Tea House serving on obesity

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Tea House serving on obesity

Thoiha many scientific facts of nature, and what was revealed of God sent down a disease without a cure. This is what it reveals to us, every day, pharmacy abundant nature, which contains the treasures of the secrets of medical and pharmaceutical, therapeutic and other scientific discoveries that coming in day after day.

And obesity and one of the major diseases of this age, and the tax to be paid in exchange for the luxury that Nrvl, and obesity, but this may not be a nightmare haunts many also believed widely, if we know it can be cured, and what?

Some medicinal herbs. Yes herbs. This, in fact, is the latest research, which concluded its findings to say that Cuba is one day of white tea can help eliminate obesity, according to scientists, say the researchers, who supervised the study.

And that, according to the latest research on this, the Compendium white tea prevents cells that contribute to obesity in the formation of adipose tissue to completion, also helps in the burning cells, which had just formed.

Herbal and yeast in them, increase the metabolism of Metabolism, also known as metabolized, and contributes to the process of slimming through the possession of large amounts of antioxidants compared to what it contains green tea drink popular one is known.

To that, "says Mark Winfield, experts and nutritionists:" The high risk of disturbances associated with obesity, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes, the dilemma of rising steadily in industrialized Western countries. We have demonstrated that white tea, it can be ideal as a natural resource Mnhvp " .

Mr. Winfield had studied with his colleagues, in the company of personal care products, known as the German "Beiersdorf AG", the biological effects of the extracted juice, a type which requires less processing, ie, those tea plant called Camellia Sinensis.

To demonstrate, it has been planted cells obesity humanitarian source in the laboratory, and found after treatment with white tea, that the amount of fat which had fallen.

Abizaid and Mr. Winfield, who published his research in the Journal of Health and metabolism of Metabolism: "The solution has led to reduced bile genes responsible for cell growth of obesity, genes and helped to break up the fat they contain."

It consists of white tea buds and leaves of the plant Albakurip first used for the preparation of green tea, and black is most popular drink in Britain and other Western countries.

It is worth mentioning, that handle this type of tea, is less than other types of tea. However, it contains ingredients believed to be effective in reducing obesity.

We have kept the Chinese on these properties useful and very special white tea in secret, for hundreds of years.

In what some scientists as a health drink absolute. And other properties, for example, as it helps in weight reduction, has also emerged, as it prevents the proliferation of cancer cells and reduces, at the same time, a new cells.

And the effectiveness of white tea is apparent in dealing with cases of radiation skin injury, because of availability of antioxidants significantly to the article, which in turn helps in the eradication of the roots are responsible for the bulk of wrinkles and aging.

It's Mother Nature which we come and to go back, and the world is full of that spills secrets, and treasures of various kinds, and only on the human research, study and inquiry, and the realization of the mind, may be the facts, recipes and then, amazing, implausible, and stranger than fiction.

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Doctors confirmed that the radish is one of the oldest natural remedies effective to remove the congestion and obstruction in the airways, and garlic, it contains the article "Alolsin" which earns the distinctive smell, and earnings also features anti-virus, fungi and bacteria, so it helps to curb the symptoms of before they develop a cold and bronchitis, ease pain and inflammation of the throat and chest.

The whole foods such as vegetables, fresh fruits and cereals are kicking off what they contain sugar slowly in the body as they contain a high proportion of vitamins, "a, c, e", as well as zinc and selenium, which all help to combat cold viruses The influenza without overloading the body calories.

The doctors noted that Ginger stimulates circulation and warms the body and helps to get rid of phlegm and relieve symptoms of influenza, fever, colds before they spiral, and contribute to the restoration of vital when feeling frustrated.

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The discovery of new causes and triggers of heart disease

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The discovery of new causes and triggers of heart disease

A team of scientists Amartikyin to reveal the number of triggers and causes of heart disease, which operates on the negative impact on the efficiency of the mechanism and functions Acharaiien sclerosis and her rights to become the prey is large for cardiovascular disease and heart attack.

