Causes of drooling from the mouth during sleep

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Causes of drooling from the mouth during sleep


May be drooling from the mouth because of a problem in the teeth,
In the sense that there is the emergence of front teeth Vinafth mouth during sleep Wiesel saliva,
This enables you to discover yourself.


This may be related to the nose and sinuses, allergies and inflammation in the nose,
Forcing the rights to breathe out of his mouth without feeling Wiesel saliva during sleep;
So you must visit a specialist ear, nose and throat, where you will be able to make disclosure to confirm that


May be caused by an imbalance in this case, the secretion of the salivary glands in the mouth so as to increase excretion of normal,
In this case you should see a doctor to give you a endocrine appropriate treatment.


Might potentially be the presence of intestinal parasites that cause it to get out of saliva during sleep.


There may be a relaxation in the muscles around the mouth opening, so that it automatically after sleep
And drooling, and this case is harder to treat congenital

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Disease, bulimia nervosa .. How can he be treated

Disease, bulimia (excessive eating) nervous (bulimia nervosa) is characterized by a cycle of eating followed by continuous acts kind of «disinfection» to prevent weight gain. The researchers estimated that between one woman and three women out of every 100 women, are exposed to disease bulimia nervosa in the period of Heaouthn. As for men, the levels of diagnosis does not constitute more than a dozen rates among women.

* Between the waste and cleansing

* Despite the fact that many Americans increased their high intake of calories a day (which explains the injury and one out of every three of whom were obese), the indulgence in food includes addressing the very large amounts of food during a very limited period, usually within two hours. When the patient is excessive, it might deal with in accordance with full of cake instead of eating a piece or two pieces of it, or deals with several liters of ice cream (ice cream) instead of the pot and one of them.

Describes the «Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Neurological Disorders» in the fourth edition of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM IV) two subtypes of HIV bulimia nervosa, in accordance with the strategy employed by the patient to get rid of excess calories. Patients diagnosed with type sub named «Altthiri» (purging subtype), which is the most common types of the disease, they may search their bodies themselves to vomit involuntarily vomiting or using laxatives or diuretics. In the second type called «non-Altthiri» (nonpurging subtype) patients who may exercise a power to stop eating for a day or more.

* Difficulties in diagnosis

* Thus begins a cycle of indulgence in food and deprivation, which the patient is eating to the point of feeling physical pain, and then compensate for that dramatically, so feel hungry onslaught. And when the session such as waste and cleansing these, at least twice a week and continue for three months, the situation be newly bulimia nervosa as a disease according to the manual of neurological disorders mentioned above. However, the diagnosis is difficult in some cases, because people with bulimia nervosa feel ashamed of their behavior, food and indulge in secret, in the exercise of the processes of waste and cleansing. Because they dispose of excess calories that they have acquired as a result of excess, the majority of patients maintain their weight as it is.

However, the harsh cleansing strategies - especially the continuing operations of vomiting or use laxatives - straining the body. In the long run, people with bulimia nervosa are exposed to the risk of serious health complications, including menstrual irregularity (irregular menses) or Antvawh (amenorrhea), drought due to lack of fluids, damage to teeth and gums because of vomiting, lack of balance in electrolytic solutions which may stimulate the irregular heart rate, and various types of digestive diseases. And partly, because of these complications, the disease bulimia nervosa has acquired 24 per cent of the periods in hospital admissions in all cases of conduct disorder diet in 2005 and 2006, it came in second place after anorexia nervosa anorexia nervosa.

* Biological and psychological factors

* Studies have suggested the family and the twins to bulimia nervosa, a disease inherited by 55 per cent, which means that the threats of inherited genetic factors play a slightly larger role of factors surrounding medium, such as child growth amid cultural rights in favor of a weak structure. Also contribute to the occurrence of disease psychological aspects of personality.

