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Changed our view, in the last ten years, dramatically, about the disease, hardening of the arteries, also known as atherosclerosis (Atherosclerosis), which affects the arterial blood vessels and is parked behind the mechanism of cardiovascular disease.
At the outset, it was believed that the cause of this disease is due only to the accumulation of fat within the walls of blood vessels leads to the plates are, with time. Here doctors focused their attention on cholesterol levels, in each patient. The Dr. Russell Ross, the first to link this to the fact that a new disease, is the reaction of the body harm. Thus, has been re-definition of the disease to sacrifice a chronic inflammatory disease of the arteries. From the viewpoint of treatment, was opened more than mediated by a therapeutic package of new drugs, and statins, which works to reduce cholesterol levels in blood. This proved statins to be effective in the prevention of disease, hardening of the arteries, on the one hand, and its ability to paralyze the inflammatory activities, on the other.

In a related development, re-Swiss researchers from the University of Zurich, read all the recent studies, related to this inflammatory disease, in order to find a new translation of some inflammatory indicators. As the CRP (C-Reactive Protein) is the most easy-to-use indicators to measure the risk of cardiovascular disease. The results of the Swiss study, which involved thousands of volunteer patients who were treated by statins, to the use of this type of protein and very promising for the evaluation of the risk of cardiovascular disease and the usefulness of engaging in therapy sessions. In fact, the C-reactive protein to become a qualified guide treatment options, the doctors, that will set future strategies that will curb the mechanisms of inflammation of the root.

However, before handing over the lives of patients on the effectiveness of C-reactive protein, the researchers expected a final goal is the identification of inflammatory molecules, which play a real role and major harm Cardiovascular precision.

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