The researchers maintain that these factors can be overcome in the case identified through the identification and stop the activity of several molecules responsible for attracting these causes of the negative and grave when they see that the bacteria play an important role in causing heart disease.

And hardening of the arteries, resulting in the formation of layers on the walls of the arteries Amoven of the brain, heart, and to impede the normal flow of blood necessary for them as composed of layers of fat and cholesterol deposits, which wrapped in the arterial wall causing inflammation and vulnerability to corruption and declining efficiency.

Show these layers in some cases as a result of damage to the arteries, causing heart disease and heart attacks.

The researchers explained that the cessation of activity of receptors scattered on the wall, known as partial / Tyler - 2 / present on the surface of immune system cells can increase the opportunities for the prevention of heart disease and heart attack.

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The discovery of a protein responsible for the stability of the smallest unit in the heart

Researchers found Ullman, at the University of "Heidelberg", a protein responsible for the stability of the smallest unit in the heart muscle, muscle is partaker "Sarcomir" (Sarcomere) located in the muscle fiber to the heart muscles, it is possible for this protein to be involved in causing some types of cardiomyopathy inflationary (Dilated Cardiom) (yopathy), which leads to heart failure.

The cardiomyopathy inflationary Altmddi (expansion) is created after the expansion of the heart muscle fibers, resulting in the expansion in the size of the left ventricle and often in the cardiac chambers, such as the left atrium and ventricle and atrium Aloiemien. And this expansion is usually accompanied by low capacity melancholy to the heart muscle. This affects the type of cardiac morbidity 5 to 8 out of 100 thousand people around the world, and it is causing, over time, the weakness in the myocardial cells by the inability of the heart to pump blood.

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Menopause increases cholesterol «bad»

WASHINGTON - UPI - A new study finds that the menopause may increase cholesterol «bad» in the blood of women sharply, but there is no dramatic changes in regard to the risk of heart attack or stroke, or cardiovascular disease.
The researcher Karen Matthews, who prepared the study, a professor of psychology and epidemiology at the University of St. Petersburg in the study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, «This means that when women approaching menopause are supposed to check the level of fats in the blood».
Two other studies reported that taking high doses of drugs «statins» lowering cholesterol level «bad», a «LDL» have benefits in the long run, unlike low doses that may not prevent the onset of cardiac arrest, the prevention of cardiovascular disease and early death.
Matthews said that the study included more than 3 thousands of an American woman since 1996, was meant to «try to understand the changes that women experience during the life», and within that stops menstruation due to low hormone «estrogen», one of the female hormones in studying ovary, depending on its activity when they reach the age of menopausal women.

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Sickle cell anemia and sickle cell temper Sickle Cell Anemia

Figure A shows normal red blood cells flowing freely in a blood vessel. The inset image shows a cross-section of a normal red blood cell with normal hemoglobin. Figure B shows abnormal, sickled red blood cells clumping and blocking blood flow in a blood vessel. (Other cells also may play a role in this clumping process.) The inset image shows a cross-section of a sickle cell with abnormal hemoglobin.

Sickle cell anemia is a hereditary disease of the blood disease causing episodes of severe pain and vulnerability to infections, anemia, chronic blood decomposition, and organ damage, in some cases death. It is produced by the inheritance of sickle cell gene from both parents.

The picture or the situation of these minor anemia (or what is called a feature of sickle cell), which often do not cause symptoms occurs when someone inherits the sickle cell gene from only one parent.

Sickle cell anemia patients are in red blood cells have a photograph of abnormal hemoglobin called hemoglobin S. Hemoglobin S and the letter S derived from the word Sickle any machete. Indeed, the low levels of oxygen, hemoglobin S makes a solid sticks minutes to make cells in turn, is taking the bow, each form crescent-shaped like a sickle, hence the label (ie, rather than oval-shaped cells are also
Should be, it takes a curved form Mqosa Kalmngel or hook). As a result, cells become very solid and easy to crash, leading to anemia bloody disintegration.