As is the case with anorexia nervosa, the girls threatened with more disease bulimia nervosa be among more oriented towards perfection, but they at the same time enjoy the lowest level of appreciation for the self-esteem, and photographs (especially in relation to their weight and forms of their bodies). They may also suffer from problems in Omzjtahn or to control their behavior. Patients who have been subjected to physical or sexual abuse in the past, or who live in families bicker members criticize each other, they are more vulnerable to the risk of developing bulimia nervosa, conduct disorder, as well as other food. The disease often appears bulimia nervosa in late adolescence and early youth, as age is 18 years of the most common onset of the disease. The record, the disease appears in times of transition, from high school to university, for example. Is often stimulate excessive eating, because of the tension, or depressed mood, or hunger-Dari (after the deprivation of calorie intake), or feeling bad in relation to body weight and shape.

* Treatment Options

* Treatment usually involves a multi-faceted approach to a number of doctors. The aim is not to restore normal behavior to normal food only, but also in the treatment of health complications and treatment of any psychological problems result from the disease.

In spite of the therapy depends on the exact requirements of each sick person, the instructions American Medical Association, for the treatment of mental illness bulimia nervosa recommends starting with a combination of dietary advice and methods of psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy best.

* Nutritional advice. To enable patients to break the cycle of excessive eating and cleansing, they must be trained on how to install elements of meals and the timing of the periods between them, and to regulate calorie intake necessary for their daily needs in order to maintain their weight.

* Cognitive behavioral therapy. The research consistently found that this treatment is the most effective methods of psychological treatment for adults suffering from bulimia nervosa. This method helps patients to identify the distorted ideas have - about themselves and their food - and then change it. Those ideas and lead to distorted compulsive behavior. It also helps the way in the search for ways to deal with everyday situations of tension. Include a full course of cognitive behavioral treatment of 20 meetings last 5 months. And did not show any improvement after 10 sessions of them, the American Psychiatric Association recommends adding to the way medicine. In fact, the majority of doctors believe that a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy with medication or with the way the therapeutic effect of other psychological play very well.

* «Treat personal relations». A treatment called «interpersonal therapy» which defines the problems as a result of personal relationships with other individuals, and therefore it is trying to improve those relations in order to get rid of the turmoil in dietary behaviors. Can this treatment be effective psychological treatment for adults.

* Self-help. Include strategies to help the patient to the same, and to participate in treatments over the Internet, and registration in support groups and assistance. However, research does not refer to the effectiveness of these methods compared to other methods.

* Medicines «SS». Inhibitors are retrieved «serotonin» selectivity (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). And the only medicine approved use by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of behavior disorders, food is the «inhibitors» (fluoxetine) ( «Prozac» (Prozac. Although the majority of research conducted by the adults diagnosed with bulimia nervosa, the experience of small open and found it useful for the treatment of adolescents as well. have not been much research on the drug «Sertralin» sertraline ( «Zoloft» (Zoloft, but that the study of random monitoring and found that it is also effective in the treatment of bulimia nervosa in adults. When the treatment of bulimia nervosa, the dose of medication «SSRI »be higher than the dose of the treatment of depression. and often described drugs for a period of nine months or even a full year to prevent the possible return of the disease.

Research indicates consistently that these medicines reduce the speed of a repeat cycle of excessive eating and cleansing, as it improves the mood. However, it also found that patients who stop taking medication only for the most early on dealt with, and therefore recommended that medication treatment is one of the methods of psychological treatment together. There are several other drugs are still in the process of research.

* Family therapy for individuals young. So far, the majority of studies conducted on the methods of treatment for psychological illness bulimia nervosa in adults. However, the success of family therapy, known as «How Mawdsley» was to help in the treatment of young people with anorexia nervosa, it has taken researchers in the evaluation of forms of this method for the treatment of children and adolescents suffering from bulimia nervosa. A recent study has shown that most children and adolescents between the ages of 12 and 19 years who responded more than others to this therapeutic method, were living with mild form of disease bulimia nervosa.

* Looking to the Future

* Although there are many options for treatment of bulimia nervosa, the good responses to treatment in the short term remain few and not encouraging. A study has found a review of the Foundation «Cochran» that between 19 and 42 per cent of patients with bulimia nervosa have managed to overcome the disease for a short period after treatment with a combination of psychological therapies and medicines, while managed between 36 and 39 per cent, depending on the method of psychotherapy alone , and between 20 and 23 per cent with medication, anti-depressant alone. However, the long-term prospects are encouraging, studies that have followed the cases of people with bulimia nervosa for 10 years from the beginning of treatment and found that 70 per cent of them had recovered from it.

