What is the heart

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What is the heart

Before we dealt with parents to prevent the association of the above subject, we will try to identify even briefly on the member's parents is the heart, and some of the diseases that must be prevented and then find out the causes of disease, whether this topic was a direct cause, or was a factor contributing to this topic Dhour diseases.
1 heart:
Heart is a member of the three members of a noble (organones nobles) in the body with the brain and kidneys. It is a muscle that weighs approximately 250 grams, and is working to form a pump pumps blood to the other members of the body, and two best friends orientation or contraction (systole) and relax (diastole).

The heart consists of four sections, namely Aladdin left and right and between the abdominal membrane called triode (valve mitrale). Minumum the right and the right ventricle and between the mitral valve (valve tricuspide), and there are other valves: There are the first between the left ventricle and the aorta and the pulmonary valve is called (valve pulmonaire), this topic valves to force the blood to pass in one direction and do not allow that never goes in the opposite direction, And one of these valves open and close by shrinking or loosening the heart muscle and valves, this topic has private space should not increase or decrease in order to pump blood the appropriate amount for all members of the body.

Like all muscles and body organs, the heart muscle to work it must Alngdip by arteries in particular, the most important coronary artery left and right (artéres coronaires droit et gauche), and without this topic arteries can not this topic that are the heart muscle to work to pump the necessary blood and Ida got any problem in an artery of the heart arteries, the Hedda adversely affect the area that the artery will decrease your best friends Igdiha Bdalk work of the heart and the movement of that area and call your best friends hypokinésie ou akinésie, and negatively affect your best friends on the circulatory

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