Wrinkle skin wrinkling of skin

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Wrinkle skin wrinkling of skin

Consists wrinkles the skin when the skin loses its elasticity. As long as the skin soft and DNA, any curl or Ngdin of the skin disappears when you stop the pressure on the skin. But the skin that has lost its flexibility keeps lines caused by smiling or forehead stitched up for money even after it takes a neutral facial expression. With time, these lines are deepening in the face, creating what is known wrinkled.

Some of the wrinkles caused by aging and may stay forever, whatever you do not need to Isepk some wrinkles as long as you live longer. The first signs of wrinkles usually appear in the weak texture of the skin around the eyes, and smile lines. In the next step damage occurs in the cheeks and lips.

As we age, our skin becomes, the thinner and drier, contributes two things both in the composition of wrinkles.

But there are other factors that determine both the rate and extent of wrinkles and the food and nutrition, and muscle tone and facial expressions prevailing at a particular person, tension and proper care for the skin (or lack of it) and exposure to environmental pollutants and the habits and lifestyles such as smoking. Genetic factor may play a role as well.

The most important factor in all of the factors is excessive sun exposure, which is not only out to dry skin, but also lead to the launch of free slots which can damage skin cells. The sun is the worst enemies of your skin. That 90% of what was thought to be the signs of aging in the skin is in fact a result of excessive sun exposure. On top of that, the overexposure to the sun does not necessarily mean sunbathing or sunburn, where 70% of skin damage caused by the sun occurs during everyday activities such as driving, walking to and from the car. UV rays that cause this damage exists throughout the
Today, in all seasons of the year, and the worst is that the effects of the sun on the skin is a cumulative thing, although it would not be clear for many years.
Recommendations and general considerations

- Well-balanced diet that contains many different fruits and vegetables, which preferably raw skin to provide the food they need. Also dealt with whole grains, seeds, nuts and legumes.

- Drink every day at least half a gallon of water so If I do not feel thirsty. This helps to keep the skin toxins were irrigated and push away from the skin, which does not create the conditions for the formation of wrinkles.

- Get the fatty acids from vegetable oils that are cold-pressed. Avoid the seven oils and animal oils.

- Do not smoke and avoid alcohol and caffeine. All these materials withdrawn
Freshness of the skin and opens the way for the formation of wrinkles. In addition, the smoking habit to pay the debt to include hundreds of self-lips every day to withdraw self. The Tadhan skin which is caused by smoke from the rolls of tobacco lead to the formation of wrinkles in the relatively young age.

- Regardless of your age or skin type must in all cases to protect yourself from the sun. Put article blackout and sunscreen at least for 15SPF laboratories to all sun-exposed areas of your body especially the face, regardless of the season of the year or the state of the atmosphere. Exposure to the sun is the reason why the single greatest source of damage to the skin.

- Do exercises for the face. Sit in a chair and extending jaw movement in chewing exaggerated. Extend your muscles under the chin In the introduction to the neck. Also lie down and relax on a slant board for 15 minutes each day is also a good thing.

- Do the exercises regularly. Like all members of the body the skin to obtain nutrition from the blood stream. And exercise increase blood circulation to the skin.

- Avoid any products containing vitamin alcohol.

- Focus your attention on the expressions of your face. If you find yourself looking aside
Or are making frowning eyebrows or do some other facial movements that may cause the formation of facial wrinkles and do so frequently or repeatedly,
Must make a conscious effort to stop it.

- Give good care of your skin and save your skin always moist, especially if dry.

- Avoid the use of irritating soaps and creams, such as cleaning the face-Karim al-Bared. Use natural oils such as avocado oil to remove dirt and make-up the old, Adhnh gently on the face and then wash with warm water. Use a sponge or face plate several times a week to remove dry skin cells and dead and to stimulate blood circulation.

- After washing your skin anoint Gsola wetted, it is better and the skin is still damp

- Do not put heavy oils around the eye area before going to bed, because it may cause swelling around the eyes the next morning.

- Identify your use of cosmetics, and a national selection of species that Tstameliha actually, in a participatory one in cosmetics, and replace these every 3 months.

- The selection of good quality skin care may be a bit confusing.
We recommend that you are looking for species that contain natural ingredients and avoid those products that contain petrolatum, mineral oils or hydrogenated oils.
Home remedies

There are many excellent home remedies for the face can help in certain skin problems. Some of the best of these treatments include:

- To give color to pale skin, Isaac almost half a cup of strawberries in a blender and then painted the face and then leave the resulting liquid for 10 minutes. Then wash with plain water.

- To reduce swelling around the eyes, place the cold option above the eyes for ten minutes or more as needed.

- To lighten the skin's pores, then Bdek tomato Alhrusp over the face.

- To help protect the skin from damage caused by the cracks free, add a few points of the summary of green tea face lotion and the delegation Holding and other cosmetics.

- To moisturize the skin, Isaac pills from grapes (a natural source of collagen and acid alpha - hydroxy) with a sufficient quantity of honey bees in order to make paste, mix, and painted over the face Kalqnaa. Leave it in place for 20-30 minutes during the period of relaxation, and then washed.

- To remove dead surface cells of the skin and improve skin texture, leave you as much as the grip of the hands of short-grain rice gently over face for a few minutes. This method has been used by Japanese women for centuries.

- To soften and feed the skin, Yitzhak half the fruit of the avocado and Adekha your face and leave it over face to dry and then wash with warm water. Avocados contain essential fatty acids and food
That help prevent the formation of wrinkles prematurely.

- To clean the pores of the skin and keep it flexible failed egg whites and mix with a piece of alum and put on the face on the mask. After 15 -20 minutes and wash your face with warm water.

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