* Cures disease bulimia nervosa

* The recommended treatment of all disease bulimia nervosa, is a combination of dietary counseling sessions with the psychological methods of treatment, which is cognitive behavioral therapy of the best.

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Onions: Antibiotic maintain the integrity of the heart


"Onion": the same-sex garlic (Allium) and Aiklo house of the presence of onion in it, and Athlo many cuisines, but the presence of onions.
He knew Pharaohs in Egypt and the onions and Kdsuh Khaldoa named in the writings on the walls of the pyramids, temples and papyri and put him in a coffin with the dead bodies stuffed in the belief that it helps to breathe when the dead returning to life.
The doctors in the lists of Pharaohs onion Fortifying foods that were distributed to workers who worked in building the pyramids, as described nutritious Mshahya and generating of Paul.
The Greeks also holy, calling their doctor because many diseases and beliefs woven around the old myths are many, that cobalt high surrounding onions provide observational predictions about the weather If it were numerous, thin and transparent winter was harsh. Some historians and tells the American continent that Indians knew onions and deliberated manual and shot him the name "Chicago" The City "Chicago" on behalf of the onions, and the meaning of Chicago: power and grandeur.

Medical scientists have praised the benefits of the old onion, and they said that I ate raw or cooked benefit from contaminated water and damage to the face and blush to pay damage of poisons and strengthens the stomach and irritates Beh, phlegm, soothes, and opens the Sudd and relentless stomach and cures alopecia (Dlka) and grilled him for the rough cough and chest, and a benefit for the back pain and hip, and one hundred if Akthal with honey benefit of visually impaired and water downward in the eye, and if Qatar in the ear from the weight benefit of hearing and tinnitus and runny pus.
According to David for Antioch, "It opens the Sudd and strengthens Alshahuih especially cooked with meat, and goes jaundice, and generates urine, menstruation, heartbreaking gravel." Al-Razi said: "If I Hravch defect onions and the forces of the stomach and pickled onions Fear desire too." Ibn al-Bitar "onions for the lust of a super food for moderating and Matts, laxative of the abdomen, if Cook was profitable to appreciate Paul, more than in the Beh that eating onions Msellouka water, and injustice grilled cheese and fried cobra cut smell of the mouth.

What is the chemical content of onions?
Contains the same substance contained in garlic is a of Linz as well as multi sugars and sugars and sucrose, the most important flavonoids and Sterodat soap and metal materials such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, vitamin A, C and composite Algelocousin that determine the percentage of sugar in the blood which is equivalent to insulin in effect.

Medical benefits of onions:
Onion and countless benefits to the most important as evidenced by laboratory tests on the onions in Victoria College and the University of Newcastle in Britain, which says that eating onions, fresh or cooked in oil or butter or roasted reduces the incidence of stroke, blood has conducted clinical tests on 22 patients between the ages of 78.19 years, and offering them breakfast with 60 grams of onion for a different ways and the result was they have immunity against stroke and were constantly conducting tests on samples from the blood of patients has been shown that the Group is located in the installation of onions, which prevents thrombosis and reduces the incidence of unimpaired by the heat in the water and Aivob .

(Disinfectant of the mouth)
And some studies have shown that it can be used to cleanse the mouth where chewing of onion or a garlic for 3 minutes longer sufficient to kill all the bacteria in the mouth. Has also been proven that the inhalation of steam onions or eat lead to entry into force of the pilot fuel sulfur it contains, to human blood, leading to eradication of pathogens and thus can be used onions to treat respiratory diseases resulting from infection with germs such as acute rhinitis, as well as inflammation of the throat and trachea and the people wind, such as bronchitis.

Also, studies have shown that onions to prevent clotting in the arteries of the heart, so it is one of the important preventive medicines to maintain the integrity of the heart and prevent heart, angina, this may reveal to us the mystery of the lack of an injured pectoral Balzbhat Egyptian peasants from eating onions in large quantities in food and a daily basis.

