Bad cold Cold

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Bad cold Cold



From time to time under each of the common cold, if you're brave or strong or handsome or smart. All these qualities will not Tenjik influenza viruses that turned into a mere ghost cough and sneeze, and worse, there is no cure, Antibiotics known as its ability to fight bacterial infection, succumb to a cold viruses, so we may address one or two tablets for the treatment of cold We hope that the symptoms disappear after a week as usual.

But the doctors who specialize in self-care say: There are many steps that we can follow to exit from a bad cold, more comfortable, as they say: Some treatments may help us to recover from the cold quickly. Here's the best home remedies provided by the experts:

1. Vitamin A: Vitamin c Kalmkensp inside the body, Vinzaa all types of waste including the remnants of the virus, it can reduce the duration of catching a cold from seven days to two or three days.

Vitamin C also works to alleviate coughing, sneezing and other symptoms, in a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin, dealing with people living with cold 500 milligrams of vitamin C four times a day, dropped the symptoms that they suffer them to half of those who did not take the vitamin.

Taking large doses for short periods should not cause any side effects, but you should get the approval of your doctor, to deal with any supplement before they start eating, and better yet that you can get vitamin C from juice, Fsair orange, grapefruit, cranberry, all rich sources of vitamin C.

2. Spend a cold zinc: The researchers discovered in Britain and the United States that the EC cut zinc can reduce the cold spell to four days, and zinc can reduce symptoms of dryness and irritation of the throat, which is not suitable for all patients, but where it will come into effect benefit .

And supply of zinc is that the adverse taste nasty, but it is now sold in markets in parts that contain the taste of honey, lemon and easy to swallow, but does not address more than the amount recommended by the doctor, eating large doses of zinc cause poisoning.

3. Stay positive: if you feel positive about the ability to heal your body can be moved to strong your immune system, doctors Fbbed teaching this theory by subjecting the patient to practice visualization techniques to eliminate cold, then make yourself into a deep state of relaxation, and she imagined that a hurricane white will come empty your pockets filled with nasal e, or an army of detergent granules will cleanse all microbes in small quantities of disinfectant.

4. You comfortable and relaxed: and more comfort, you can focus all your energy to heal, and it also helps to avoid complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia, and are advised to take leave for a day or two if your condition is bad, or at least your business slowly and prepared daily Organize your schedule.
Trying to catch up with the regular routine work could be so tired, because you do not feel well, you will find your focus less and may need to double the period that you need to do various actions.

5. Power the lights concerts: that when you are sick, the parties and happy occasions can be a drain on your body and prolong your injury cold, let go without you, happy occasions to improve your health.

6. Be sure to warm your body: It is recommended to wear clothes that protect against cold, heavy garments make your immune system focuses on infection control cold rather than devote part of its capacity to protect you from the cold weather.

7. March hiking: The light exercise improves circulation and helps the immune system to produce antibodies that fight infection, and suggest that you jump lightly on the network (a trampoline) for 15 minutes to exercise or walk for half an hour, but it is recommended to stay away from exercises stressful that plague the body.

8. Snack: Eating a diet fat in your body will strain the metabolic processes are advised to fight the cold by reducing the intake of foods and fatty meat, dairy products and a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.
You chicken soup, which is an old herbal remedy that has proven effective, it may serve a cup of hot chicken soup to dissolve blockages in corridors of the nose, researchers have found that hot chicken soup, either because of its smell or taste contains additional material to increase the flow of mucus, secretions, says working researchers that come out when you sneeze or Taatmkt first line of defense in getting rid of germs out of your body.

9. More fluids: try eating six to eight glasses of water or juice or tea and any other transparent fluid per day, which would allow the fluid to lose significant body during a bad cold and is working to get rid of the impurities that may strain your body.

10. Abstained from smoking: Smoking increases the irritation of the throat caused by the cold, as it affects the activity of minute cilia that expel the bacteria out of the lungs and throat, so if you can not quit smoking for good, you can at least refrain from during your injury cold.

11. Kindness of your throat salted water: It is recommended to smooth out the throat agitated Balgrgerp morning, noon and night, or when you feel pain, all you need is to fill a cup of warm water and melt it and one teaspoon of salt.

12. You steam inhalation: Steam can be heated to remove any blockage, simply put water in a pot, then place it on the fire to boil water, then removed the pot from the fire, he brought a towel Ouguet your head and the vessel towel after you have brought your head out of the pot, and then inhaled Steam until permeates your nose. This will relieve a cough, too, because it moisturizes your throat dry.

13. Use fatty substance: It is recommended that soothes the nose of the many Altmkt that the paint layer of petroleum jelly on Mnchrik and within a piece of cotton.

