Oomiqa 3

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Oomiqa 3

Grain Mavaidp Oomiqa 3 for the skin?

The Oomiqa 3 fatty acids which is important for human health, but are not produced within the body so must be obtained from diets, was found in fish such as salmon and tuna as well as in flax seed oil. There are capsules containing Oomiqa 3. Many of the studies noted that Oomiqa 3 contributes to the reduction of heart disease and atherosclerosis. And increase the vitality and activity. Studies have also shown that it has many benefits for the skin, including the study of several people suffering from severe allergy from the sun as it showed that there is a significant improvement after taking capsules containing whale oil. Studies have also shown good results with people living with psoriasis, acne, as well as help moisturize the skin. The lack of Oomiqa 3 leads to fatigue and weakness in the body, poor memory, dry skin, changes in mood Owaktiab. And problems in the heart and blood circulation.

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