As well as scientific studies proved that a reducing sugar to onions in patients with diabetes has been found that onions contain a substance Algelocousin the hormone insulin-like substance, and has a similar effect, or close to the effect of insulin, which helps reduce the percentage of sugar in the blood.
Studies also showed that onions used in the treatment of asthma where use onion juice by teaspoon mixed with one teaspoon of honey every three hours as the onion a great ability to expel phlegm from the airways, which cause the narrowness of the people, resulting in difficulty in breathing and the occurrence of asthma

As for cancer, has injected a French doctor, George Akovski vaccine onion many patients, particularly cancer and got good results and can be done enema works onion juice extracted by pressing to achieve this.

The tests also proved the success of the onions in the treatment of colds and flu, so the work of the syrup of onions, cutting up an onion into rings and placed in a dish, then add to sugar and leave for 24 hours until the nomination is then taken from 2 to 5 tablespoons of this Arashahp day.

(Lack of appetite)
Has approved the German Pharmacopoeia officially on the use of onions for the treatment of anorexia and hardening of the arteries and to treat the problems of poor digestion.
And the treatment of fevers and colds and to treat itching and inflammation of the airways and to treat high blood pressure and the treatment of bacterial infections and inflammation of the mouth and throat.

Onions and garlic on both speed up their cards, especially in the maturity of boils and Aldahos which consists in the fingers near the nail, as well as Jerjd which is made in the eyeball by beating the fresh leaves and put them on the place of injury can be either garlic hundred survey that comes out of one of cricket Alavsas eye heal quickly.

And you must save the onion and garlic in a dry place, good ventilation and away from moisture and is used a medium-sized onion is best to keep Balbsalp not valid or peeled garlic, minced or a for because it is oxidized with air and become toxic.

To get rid of liquefaction tears when peeling onions can be peeled and the water pours from the tap as a sulfate to prevent water from causing allele tears. To get rid of the smell of onions that stick Hand wash hands with lukewarm water when the quantity of salt or one tablespoon of ammonia. To get rid of the smell of garlic eaten in pills lush beans or grains of coffee or cumin or cardamom or star anise or veins of parsley or apple.

Use onion to treat asthma by taking a quantity of onions and cut up in the form of very thin slices and then placed into a jar and add a pure honey twice its size (three veins of medium-sized onion 1.4 Clio honey) and leave the mix after Tkulaibh well for twenty-four hours and then taken out of fill a large spoon at a rate four times a day. Or pressed onion and taken him to fill a spoon and mix well with a spoonful of honey and fill rate are taken every three hours and then every six hours

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Keeping cats .. And the futility of girls

Altksoblasmoz disease or diabetes is a disease of cats is transmitted by infected animals with the disease, (especially the sick cats) can also be transmitted through the dust contaminated with residues of infected cats and happens to the patient infected rise in temperature with enlargement of the lymph nodes may not appear on the patient's symptoms, and to diagnose the disease, we analyzed the blood to measure antibodies to the disease ...

The information on the disease cats:
What disease cats? What is the probability of infection?
How do I know I have found this disease? What do I do if I was him? How can the incidence of this disease that I would especially during my pregnancy?
Diabetes is a disease of cats, women of childbearing age and childbearing, even though it is a serious disease that has infected the adult immune true but it would be very dangerous if infected women during pregnancy or during the months prior to pregnancy, or if the patient is very weak immune systems.
Cats and diabetes is a disease of women by a parasite called (Totxoblazmajonde), and most of the injuries you get when the human race be the result of infection from cats that feed on rodents and birds, where the cats that are raised in homes little movement of the disease.
Method of infection or contamination of fruits and vegetables, the stool of cats saturated parasite eggs or eat mutton and beef is cooked properly as they are sheep and cattle are carriers of the parasite in meat.
And can be transmitted disease as well as parasite eggs after contamination, as can be transmitted disease after touching your hands to your mouth or nose or eyes after chopping meat faith or money fruit, vegetables, as well as cats can be transmitted disease after drinking unpasteurized milk contaminated with the parasite or by drinking water contaminated with this parasite.
That about 30-40% of women of child bearing age are infected with the disease and overnight with anti-inside their bodies to the parasite, ie, they are strictly protected against infection with the disease again, but there is no immunity 100% as some of the women may be infected this disease in the past and affected by it again during her pregnancy, but the vast majority approximately 60-70% non-infected and non-strictly protected against the disease so they are vulnerable to infection.
When the disease affects the rights of cats to be symptoms similar to flu symptoms and may not need to be addressed, and may not know the person that he suffers from diabetes have cats, but cats diabetes disease when it affects the fetus inside the womb it causes birth defects. The nursing mother that had been infected with the disease during the period of breastfeeding can transmit the infection to her baby through the milk. Therefore, prevention of this disease is better than cure.
Diabetes is a disease of cats, all animals and humans, but do not cause serious illness in humans of health, but he hit the baby in the womb leads to birth defects affecting the eye and brain disease, especially if infected cats pregnant mother at the beginning of pregnancy or within a few months before pregnancy, it rarely have the ability to pass through the placenta and infect the fetus inside the womb, but that could move and infect the fetus in the first months of pregnancy it causes birth defects large with high probability to get dropped when the pregnant mother, but if infected pregnant mother in the months recent pregnancy, it quickly have the ability to pass through the placenta to the baby in the womb, but even if you hit the fetus in this case it did not achieve it because the fetus congenital deformities have to be. So the best way to get rid of the consequences of this disease is prevention.

