Ensure and weigh!!

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Ensure and weigh!!

While everyone was deep in sleep, he stays awake in the home or outside it, with his colleagues and his companions, or to the satellite and the Internet, while live traffic at night in preparation for seeking to work in the day, turn the balance of the universe, Visohr while people sleep, and sleep when they wake up.
This is the case, many young people who have converted to objects at night, addicted to ensure, where you find joy and comfort.

If you are of them, read this investigation.

Escape from the house
Arwa says Salah - Schoolgirl: I can not sleep until three in the morning, although I am not obliged to ensure, the Allante I study or browsing, or do anything, I am not trying to sleep early, but if tomorrow is a school day long and cumbersome, and in this case, sleep in
eleven or twelve, but sleep does not come easily, and of course Mtcderp wake up, and my mental bad, Arwa Although aware of the importance of the time of albacore, but it can not be replaced at night to complete its work, if there were interviews or Krojat, there will be no shops open in this time, as it has no reason to do so.
The Raafat Abdel Azim Visohr outside the home until one o'clock and says: Why did I come home early, and there are only a father and mother Almsinan, no dialogue between us, nor any common themes, so I spend time with my friends, Vntzly and talk, and after that let them update the Sherty until three in the morning, listening to the radio or sit in front of chat
Although Ahmed Snoussi - 21 years - working cumbersome cook all day in a hotel, he stayed out late, he says: When I meet my friends do not intend to ensure the delay, but talk takes us and surprised that the time had passed did not feel it, Venzara to return home, mothers, we find Gaillat of the delay, although we are not keen for the girls our mothers early on our return to our homes or to be afraid to us.
Does not vary Ahmed Abdel Maksoud - 18 years - much of al-Sanusi, it would also serve with his friends until one morning and say: go out often with friends last week, in one Vngels Alkaverat, and when I asked him when he learns: the day is long and boring, and I have no problem with to ensure I used it, and I study during the day as much as possible.
Mostafa Mahmoud - 17 years - says: I sleep early and I believe that to ensure the futility of it, but to spend time with is not helpful, especially since many young people spend their time in the evening taboo, such as watching what is not appropriate to the satellite or the Internet.
And their reasons for ensuring says Ms Amira Badran - Adviser to the social and psychological with Islam Online: to ensure that the phenomenon has become old now, more than thirty years in the Egyptian society almost, we produced a new object named «object Night», and to ensure, like smoking no longer need to talk about disadvantages; because it has become known, but talk about the cause and how to change it is most important.

Why ensure?
Multiple reasons for staying up late, not least perhaps the easiest and treatment are the reasons resulting from the physiological defect in the hormone melatonin, which directly affect the process of sleep, which is highly excreted at night by modern scientific studies which indicated that, but there is a psychological and a social dimension in the background was the most appropriate ingestion.
Because staying up late may be an escape from the face of real problems that challenge us in our social, or school, or marriage, or the process, and translate them to escape to tend to the television or the internet or other; Do not even think in the face of so much.
It may be an expression of a psychiatric disorder such as depression, anxiety, tension, needs psychiatric treatment, and may be an expression of aggression, especially in the category of adolescents; terms of level of rebellion against the laws of the home, and the list (do's); where they live teenager finds himself unable to express his anger, which requests, or to challenge it in a clear and explicit, which then staying up and wasting time in non-interest «as vent» indirect objection to the parents; waste of time because in the abuse of his parents, proof of his personality.
It may also be caused by upbringing; Peru where no child from a young age to uphold the value of time, or a sense of responsibility to themselves and to society, or the product of breeding pets for instance, which of us graduated wanton people are not aware of the concept of freedom right.
Information may be a role; it was issued to us to ensure the concept of channels, which continues to house 24 hours a day.
It may be a sign of weakness to ensure religious faith, when we move away from the commandments of the Prophet (prayers and peace be upon him) with regard to the right of the body and the importance of sleep, and early to maintain health, and the dawn prayer and others.