Beyond this, the sickle cell, because of its form is not normal, you can not start easily from high-vascular cell body shall meet together and fill these vessels were less blood flow (and therefore less oxygen) contained the body tissues. This causes more distortion of the cells and can block the blood inflow of alien tissue.

Without oxygen the body begins to be exposed to harm, and this is the source of the pain caused from sickle cell anemia, which is called crisis (or shift or ecstasy) Sickle cell Sickle Cell Crisis.

The infected person may feel pain in the bones and damage to kidneys and blood in the urine, and sometimes damage the intestines and lungs. Sickle cell crisis affecting the brain can cause cerebral stroke or convulsions or loss of consciousness.

In the early sickle cell tend to be lodged until it is destroyed in the liver and spleen, leading to the short lifespan of red blood cells and a lack of numbers.

Anemia if severe, can make a person with a short quick breaths stress.

Sickle cell anemia and image of minor often afflict blacks and Latinos from the assets belong to the Caribbean. Because of the impact of sickle cell disease devastating to the members of the body and a person's ability to live in good health, they reduce the average life expectancy to about 40 years.

A blood test called a test for a few minutes to move the electric hemoglobin can identify the persons who have either had sickle cell anemia or, in their minor. Recommend testing of all newborns to detect sickle cell anemia.

There is also a test of the pre-birth to determine whether the fetus will suffer from sickle cell anemia or will carry the genetic character only (ie, small image) or will never be affected. In 3 of every 4 cases if both parents carry the fetus moving, the prenatal test will reveal that the fetus will not get sickle cell anemia.

If one parent has only capacity genetic sickle cell, there is no chance to catch their children sickle cell anemia. The son, who both parents have the genetic capacity, it would have had thus an opportunity by 25% because inherits sickle cell anemia. Women with sickle cell anemia are vulnerable to infection at a higher level abortion and low birth weight babies.
The form of sickle cell

In the case of sickle cell anemia, changes the form of red blood cells (which are round and flexible in the normal case) cells become sickle shape and stiff. These abnormal cells are fragile, easily broken, leading to anemia, and tend to fill the small blood vessels Ä causing severe pain.


Symptoms often do not occur until the child reaches the age of six months and sickle cell anemia affects people in different ways. Some feel the impact of very few Visttia easily controlled, while others suffer severe pain because of the crisis (or shift) need the sickle cell treatment in hospital.

Most common symptoms of sickle cell anemia is a common occurrence of periods of intense pain in the joints, back, abdomen and chest. If not dealt with the crisis (or heart) has a permanent tissue damage occurs. And crises are more common during the state of infection or following infection in the body.

Any infection can make the anemia worse. Bacterial infections such as meningitis and pneumonia are more common among infants and children infected yolk sickle cell anemia and which is
The main cause of death.

Introduce another include neurological damage and delayed growth and development of the body and skin ulcers legs. In addition, there may be cases of the men's long-term painful erections.

Children may develop painful swelling in the fingers of the hands and feet, and the adults they may be more susceptible to gallstones. Symptoms may become worse or more frequent in the case of pregnancy or the presence in upland areas or exposure to a surgical procedure or anesthesia or infections.
Treatment Options
There are many treatments to prevent complications and alleviate suffering, but there is no cure for most patients of sickle cell anemia. Some patients may recover through a bone marrow transplant. But the goal of treatment for most patients is to prevent crises.

There is an effective medication called hydroxyurea is now available to reduce the number of shifts.

Address the heart causing severe pain with painkillers and intravenous fluids and oxygen.
Given antibiotics in case of doubt in the presence of infection, and blood being taken for the patient if they become very severe anemia.

Prevent infection starts at the age of two months to give vaccines against bacteria Imovils influenza virus and hepatitis B and pneumonia. At the age of 4 months must begin with the infant to receive daily doses of the antibiotic penicillin, should continue to receive those doses until adulthood. In the later stages of life are influenza vaccines is also important.