If you are pregnant or if you have a weakened immune (as an adult who has a weakened immune disease that killed cats at any stage of his life, he is exposed to severe inflammation in the brain, heart, lungs and eyes and this inflammation can eventually cause life) exposure to the parasite Vtjunbi Altotxoblazmosis follow the following ways:
1 - to eat frozen Reserved freeze well and then cooked because the parasite kills the heat, cold, high-high.
2 - Avoid eating meat dried.
3 - Avoid contact with cats or with cat feces in the house and gardens.
4 - wash your hands thoroughly after chopping meat or wearing gloves when you do cut the meat of sheep or cows.
5 - wash your hands thoroughly after washing fruits and vegetables or wearing gloves when washing because these fruits and vegetables may be contaminated with eggs of these parasites.
6 - Tboukha good cook meat (meat should be cooked to the point of 160 - 180 degree Fahrenheit heat).
7 - Washing fruits and vegetables well before eating or peeled before eating.
8 - not to eat eggs, a raw and not to drink unpasteurized milk.
9 - not Telmusi your face (nose, mouth, Forum) during food preparation.
10 - Wash your hands thoroughly after preparing meat.
11 - Wash the counter and a piece of wood chopping meat well with hot water and soap after the completion of the cut meat.
12 - beyond flying insects to eat.
13 - Beware of contaminated water when you go for a walk or camp.
14 - When you work in the garden Wear gloves and wash your hands after you finish.

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Program per day to purify the body and expel toxins

Is a program for one day and one can return all three Shahuro anyone can apply, as it does not need easy access to the effort and can be applied normal working days without the need to take a leave of absence.

Drink a cup to two cups of warm water wrung in which half of the Imonh
Chopped or mashed fruit (apples or grapes or kiwi or mangoes or pears) each to saturation. Herbal teas such as chamomile or mint.
The authority of vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, carrots power vegetable - fruit salad and referred to above.
Herbal tea (such as chamomile or mint).
After waking up: Breakfast: the tenth time: Breakfast: water: before going to sleep:

Program days

Successive days, the best day of the program as it gives the body enough time, but relatively needs rest, so you should be applied weekly during vacation, for example. And to human needs for comfort and has very few physical stress the implementation of the program

The first day
Drink a cup to two cups of warm water wrung in which half of the Imonh
Intake of grapes red or white within Alcleo grams and consume throughout the day
Drink a large quantity of liquids such as herbal tea or juice, carrot juice or papaya juice, or U.S. branches of celery or fresh apple juice.
Address these juices throughout the day and tried to relax water or fruit juice mixed with vegetable juice. The authority of vegetables - fruit salad and referred to above.

