Aromatic massage oils natural methods of treatment

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Aromatic massage oils natural methods of treatment

Herbal Essential Oils

The aromatic massage oils
Of the most important methods of physical therapy
Effective help in dealing with everything
From muscle aches to cough Balblgm facilities.

Depending on your needs, there are several ways to use oils, they can now be inhaled through inhalation or machine and placed directly on the place of pain or put a few drops in bath water for calm and relaxation.
Has been medically proven that the smell of essential oils help to address many of the diseases and health conditions such as difficult chamomile and lavender oil, which help to get rid of insomnia.

Because the aromatic oils are extracted directly from the plants they are very concentrated so desirable mix other vegetable oils on the skin before using it, because she still many benefits but is advisable to consult a specialist treatment aromatic oils aromatherapist before using some types, the use of these oils randomly if you are pregnant or suffer asthma or epilepsy or any other health conditions may be dangerous so we advise you to consult your doctor if you have concerns.

We also advise you choose the essential oils clean and high quality as available on the market several types of poor quality. Since there are several kinds of aromatic oils with you choosing the most appropriate for you, to you this guide to help you choose the oils that meet your needs

Types of aromatic oils:
Multiple types of aromatic oils, according to the types of plants available in nature, including:

• Angelica Angelica:
Angelica oil is used to get rid of fatigue and nervous tension and to stimulate appetite and to help indigestion, and help ease the pains of menstruation is a painful and sometimes this oil is a substitute for the necessary hormones during menopause.

• candy stick Birch Sweet: characterized by anti-inflammatory qualities which is ideal for stimulating blood circulation
And to alleviate pain in the joints, muscles, and calm.

• Fennel Fennel: is useful in easing menstrual pain and control the menstrual cycle, but they should not be used in cases of epilepsy.

• Ginger Ginger: can be used to combat nausea or cold and influenza, and is useful in reducing muscle and joint pain, acute Fasthaddamh so very useful in cases of arthritis and rheumatism.

• hyssop Hyssop: be careful when you use it to Sam. And if used carefully and in appropriate quantities is very useful in dealing with respiratory problems as it helps to get rid of phlegm and calm the inflammation and ulceration of the throat.

• Jasmine Jasmine: enhancing the activity and vitality.

• Davana Davana: while working this fragrance oil perfume attractive as a component of the privilege, the oil is also effective Davana
In dealing with dry skin and coarse, and in the possible use of Kmattr.

• Ombejua Raja Kunzea Ambigua: It is truly effective in fighting bacteria, so it is considered very useful in dealing with
All the problems of skin infections such as dermatitis or eczema.

• Lavender Lavender: It is a brilliant therapeutic oil, it is perfect to calm the nerves and ease muscle tension
And relieve the pain of headaches and treatment of most skin problems.

• Neroly Neroli:
It is a brilliant oil to soothe dry and sensitive skin is also effective to prevent the scars from
Of the signs of slack, wounds or burns.

• orange Orange: This helps the oil-smelling acid to get rid of fatigue and contributes greatly to restore vigor and vitality, it also helps in the fight against the cold and get rid of a cough.

• Albchol Patchouli: This oil is characterized by anti-depressant qualities so it is often used
Treatment of neurological disorders, anxiety and tension.

• Chamomile Chamomile: It is anti-bacterial oil prerogative so it is perfect for treating wounds, burns and insect bites and abscesses, the sensitivity of the skin. As it is possible also be used to alleviate menstrual cramps and painful inflammation of the bladder frequently.

• eucalyptus Eucalyptus: known as an anti-congestion, and can be used to treat insect bites or pimples and burns
And other skin wounds.

• Queen of Roses Queen of Roses: the oil is used to treat reproductive disorders in women and to help
Ease severe menstrual pain.

• Rosemary Rosemary: This oil activates cell renewal process and is used for wounds as it helps heal quickly
It is also really effective in getting rid of skin imperfections.
It also benefits remarkable ability to re-balance the intellectual and Aljsds day after deadbeat.

• sandalwood Sandalwood: This oil supports the regularity of the circulatory system cardiovascular system which makes it
Ideal to combat respiratory diseases such as laryngitis, pneumonia

• tea tree Tea Tree: the remarkable ability of this oil to fight bacteria and strengthen the immune system, giving him an enormous capacity
To get rid of pimples.

• vanilla Vanilla: thanks to the wonderful scents vanilla oil is an excellent remedy to get rid of neurological disorders
Anxiety and tension, we find that many users in the scented candles to calm the atmosphere.

• Aloilnj Ylang - Ylang: soothing oil can be used to calm the rapid heart rate and breathing during rapid palpitations.

• wheat germ Wheatgerm: that the natural way to preserve the purity of the skin and freshness and youth, especially
If dry, it works to promote flexibility and Tarautea.

• Zinaguibr Kasmonar Zingiber Cassumunar: anti-inflammatory qualities of this oil is very useful in the fight against muscle and joint pain
A tonic effective and can be used to raise the morale and treatment of neurological Aladttrapat
Anxiety and tension and calm the troubled mood

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