To prevent the red blood cells from the pool, you need to drink two liters of water a day at least and avoid the hard effort that increases your needs for oxygen.
Give special attention to the health of your teeth in order to prevent contamination gums and inflammation.

Go directly to the doctor to treat any disease or condition of infection or injury. Medal of pregnancy and the identification of special medical your can will save your life in a crisis of sickle cell.

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What Algdeddalsme and why so named? What is the hormone?

C 1
Endocrinology Endocrine Glands: are several members of the tissue found in the body in different places, consisting of specialized cells are Ptsanba production and secretion of chemicals that have jobs, are very important, in the body, called: "Hormones Hormones", such as: the pituitary gland located at the bottom of the brain The thyroid gland located at the top of the neck.
It is called the endocrine glands of the name for when they receive signals demand for their products from the secretion of hormones to perform certain functions in the body are Bifrazha and put in the blood, directly, without the existence of private channels carrying these hormones to its ultimate goals, in the body, and that is going hormones with blood to reach the objectives the final, sometimes called endocrine disruptors Allaguenoip.

What is the hormone?

Hormone is a chemical made from raw materials, derived from food or inside the body, by a specific type of endocrine cells specialized in the production of the hormone. And hormones play a very important physiological roles in the body, and cooperate with the nervous system, to conduct, coordinate and regulate and balance, the balance of biochemical reactions and biological activities and metabolism (metabolism) **** bolism in the body. Each hormone in the body function or several specific functions're going to be some of these posts later.

And the lack of one of these hormones disrupt the physiological functions drawn to him by the Creator, which is not only his presence, and hormone deficiency leads to the emergence of certain diseases, some of which pose a threat to health and life, such as: the inability of the pancreas Pancreas of the hormone Insulin Insulin leads to the inability of the body's cells to benefit from the molecules of glucose (blood sugar) Glucose comes from food, and that accumulates in the blood and around the cells without the benefit of it, and this accumulation, but normal, in the blood to the high level and the incidence of diabetes Urinary Azemanh of a person with no discipline, leading to serious complications, such as hardening of the arteries and heart disease and neuropathy, and damage to the kidneys. As well as the inability of the thyroid hormone production and secretion Althairoxin lead to a severe disruption in the metabolism and can lead to symptoms such as drowsiness and slower Aharkpp and the inability to think, concentrate and fatigue and swelling of the face and extremities.

Q 2 What are the endocrine glands in the body, and where each and every one of them, and what are the hormones produced by each gland?
C 2 Endocrinology located in different parts of the body, which is often the most important number and include the following:
* The pituitary gland Hypophysis or Pituitary Gland:

Is a small gland the size of a chickpea, Qtaraha did not exceed: 1 Sntimitrtouli, found in a ditch by Turki Aaserj Sella Turcica, at the bottom of the brain, sometimes called "thyroid or Mrs. President" because the hormones to control and regulate activities of other endocrine glands in the body, a gland consists of two lobes welded in one member, namely, the frontal lobe and the prefrontal Adenohypophysis back Neurohypophysis, each lobe in fact a separate gland deaf in the other functions of the lobe, not to each lobe is the production and secretion of various hormones on the other lobe hormones.

A) the anterior lobe hormones, namely: --

1 - Growth Hormone Growth Hormone

Child born, and pituitary Gdth front, can not produce and secrete growth hormone, the body does not grow longitudinally at a normal rate, and when complete post-puberty and longitudinal growth stops the child midget Short Stature become final because the length is usually under the outstanding natural for Ofranh normal.

2 - hormone prompter for adrenal cortex Adenocorticotropin or ACTH

The deficiency leads to disruption Chat adrenal gland, and their inability to produce and secrete hormones corticosteroids: (Aljlecoqorticsteroydat) Glucocorticosteroids, which are many and important functions in the body, such as stress-bearing and physical planning Amilitalkarbohedrat and raise the level of sugar in the blood and others.

