Memory test detects symptoms "hidden" for the rant

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Memory test detects symptoms "hidden" for the rant

London: An examination may test the memory and language primary symptoms of "invisible" to the injury dementia.

UK experts said that most cases of dementia may go undetected until years after its appearance because the symptoms may be subtle and may not be ascertained only after a large number of damaged brain tissue.

The British Broadcasting Corporation found that doctors in Oxford that they can detect the initial warning symptoms of dementia.

The study, published in the journal "Neurology" help doctors to diagnose dementia in the early stages, which is essential to find effective drugs for this disease.

Over the past twenty years, the researchers conducted a study of 241 elderly volunteers who enjoy good health, have been subjected to regular tests in order to determine the extent of their ability to think and perception.

It turns out that some participants in the tests could not remember the names of things in general or the names of animals or explain the meaning of a particular word.

Said Professor David Smith and his team that the outcome of this study apply to what he knows about dementia, including language problems and learn the meanings of words.

Said Rebecca Wood Alzheimer's Research Fund This study, which took a long time preparation showed that the language problems or memory impairment may be a sign of mild memory problems can develop later to rant.

And the Netherlands earlier study showed that people who suffered from Alzheimer's disease their parents suffer from high blood pressure and vascular diseases.

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