The benefits of dates strange:

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The benefits of dates strange:


Analysis of dried date - according to medical sources - It is 70.6% carbohydrates and 2.5% fat and 33% of water and 1.32% of mineral salts and 10% of the fibers and amounts of Alchoramin and vitamins A - B 1 - B 2 - C, and protein , sugar, oil, lime, iron, phosphorus, sulfur, potash, manganese, chlorine, copper, calcium and Almngeniziom.

This means that the value of the food with a great tonic for the muscles, nerves, and restored the back of the manifestations of aging, and if added to milk was the fittest food, especially those who have weak digestive system.

The value of food in some of the dates match the types of meat and three times the thickness of the nutritional value, a benefit with anemia and respiratory diseases are given in the form of a paste or boiled and drink drenched in batches and serve special children and young people, young people and athletes, workers, and Nagahin Alnheven and pregnant women.

And more dates in the weight of children and maintain eye moisture, luster and prevents Jehoz Krtha, wicker, struggling Algshao and strengthen the vision and hearing nerves and calms the nerves and strengthens the nervous system and fight anxiety and activates the thyroid and is commonly tranquility and calm in the self-addressing in the morning with a glass of milk, and soften the blood vessels and moisturizes the intestine and protect it from weakness, inflammation and strengthens the booths the brain and the sexual power and strengthens the muscles and struggled with dizziness and visual excursion and inaction - when fasting and tired -.

Dates are easy to digest and quick impact in stimulating the body and generates urine and cleans the liver and kidneys washed, and soaked useful against cough, bronchitis, phlegm, fibers combat constipation, alkali metal salts modify the acidity of blood which causes kidney stones and gall bladder, gout, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure and add nuts, almonds or consumed with milk increases in force, does not preclude the dates only and obese people with diabetes.

It was found that wet depressing article contains the womb-like Aloksiocn handled wet helps to reduce the exit of the fetus and post-partum haemorrhage, as the wet material portfolio of blood pressure, it also helps to reduce bleeding, as well as stressful birth process, which requires energy and wet rich in sugar, which gives this energy .

The vitamin (a) that contains dates, it helps to grow and protect against Asha (night blindness) and helps the skin soft and moist membranes lining the nose and throat to remain intact.

And vitamin (b) maintain the integrity of the dates of the nervous system and prevent nerves and occlusion of appetite, and helps to digest fat and Alkarimaiip and maintain the integrity of the tongue, lips, madness and protect against Alblajr (illness accompanied by rash and weakness, and disruption of the gut and nervous system).

The dates are Alglikoz sugars and Allikuluz saccharose and absorbed and assimilated easily into the blood is up quickly Apart tissues and cells in the brain and muscle power and heat Vtmanhaa a diuretic and beneficial to the kidneys and liver.

Dates are rich in phosphorus and that increases in the vitality of the brain and sexual activity.

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