3 - prompter thyroid hormone Thyroid Stimulating Hormone or TSH

It urges the thyroid gland in the neck for the production and secretion of thyroid hormones, especially hormone Althairoxin. And the lack of this hormone Exhorter disrupt the activities and physiological functions of the thyroid gland is a serious health and Allnchat and vitality.

4 - hormone Alambde to configure spermatid reproductive Follicle Stimulating Hormone or FSH

A pituitary hormone which urges Jawerbat primary ovarian Ovarian Primodial Follicles, in adult women, to produce Joerbat contain eggs, vaccination, and to have offspring Bntefp uniting men, as well as necessary to urge the primary cells in Alonibobat sperm in the testes of men, to produce sperm male genitalia (Ahoimanat ) Sperms necessary to fertilize an egg and the production of the first cell in the new creature, God willing. And the lack of this hormone in the blood of one of the important reasons leading to infertility in both women and men.

5 - Almhloten hormone Luteinizing Hormone or LH

A hormone needed to convert Jawerb Bweidth which was launched in the woman's ovary, the body is yellow, which is, itself, is another independent gland grows well in the event of pregnancy in women because it produces important hormones, including: estrogen, which helps to complete the process pregnancy and development forward.

6 - hormone milk yield Lutotropic Hormone or LTH or Prolactin

A hormone urges mammary glands in the breast to produce and generate more milk, especially if the support of the hormone oxytocin, after the birth of the child and incite the production and secretion of these hormones in the blood must be the mother to breastfeed the child because her breasts sucking nipples messengers of sensory signals propagating urges the pituitary gland to secrete more from them.

7 - hormone prompter for Ifrazagaytamen (melanin) Melanocyt Stimulating Hormone or MSH
Urges a hormone cells of the skin is processed to produce melanin and increased secretion of this hormone than normal leads to hyperpigmentation of the skin color dark or dark, especially in white

B) the rear lobe hormones:

Secreted rear lobe of the thyroid gland of two important hormones, namely:

1 - hormone inhibitor of the large diuresis Anti-diueretic Hormone or ADH

This pituitary hormone is very, very important to maintain the stability of the balance of fluids in the body and make it in the natural rate of Body Fluid Balance, assigned to him by the Creator, and the main symptoms of the lack of this hormone in the blood: frequent urination and a dry water in the body, and if not diagnosed and treated in the child early, may pose a major threat to child health, and kills his life in the end.

2 - Oxytocin Ocytocin
A hormone that increases production and excretion in the end of pregnancy, because this hormone is a major role in the process of initiating open and the birth of the fetus, Esolp. Also believed to have a significant role in the process of fertilizing the egg Bhoimn men, in women, while in the womb, after intercourse, is the mirror, sometimes, when you reached the peak of orgasm, uterine contractions, which may be severe and sometimes painful, because the erotic foreplay sexual urges rear lobe pituitary to produce more of the hormone Alouditosen, and job assistance here Ahoimanat ejected into the vagina on the ascent to the top of the cavity of the uterus, and egg meet in a channel Qalob. This also helps with the hormone prolactin, after birth, to urge the mammary glands, in the breast, on the production and secretion of more milk.

* Adrenal gland Adrenal Glands
There, two of every one of them lies on the upper pole of the College, sitting on her head, such as the fez. Each adrenal gland consists of two parts: the adrenal cortex Adrenal Cortex Adrenal Medulla pulp adrenal every part works would turn a deaf gland separate from the other because each part is produced and secreted group of hormones in various physiological functions, as MENS below:

A) cortex hormones Adrenal Cortex Hormones

Are many of the most important include:

1 - a hormone hormones Aljlecoqorticsteroydat Glucocorticosteroids

It is most important: Alkotizul, cortisone and cortisol, which is the most important main functions: maintaining the blood sugar level, and submitted a number of mechanisms at the tendency to fall and the preparation of the person to face difficult situations and resistance to psychological and physical stresses.