14. Address: medicine during the night: a lot of cold medications available without a prescription. Some of which addresses some of the symptoms, and others, such as containing a group of drugs added to alcohol to deal with a lot of the symptoms. This group may cause many side effects such as nausea and drowsiness, so it is recommended that taking these drugs in the evening only, you will not feel the side effects during sleep.
If you need to use medication during the day, he addressed the medicines that relieve the symptoms you are experiencing, and advised to follow the doctor's instructions and to give children their assigned doses only.

Cold reality:

I was cold, does not end, and would like to know who is responsible for this cold? There are many factors accused of infecting the cold, and include:
- Participation of food or drink with any person with a cold.
- Kissing someone with a cold.
- Not to wear clothes to keep warm to prevent cold.
- Sitting in front of airflow.
- Get out in the air and head wet.
- The carrier is a real virus infection transmitted through the air, and you can infection when the infected person coughing or sneezing, cold or virus Altmkt repellent flying in front of you.

Medical warning!

Perhaps the situation is more than just a bad cold.

If you have emerged one or more of the following symptoms, consult your doctor, you may suffer from the problem more serious than the common cold:
- Fever that rises to 38.3 Celsius, and will continue for another three days, or any fever exceeding 39.5, and children with a high fever should go to the doctor during the twenty-four hours.
- Any excessive pain or cause of the high temperature, such as ear pain or swelling
Tonsils or sinus pain or pain of the lung and the chest.
- Very large amounts of sputum or green or bloody sputum
- Find a great difficulty in swallowing.
- Loss of appetite.
- Wheezing breathing.
- Shortness of breath.

Keep on the health of those around you!

Jratimk not published when you feel the urge to cough, do not hesitate and cough, and when you feel the need to Taatmkt, do not hesitate and Tmkt, but when you cough or sneeze, use tissues instead of disseminating bacteria everywhere around you, and do the towel immediately after use, and wash your hands, Vosahabk and healthy family members who want to maintain the health you will appreciate this generosity.

Medicines used to treat common cold

- Aspirin or paracetamol: to ease the body pain or fever associated with a bad cold.
Does not give aspirin to children under the age of 21 years, what belief may be cold flu or chicken pox, research has demonstrated that aspirin, which dealt with children who suffer from influenza infection could increase the chances of Ray Syndrome, a disease that wrong brain, liver, although it is rare forgotten It is only deadly, and this talk about cold medicines for which it enters the aspirin.
- Antihistamines: To stop the sneezing and dry nose and eyes, Vamadadat address antihistamines to prevent the body's secretion of histamine, a chemical that causes these symptoms, which are available in a lot of drugs such as Periton Piriton and Trenatun Trimaton and Teixelix Tixylix Dimutan and Diphenhydramine Diphenhydramine Dimotane.

Caution that antihistamines often cause drowsiness, so be sure to be addressed before bedtime, or at least when not driving your car or do any work that requires physical effort.

- In order to get rid of the clogged nose, try eating a treat, such as congestion Alvenilbroobonalamin Phenylproponalamine Ffinelfrny Phenylephrine Seodovdrin Saudavd Sudafed Pseudoephedrine Actifed Actifed Dristan Dristan Kontak Contac.

- Spray the nose and nose drops: for example, Ofrazin Afrazine and Ootrevi Otrivine a pharmaceutical anti-congestion, and should not use these drugs for periods exceeding three days, causing excessive use them adversely, in the sense that the nose will clog again and seriously.

- Calm the cough, use tablets or syrup for cough, such as Dickstrometorvn Dextromethorphan Diphenhydramine Diphenhydramine or Noscapine Noscapine, and also used drugs and drink Fix Vicks Forlcuden to Enktos Pholocodine Linctus.

- CD-emulsification can also resist the cough, and many of which contain a local anesthetic will come into effect on inflamed throat which fails from the need to cough.

- Ointment menthol or camphor ointment: both have a soothing effect and moist and relieves the congestion and facilitate the process of respiration, especially during sleep.
Anoint Fix Vapurb Vicks VapoRub ointment or any similar on your chest and then cover it Unm sleep deeply.

Alternative Medicine:

- Golden Seal and Alagenasia: The Golden Seal stimulates the liver, and one of the functions clear the infection, and strengthens the mucous membrane in the nose, mouth and throat, and Aligenasia cleans the blood and lymph nodes, and is working to force the antibodies that fight infection in the blood and remove toxic substances .
Recommended amount: a capsule or capsules from each of the Ashabin twice daily for two weeks.

- Garlic: This herb has shown to an antibiotic, and can effectively kill bacteria and eliminate the symptoms of colds quickly.
Recommended amount: capsules or three of garlic-free oils three times a day.

- Tea roots Aerqos: The effect of the drugged tea reduces irritation of the throat and soothing for a cough.

- Other types of tea: In order to sleep during the night Sleep Well eyed cup of hops or herbs Valerian, they are of a natural soothing effect, and achieve better results, it is proposed to add a small tea spoon of honey.

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