carr has stated well Cofman internal medicine specialist that the best protection from these germs and bacteria

Is the cut nails and wash your hands very well.

She emphasized that the field studies have shown that most people do not wash their hands well and is long enough.

It is supposed to wash your hands with soap and water for a period of not less than 15 seconds

While the vast majority of people do not spend their half of that time ..

We expect that, if the damage which may take it from working in the field of nutrition and health care, especially for children if there is enough interest clean hands.

So hopes Albroofisserp Cofman abandon this feature aesthetic,

And confirms that the beauty of spirit even more important,

Especially if the nails in the beauty of what affects our health and the health of our children!.

And emphasizes that even though we wash hands well, we do not conclude our fingernails, which contain,

Therefore, we Bdekha well to make sure the arrival of water and soap to under the nail,

Even if they were scrubs and get water to the bacteria and fungi, it remains the only definitive solution to ensure the elimination of those bacteria is cut

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