2 - Metal Alilictrolitip balance hormones in the blood (Alimiralo steroids) Mineralosteroids

Such as: hormone aldosterone Aldosterone, and named this group was so named because these hormones are Almwolp of poise and consistency of blood salts, very important in the body, especially the metal: sodium, potassium and chlorine and increase the secretion of these hormones in the blood, leading to the accumulation of sodium in body fluids are outside the cell and this leads, of course, to the hoarding of body tissue and fluid and Antfajha leads to arterial hypertension.

3 - androgens (male hormones) Androgens,

The adrenal cortex also produces a few steroid hormones which have effects Ondrugenip implications male, it becomes of great importance in the case of tumors Alkzeralakecrip Adrenal Cortex Tumors secrete hormones such large quantities in the blood of the most important brands in the female clitoris inflation and the emergence of hair beard, chest, and irregular hair loss and frequent emergence of oil and skin rashes.

B) Pulp hormones Adrenal Medulla Hormones

This part of the clitoris, is the inner part of the gland, is directly linked, the nerves of the nervous system Alsembathaway Sympathetic Nervous System, and when he urges those nerves feeding the gland produces several hormones in the blood, including: Adrenaline Adrenaline or Epinephrine and light - Adrenaline Noradrenaline or Norepinephrine. Accounted for the amount of adrenaline is about 75% of the pulp hormones, whereas the rest, ie 25% light hormone - adrenaline. It is the most important core functions of these hormones, we recall: the maintenance of arterial blood pressure of abrupt decline, which is a threat to life if the downward under the normal range for a long period of time, and raise the heart rate, speed up the metabolism of food and so on.

Thyroid * Thyroid Gland:

Located at the top of the neck, directly under the larynx, and windpipe of the surrounding ribs and forward, is this thyroid production and secretion of several hormones in the blood, including:

Hormone Althairoxin Thyroxine, the hormone calcitonin Calcitonin.

Of the most important functions is going Althairoxin metabolism at a normal rate, but the most important function of the hormone calcitonin, are: the organization and stability of equilibrium rate of calcium in the blood and prevent the loss of calcium from the bones.

* Parathyroid gland Parathyroid Glands

Gland is composed of four deaf small separate lobes lies directly behind the thyroid gland, two in the upper pole and two in the lower pole. Among the most important hormones to it produced and secreted in the blood: Albarratrmon hormone Parathyroid Hormone or PTH or Parathormone very important for calcium absorption from the gastrointestinal tract, urine and maintain the level of ionized calcium in the blood at a normal rate. And the lack of this hormone in the blood leads to a steep fall in the level of blood calcium and if not treated quickly, a major threat to the health of the injured person has a life-threatening.

* Pancreas Pancreatic Gland:

Gland is the pineapple sits behind the stomach, pancreas and consists, in fact, separate from Gd in jobs and united in one member, namely: Part Alguenoi Specialized production and secretion of pancreatic juice is responsible for completing the process of digestion of some articles of food in the Duodenum Alitnaashr the intestine and this produces juices and graduated of a special channel empty its contents directly into the cavity of the intestine, Part Alsmaii of the pancreas who shall produce and release the exception of hormones, raised in the blood directly, including:

1 - hormone Insulin Insulin

A hormone that is produced by the pancreatic cell type called: beta cells, β-cells in the "Dzrlangerhan Islets of Langerhans", Bgdp pancreas. Among the most important functions is the introduction of sugar Pacific Algeloz cells to take advantage of it within cells to burn to generate energy for the conduct of biological processes, and lack of the hormone insulin in the blood leads to the accumulation of glucose (blood sugar) Blood Glucose, on the cells in the blood and not to take advantage of it, and this of course, leads to a disease urinary serious diabetes complications.