The second day
Drinking a glass of warm water wrung in which half of the Imonh when you wake up
. Apples whenever I felt hungry, and your goal is not to deal with 8 apples throughout the day.
Continued to take up liquids such as herbal tea and fruit juice diluted with water and vegetable juice. Waking up: the rest of the day:: Second day: the rest of the day::

Program three days to purify the body and expel toxins

This three-day program is intended to drive away all impurities accumulated in the body and are generally useful in general for example, people who suffer from a blockage of the sinuses and those who have ear problems and people who suffer from asthma and the effect on people who have colds a permanent basis. And eventually benefit people suffering from constipation. Usually this is
Program in the clinics and recreation centers, health and under medical supervision, so is not recommended to take him to the man on his own without follow-up from a doctor, especially for people who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Fruits and benefits of

Green and red very good for purification and expel toxins from the body and helps in the process of balancing the level of blood sugar, blood pressure and reduces cholesterol in the blood is rich in potassium, a good cleaner for the skin and liver and digestive system a good source of vitamin C anti-oxidants. Mangoes contain an enzyme Alabababin which helps to digest protein source for three of the antioxidants are beta carotene and selenium, vitamin C. Is a good source of fiber and vitamin CIII Apple: Grape: Aalkioi: Aalmanju: Aakhawk: Aalkmthery:

Ways to help the body to expel toxins

*- DIET purification (referred to in this article)
*- Juice fasting
*- Herbs filtration
*- Anti-oxidants
*- Exercises doping
*- Deep breathing
*- Steam bath and sauna
*- Massage and dry massage Balfrcp

Symptoms that indicate the need for the body to expel toxins *- fatigue and fatigue
*- Constipation and poor digestion
*- Bad breath
*- Acne
*- Frequent colds
*- Joint pain
*- Frequent incidence of muscle tighten
*- Headache

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Purification of the body of toxins accumulated

Our bodies are in an age of many of the chemicals harmful to our bodies either through the air we breathe or the food we eat, all of this tax is the modern civilization in which we live.

Automobile exhaust has a lot of contaminants is essential to us about cars, canned foods in general contain various chemical additives, including keeping food fresh and soft, such as corruption and prevent oxidation of food and what makes them attractive color, all these additives, although not directly affected, but the length of the time and over time they accumulate the body gradually.

No wonder that the whale that took hold in our bodies and our blood mixture and a wide range of products such as industrial chemicals, pesticide residues and food additives and residues of heavy metals and even the effects of chemical drugs.

This broad spectrum of harmful substances that accumulate and are deposited with the passage of time, leave their body, so we must get rid of as much as possible and this is what we would like to clarify it in the next few lines.

Under normal circumstances, the body to expel toxins from the body through the kidney or the digestive system or respiratory system or even through the skin and sweating.

As well as the body to neutralize certain toxins and that by turning it into harmless substances in the body by the liver and lymphatic system distributor in the body.
As noted above this natural situations. But in the circumstances of modern life, the body is exposed to much larger than the capacity to deal with these toxins.

Therefore, it must help our bodies in innovative ways to get rid of these toxins and expelled outside the body and purify the body to restore vitality and increase the body's immunity to disease.

Purification of the body and integrative medicine

We have devoted a lot of branches of integrative medicine interest and clear the body purified traditional Chinese medicine, for example, where the ancient Chinese tried to purify the body of toxins so that the old time, which was not the chemicals of modern for their belief that the purification of the body helps to prolong life and sharpen the mind and keep diseases from humans, and left us today borders to certain herbs prescribed for a person who wants to purify the body of toxins.

The same goes for the ancient Indian medicine Aiorvidk who developed a system to purify the body and expel toxins from the body using herbs, massage, aromatherapy and the use of saunas.

In the present integrative medicine specialist is advisable to follow a diet for one day or several days.

This system is designed to give the body an opportunity to get rid of these toxins in better conditions, enable members of the body to work efficiently to get rid of toxins, which then cleans the lymphatic system the body cells and purify the blood and overall the skin removing toxins through sweating.

