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Fish oil best choice and the safest in the prevention of diseases of the circulatory system

Address the essential fatty acids, heart disease and improve symptoms of asthma and inflammation of the skin and joints

Low-fat food is beneficial to human health more than a diet rich in fat, but that our bodies need a certain amount of fat for proper growth and performance of the functions of the body. And fats necessary for good health the body can not manufacture a so-called essential fatty acids (EFAs) (Fatty Acids Essential). Has been designated as essential to it, such as vitamins and minerals must be obtained by the body from food.

And essential fatty acids consist of two groups: omega-3 fatty acids, fatty acids and omega -

6. The range of omega-3 acid Alvalinolenk, Iikozaptanwick acid, and acid Dikozahecsanwick, and there are three of these acids in some plants in the form of acid Alvalinolenk, who converted in the body to Iikozabntanwick acid, which in turn becomes Aldekozahecsanwick acid and which are considered the most effective forms required from the Group of omega-3. Specifically the acid Aldekozabntanwick turn into anti-inflammatory drugs of prostaglandin, a material somewhat similar to the hormones used in all the cells of the body. This recent shift to the prostaglandin is responsible for the therapeutic effect of the Group of omega -

3. The group of omega-6 include Aslinolik acid, and linoleic acid, and Gamma-linolenic acid.

Aslinolik acid is found in certain types of plants and vegetable oils, and linoleic acid it facing a lot in most plants and vegetable oils. In the body turns to acid Aslinolik Gamma linolenic acid, and is the most therapeutic forms of the Group of omega -

6. The Gamma-linolenic acid-existent, certain plants such as leaf spring flower, raisins, black and vegetable oil borage is the most common source of use. The body converts to gamma-linolenic acid to a host of other anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. This is the final conversion is responsible for the therapeutic effect of omega-6 group, and it should be noted that Aslinolik acid and linoleic acid can be converged into a prostaglandin compounds that cause inflammation. And for good health, the balance is required between the essential fatty acids, but unfortunately the American system does not provide the usual this balance, and instead of that and due to its large amount of vegetable oils, it provides a lot of linoleic acid which is converted through metabolism to substances that cause inflammation. It produces inadequate amount of fatty acids required for the manufacture of anti-inflammatory properties. The person can, according to its own needs in addition fatty acids omega-6 from the group, or add the two together in the person food.

The functions and uses of acids

Essential fatty:

One of the key roles of essential fatty acids role in the manufacture prostaglandin, a hormone-like substances produced and used by all cells, once manufactured, they regulate all body functions, which include the functions of the circulatory system and the reproductive system and the immune system and nervous system, in addition to the basic acids are part of the installation the cell membrane and thereby help to protect the cells from penetrating toxins, bacteria or viruses, or substances that cause cancer or allergens. It is easy to know the person why the causal link between the lack of balance of essential fatty acids and various chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, allergies and immune disorders are different (d. Shari and Nancy).

Essential Fatty Acids

And diseases of the circulatory system:

When the researchers noted that the population of Inuit in Greenland have very low rates of heart disease, as well as lower incidence of cancer or diabetes, although their own food contains a very large amount of fat, interest was essential fatty acids. Where they discovered that their diet with folic acid, and acid Iikozabntanwick Dikozahecsanwick, a group of fatty acids omega-3 and in the cold-water fish and marine mammals, which represents the bulk of the food Alosekmo. Studies have confirmed in Japan, the Netherlands and Sweden, that the greater the consumption of fish rich Boomija 3, the lower the incidence of heart disease.

As explained in many studies that Aliikozabntanwick acid protects against heart disease and this acid works to prevent platelets from sticking the wall of blood vessels. And platelets, blood cells are able to blood from clotting and assembly, which helps to hardening of the arteries, and works acid Aliikozabntanwick Kmcil natural blood.

Which helps to prevent hardening of the arteries. As shown by studies conducted on the gamma-linolenic acid, similar to the results of the previous results. As shown by studies conducted on plant spring flower, one rich source of gamma-linolenic acid with another study on fish oil positive results in improving the proportion of natural fat in some patients with diabetes on the assumption they are taking dietary supplements of vitamin E.

Several studies have shown that fish oil, whether the person addressed in fish or supplements is better than aspirin in the prevention of heart disease is not accompanied with stomach ulcers or gastrointestinal bleeding or anemia or any other side effects occur when taking aspirin Comerqq blood. Studies that used the fish oil and aspirin was found to be more effective than the mixture of aspirin alone.

All these factors make the selection from fish oil and the best and most secure in the prevention of circulatory diseases in people at risk of taking into account that the acid Aliikozabntanwick reduce the high levels of fat, a three-factor risk in heart disease.

The essential fatty acids have a great effectiveness in the treatment of heart disease, and there is evidence that fish oil lowers blood pressure and can relieve chest pain during effort in people with angina, and can use acid Aloikozabntanwick after the delivery of the arteries to his ability to liquefaction of the blood, also has the potential to reduce high blood pressure resulting from the tension in animals, and also relieves the pain of angina pectoris in humans (d. Shari and Nancy).

The role of essential fatty acids

On the immune system and inflammation:

Scientists have found that both acid and Aliikozabntanwick Gamma linolenic acid have a positive impact on the functions of the immune system as well as inflammation, where these acids stop the impact of prostaglandins that cause inflammation, leading Aliikozabntanwick to improve symptoms in asthma and skin infections, arthritis and rheumatoid disease Alreinaud disease and systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid temporal arthritis, psoriasis and gout. There was a study where the use of high doses of the amount of 1.4 grams of gamma linolenic acid extracted from the seed oil borage has been found that there is an improvement in symptoms in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, as also found in other studies of the gamma linolenic acid reduces the symptoms of eczema and dermatitis, reduces of the area of skin affected, was also found to have clinical benefits for patients with immune disorders such as lupus and multiple sclerosis. Given that the method of gamma linolenic acid, anti-inflammatory Aliikozabntanwick different from the way each of them complements the other's work.

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