How to Cure:
It remains to be talking about how treatment or confrontation, and here I say to all young people: you should be aware that your success in life is your own risk, and will succeed only if they resist what you want, assuming you hate, it loves the iPod, but you in turn take the balance of your physical and neurological and psychological, and the real balance of your role in this life that created it, work and diligence during the day, relax and sleep at night.
Does not envisage doing so, you rob your freedom, freedom that cause disease and failure, and should not fall into that - is a false freedom, and freedom, which is based only on the freedom of the insurgency is also false, and your freedom is real not remain a slave to a bad habit most of the studies proved that it caused a lot of neurological disorders and mental and psychological, causing weakness in concentration and short-term memory, and the ability to collect important performance and slept during the day.
And ensure that no remedy to the problem of experience, but is an escape from reality may be caused by the vacuum or the absence of the real thing working for it, and better for you is to look for this role and this work, instead of killing your brain cells and destroy them daily on the iPod, which fall into the more dissatisfaction self and life, or disregard them.

Damage to ensure the health
Created by God - the Almighty - the day for work, and a night to sleep, and spent the day body energies, to make up for the night is spent in them, and not taking enough sleep straight lead to the emergence of symptoms and other diseases, including: fatigue - headache - nausea - redness of the eyes and Antfajhma -- nervous tension - anxiety - poor memory and concentration - irritability - the pain in the muscles, and some skin problems Kalpthor and others.
According to the location of the wall heat damage to ensure the e-health can be summarized as follows:

1. To ensure efficiency and muscle:
Proved through experiments conducted by scholars from the Physical Education bodily functions that increase strength and decrease from time to time during the day; which shows the efficiency of muscle, and start to increase gradually at four in the morning, and the range of the maximum at seven in the morning and last until eleven o'clock
noon; level where it starts to fall out until three o'clock pm; where gradually increasing until six pm, then returns in a gradual decline again, and the sharp drop starting at the ninth night, and a range of at three o'clock in the morning.
2. Ensure and the immune system:
The lack of sleep causes an imbalance in the immune system, a first line of defense against disease and the last, and when Iatl this device, it means - and simply - Breakdown; that this device programmed hours of sleep and vigilance which the human need, and when a change in this session daily immune system becomes confused and chaos.
3. Ensure and insomnia:
Any lack of sleep, but sleep is Almshd who is one of the nap and attention, and sustained movement Insomniac is not stable, it turns about every direction, and trick to sleep in various ways, without interest, and sometimes thought to be engaged to ensure that the subject was in front of a television movie, or to the
Internet, or series, or match, the spread of insomnia for the night and nights degenerated strong person, and stop the mind from production, and dominated the Insomniac pessimism and tendency to unity, xenophobia and related communities; Vil itself, and hated life, body needs to sleep a quiet and long enough to put poison nerve accumulated as a result of the work dynamic.
4. Ensure and congenital skeleton:
By sitting for long periods front of the TV and other, especially if sitting incorrectly becomes damaged and skeletal deformities in the bones and vertebrae, resulting in injury to bend in the spine, and the Almighty said: (Verily We created man in the best stature).
Likely to die
The British medical study suggests that persons who do not sleep enough have an increased risk of dying from heart disease, more than doubled, and the study confirms that lack of sleep linked to high blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart attack and stroke, and explained the analysis of 10 thousand government workers over the past 17 years that those who cut their sleep from seven hours each night to five or less are more exposed to the deaths of up to 7,1 times.
Here's the advice that enables you to sleep early:
- Failure to do acts of extreme stress, both in terms of mental or physical before going to sleep.
- Not to deal with stimuli of coffee or tea in the afternoon, and not include excessive smoking.
- To accustom the body to a certain time and a certain hour to sleep for eternity, even though the beginning was difficult Feltzl in your bed.
- To do light exercise like walking sport in the post-era and before sunset.
- Create the appropriate place for quiet sleep, and I prefer to be constant.
- Avoid heavy meals before bedtime, preferably with a cup of warm milk before bedtime.
- Taking a warm bath before going to sleep.

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