2 - Algelokajon hormone Glucagon,

This hormone is its production and excretion in the blood: alpha cells, α-cells in the Islets of Angerhan, and the most important functions of this hormone is to try to maintain the level of sugar and lifting of the natural rate when the level in blood drops to a rate dangerous to health.

* Ovaries Ovaries in the female:

There are two female and one on each side of the basin, in the lower abdomen, connected to trumpet the uterine and ovarian cancer is not a member of the breeding and reproduction, but is also a hormonal gland is the most effective hormonal secretions, female sex hormones:

1 - Estrogen hormone estrogen

Which the body produces Jawerb Bweidth after deducting production and increases with a woman's pregnancy, and has many important physiological functions, but install pregnancy, especially in women,

2 - the hormone progesterone Progesterone

A hormone produced by the body's blood Evzh valuable yellow, long the most important physiological functions is to prepare the lining of the uterus to be suitable for planting a fertilized egg for a successful completion of pregnancy, complemented him and many other physiological functions in the body of the female.

Testes * testicles in the male:

No two of which are adjacent Kabatan in the bag and one is called the scrotum Scrotal Sac: right testicle, testicular, and left dangling between the thighs and under the penis. And testis is not a member of the Tkagher and reproduction, but they are effective hormonal gland, secrete male sex hormones (androgens), including:

Testosterone Testosterone is necessary to complete the process of growth and development of sperm Ahoimanat Anevsamha after the initial Khalaeha, as has many physiological functions such as: Urge hair growth in areas of sex Kalzguen and mustache and pubic and axillary hair, build muscle and other meat, especially in men.

* Fetus Placenta placenta during pregnancy:

Placenta is a disc stuck fleshy lining of the womb, to prove that the fetus and the feeding of the mother's blood, and placenta to grow and evolve with the growth of the fetus in the womb In addition to these important functions for the growth of the fetus during pregnancy, the placenta is working Kgdp hormonal very effective where the production and secretion of certain hormones is very important for the conduct of the completion of the intrauterine pregnancy, and the most important hormones produced by the placenta in the mother's blood directly:

1 - the hormone chorionic nutritious Mnasl Chorionic Gonadotropin

2 - Placental hormone estrogen: to distinguish it from the ovarian estrogen

3 - and placental progesterone to distinguish it from the ovarian progesterone.

* Hormones renal Renal Hormones:

Some may be surprised when he heard that the college produces some of the hormones that have important functions in the body too, because most people are aware that the college, for them, is the only member of output rid the body of toxins and residues of the metabolism of food and the excess water and minerals in excess of need, and the Thakz water and salt balance in the body, but the fact that some of the specialized cells of the total production and secretion of some important hormones, such as:

Alirthuro Baiotin hormone Erythropoietin, which is not the process of formation of red blood cells, and the completion Tkhaddebha, but his presence in the blood and reach for the red blood cell production centers, namely, Nkha bones in the body. It is noted that patients with chronic renal failure before the discovery of the hormone, the blood of infected cattle have always had a very severe life-threatening, but today I said those complications and therapists sacked for frequent transfer of the blood that can transmit germs and pestilence to their bodies, giving them the hormone in the form of injection: under the skin or intravenously, but is not available in some countries because of poor Ghal'eh rich. There are also some specialized renal cells which produce and secrete hormones that raise blood pressure if the rate of downward pressure in the arteries within the glomeruli Alonibobat tract of the college to be lifted immediately so that the process of filtering the blood in the glomeruli are normal, and most important of these hormones:

Hormone Angiotensin Alonjyotincen active and which has a strong and rapid closure of the arteries and raise the pressure inside it.

Q 3 What are the most important functions of hormones in the body?
C 3 hormones produced by endocrine disruptors, in the human body, too many, and each hormone and several distinctive physiological functions, and can not be limited to the functions of all hormones in the answer to one question, the delegation saw and summarize the most important physiological functions of hormones, each separately, in a single table as shown in the following table:

Thyroid hormone is the most important functions of the hormone in the body
Pituitary growth hormone Growth Hormone * urges the liver to produce a type of protein called "Sumaatomidenat" somatomedins and his increased production of proteins in the tissues of the body of a child who grows.
* Increasing the level of sulfur compounds in the cartilage, to increase growth

Facilitate the use of * to burn fat for energy instead of sugar.

