(Olive oil .. tamarinds) natural remedies for acidity

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(Olive oil .. tamarinds) natural remedies for acidity

Stomach naturally produces a certain amount of liquid composed of a mixture of caustic chemicals such as: the so-called hydrochloric acid, and a group of enzymes and other chemicals to help in the process of digesting food. This remains a liquid acid in the stomach, which prevents the cover from damaging protective mucous Btantha, but sometimes sneak this acid into the esophagus, a tube which has a mouth, stomach, and if long DNA in the esophagus, where - should not exist - it happens burned in his inner circle leads to a feeling of burning Al-Jouf and dissatisfaction with the increasing acidity of the stomach known as burning mouth, stomach, or «heartburn», some say vulgar expression «burning chest».

Can be avoided by following the acidity or discard the following tips:
1 - taking the time to eat and chew well, and prefer eating 5 meals a light and compact, and distributed on the day championships, instead of eating 3 large meals.
2 - in the evening do not go to bed immediately after eating, but you should eat at least two hours before from eternity to bed, and not before bedtime.
3 - Avoid dishes are very hot, too cold, and those saturated with spices, fat, and fried foods, and dishes Almspkp.
4 - Drink water after every meal, and water rinses DNA of the esophagus and reduces the concentration of acid in the stomach.
5 - to sit down after eating, and not to lie down on the couch after eating directly Vodaip sleep horizontal make acid out of the stomach into the esophagus, preferably a walk after eating, walking helps to keep the acid in the stomach.
6 - When you try to sleep ramp head on the pillow a few centimeters further, or put an excessive number of pillows to operate gravity to pay the food down, reduces the chance Artjall.
7 - No pressure on the stomach, especially after a big meal, which can be anything pushing your stomach, which is full of infectious DNA to pay towards the esophagus, if dealt with a large meal should not wear tight clothes, or doing exercise or carry heavy weights only after
two or three hours at least.
8 - chewing gum (chewing gum), gum chewing of the best ways to avoid acidity, where he works with saliva to coat the esophagus and protect it from stomach acid, but it is recommended not to a lot of chewing gum; because it may cause gas and diarrhea, especially mint-flavored chewing gum.
9 - stop smoking, which hinders the secretion of saliva, and urges the secretion of stomach acid, as it relaxes the muscle protective (LED) that reaches the esophagus stomach.
10 - pressure to get rid of nervousness, I was able to avoid tension.

In the case of feeling Balhmodp Physiotherapy can be done, and the kitchen, and these treatments are:
1 - Use olive oil in the preparation of dishes, food is easy to digest, does not change the acidity of the stomach.
2 - could be dealt with a teaspoon of olive oil before eating.
3 - mixing two tablespoons of olive oil, pure and mixed with egg whites, and drink the mixture quickly without tasting the taste; because it is often unpalatable.
4 - attend a composite of infusion tamarinds in milk by 1 - 4 so-called «serum tamarind» It is useful in removing excess acidity in the body.
5 - It is recommended eating 5 to 10 grains of almonds a day, to get rid of heartburn or acidity of the stomach, where oil is almond thin membrane that protects the stomach lining, and a protein it contains a natural almonds membrane covering the stomach acid secretion of large amounts and accelerating the process of digestion , as the scientists were able to demonstrate the importance of almonds in dealing with stomach pains that were supported by studies in depth.
6 - dealing with two cups of cabbage juice and raw potato juice a day.
7 - the result of peeling potatoes, and then Krtha for small parts and squeeze a piece of gauze, and then add an equal amount of water to the potato juice output, and drink slowly.
8 - boiled 50 g of «licorice in a liter of water, for 10 minutes, then left her soaked for 5 or 6 hours.
Address the 3 cups of the boiling in every day for 3 weeks, and renew this treatment after 10 days, but be careful to deal with licorice if you suffer from high blood pressure.
9 - mixing and papers of Iceberg lettuce (Capucci) Balkhalat electric with the amount of ice-cold water, and drink this juice thick green leisurely.
10 - Milling 3 teaspoons of dill seeds and soaked in boiling water for half an hour, then filtered this marinated and add the honey for sweetening, and is written to stop the flashbacks and get rid of acidity, Valcpt characterized by moderating the impact of the troubled stomach, which tends to return some food, so addressed dill help to stabilize and calm the stomach, thereby countering flashbacks and acidity.
11 - Add the amount of turmeric for food, Valkirkm increases the secretion of digestive juices, stimulates the emptying of the stomach contents, which reduces the chances of flashbacks and acidity. If it has not affected significantly, are addressed cup of milk mixed with one teaspoon of turmeric by with every meal .. Capsules or eating turmeric capsule at each meal.
12 - Eating too much seaweed, working on the formation of a gel to prevent DNA from access to the esophagus, could be dealt with chopped herbs in soups and salads and stews.
These are some of the proposed food to mitigate acidity: whole grains - celery - carrots - apples - chick peas - spinach - peas - cabbage.
If you are exposed to acidic foods, which declined to relax the valve at the bottom of the esophagus, thereby allowing acid to rise to the direction of the esophagus, and also avoid foods which urges the secretion of excess stomach acid, as well as foods rich in Balhawwaamad,
This is a list of foods and drinks that you avoided:
- Soft drinks.
- Alchukola and caffeine, and any kind of food or drink saturated fields.
- Citrus fruits.
- Coffee and tea (with or without caffeine).
- Fatty foods.
- Garlic and onions.
- Any kind of mint (tea, chewing gum, and candies, and drive the same refreshing mint flavor).
- Peppers, hot peppers, and spicy food.
- Tomato.
- Whole milk, whole milk and its derivatives.

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