* Increases blood flow in the crust of college

* Increase the rate of blood plasma during the nomination of renal glomeruli increases the activity of any college, to get rid of accumulated toxins in the blood

* Increases the rate of loss of calcium in the urine

Hormone Exhorter adrenal cortex to ACTH * main task organized activities Fbbosslh adrenal cortex of the crust urges them to produce and release hormones Aljlecoqorticsteroydat very important for the body.
Exhorter thyroid hormone, TSH * control the activities of the thyroid gland in the production and secretion of hormones in blood, Althairoxin.
Alambde hormone for the production of sperm sex hormone FSH * sexual maturity in both sexes, as it makes Jawerbat primary ovarian, in women's, to produce Joerbat contain eggs, vaccination, and to have offspring Bntefp uniting men, as well as necessary to urge the primary cells in Alonibobat sperm in the testes of men deep, to produce sperm male reproductive
Almhloten hormone pituitary LH * is necessary to convert Jawerb Bweidth which was launched in an adult woman, to the yellow body which is independent of the hormonal gland grows well in the event of pregnancy in women because it produces hormones, most notably estrogen, which helps to complete the process of pregnancy and development forward.
Milk hormone LTH or Prolactin * urges the mammary glands in the breast to produce and generate more milk, especially if the support of Oxytocin * contribute to the reproductive maturation of sperm in the gonads.
Prompter of the hormone MSH * Kitaminac urges the cells of the skin is processed to produce melanin, which contributes to give the skin color distinctive heritage.
Hormone inhibitor of the large urine ADH * is very important to maintain the stability of the balance of fluids in the body in the natural rate
Oxytocin Oxytocin * have a big role in the process of initiating open and the birth of the fetus from the womb to that, he incites the muscles of the uterus to reduce Aljti to pay over to the bottom of the exit.
* Also believed to have a significant role in the process of fertilizing the egg Bhoimn men, in women, while in the womb, after the intercourse has pleaded urges uterine contractions after the arrival of the male orgasm Ahoimanat muffle some of the fertilized egg.

Icad * with the hormone prolactin in urging the mammary glands in the breast to generate more milk to breastfeed her child, provided that you breastfeed.

Adrenal cortex hormones Aljlecoqorticsteroyd Glucocorticosteroids such as: hydro cortisone and cortisol hormones * urges the liver to produce more glucose from the initial raw materials such as amino acids and is stored in the liver Gelaikojin human body, so that hour comes, the demand for conversion and transfer of blood glucose in the form of natural * These hormones inhibit the entry Gelokosaldm into the cells and for this reason the risk Alchortezinip hormones raise the level of sugar in the blood, sometimes dramatically.
* Reduce stocks all the cells of the body of important proteins within them, and burned to generate increased Taqpa.

* Increase the rate of movement of any free fatty acids (unsaturated) from its stores in adipose tissue to the blood.

Alminaralokorticosteroeidat Mineralocorticosteroids hormones such as: aldosterone Aldosterone * Alilictrolitip stabilize the level of metals, especially sodium, in the blood within the normal range assigned to it by its creator, by increasing the absorption of urine, man can not live for more than three days, without treatment, if they are unable Gdth adrenal on the production and secretion of these hormones are very important for life.
* Increase the absorption of chlorine ion is located in the urine, and transportation of blood.

* Install the level of potassium in the blood in the normal exhaust his decree of the Creator, and the ones with increased raised in the urine when it rises to a level higher than the upper limit of the normal.

* Prevents the loss of sodium and chlorine from the sweat glands and salivary glands and digestive secretions

* Increases the rate of the heart to pump blood

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