The following is a simplified explanation of this system is to one day or two or three to be chosen by each person according to its circumstances Mainasabh

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Hieracium pilosella

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Hieracium pilosella

Pilosella, EPERVIERE
DESCRIPTION Perennial, hairy stars
or woolly, and yellow flowers grouped in
a collar of leaves (20 cm high).
HABITAT AND CULTURE The mouse-ear is
widespread in Europe and in regions
temperate Asia and North America.
It grows on dry sandy soils;
we harvest in summer, bloom.
PARTS USED aerial parts.
CONSTITUENTS The mouse-ear contains a
coumarin (umbelliferone), flavonoids,
caffeic acid and inulin. We
considers that it is also an antifungal.
Dictionary Trévoux (1704-1771), "the
mouse-ear is vulnerary and detergent. The author
adds that it is effective in cases of jaundice
and dropsy and concludes by stating
that "are used to extract the ulcers
and phthisis.
The mouse-ear stimulates coughing and holding back
production of mucus. The combination
these effects is an effective remedy for
respiratory disorders (asthma, whooping cough,
bronchitis, chronic respiratory problems
or not). Thanks to its astringent action, the
mouse-ear helps to reduce phlegm,
sometimes even the whole aircraft
breathing. Fresh, the plant is used
for its diuretic properties.
As poultice it helps to facilitate
wound healing.

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THE GRENADIER fruit has a thick skin
and seeds covered with pulp.
the pomegranate was also searched
for its anthelmintic properties. In the first century
av. AD, the Greek physician Dioscorides
knew, but they were forgotten by
result for almost 1800 years. Indeed,
nineteenth century, a learner
Indian herbal medicine had rid
British patients with tapeworms
properties of the pomegranate, physicians
English rediscovered the tree and studying
more seriously.
fruit and bark of the pomegranate are
considered a specific remedy
the worm or tapeworm. Indeed, the
alkaloid content in the skin and bark
forcing the parasite to detach from the
intestinal wall. Then, if the decoction is
taken with a powerful laxative, the intruder is
easily expelled. The skin and bark are
astringent and also allow
treat diarrhea. In Spain we drink
pomegranate juice to improve digestion
or fight against flatulence.
ATTENTION The alkaloids (the Pelletierine)
are highly toxic. Do not eat
skin or bark as medical advice.
This plant, in particular extracts
bark is subject to regulatory
many countries.
Pygeum africanum
DESCRIPTION Tree evergreen
oblong leaves, white flowers
and red berries (35 m high).
from Africa. We always harvest his
bark on wildlife, but it is
now grown to alleviate the shortage.
CONSTITUENTS Phytosterols (bêtasitostérol)
tnterpènes (ursolic and oleanolic acids)
alcohols (n-Tetracosanol) and tannins.
popular in Africa for its very hard wood.
In herbal medicine, bark is prescribed
in cases of urinary disorders.
France, conventional medicine considers
bark extract fat soluble
as the best treatment for combat
cons hypertrophy (increased
volume) of the prostate. In decoction
bark relieves chronic inflammation
This gland, and can help heal
male infertility when it is
cause inadequate secretion
prostate. Combined with other plants,
Pygeum may help the treatment
Cancer of the prostate.
during the 1960s in France, have
demonstrated the effectiveness of the bark extract
against diseases of the prostate.
The pygeum increases glandular secretions
and lowers cholesterol in the blood.
In several Western countries, Pygeum
is the main indication cons hypertrophy
prostate (81% of cases in France).
CAUTION Use only on medical advice.
Çuercus robur
DESCRIPTION Tree Deciduous
slow growing, deeply lobed,
fruit and green and brown (45 m high).
grows throughout the northern hemisphere, in
forests and along the hedges. The bark is
Harvested in spring and autumn acorn.
USED PARTS Bark, galls
(excrescences produced by insects
or fungi).
CONSTITUENTS 15 to 20% tannins
(ellagic, gallic and catechists).
The gall contains about 50% tannin.
oak was the sacred tree of the Druids.
It was used for astringent
its bark, leaves and acorns.
decoction of oak bark is used
cons irritation of the throat and tonsillitis.
It is given an enema and applied
ointment or lotion to treat
hemorrhoids, anal fissures, small
burns and skin disorders. We
the prescribed less frequently against the
diarrhea, dysentery and bleeding
rectum. The bark powder is inhaled for
treat nasal polyps, or applied
eczema to dry the affected area. The
gall is very astringent and can be used
instead of bark.
absorb bark
for over
4 weeks in a row.
Hemorrhoids, Oak bark
Quillaja saponaria
DESCRIPTION Tree evergreen
ovate leaves, white flowers and fruit
star-shaped (20 m high).
and Peru, this tree is now cultivated
California and India for its properties
medicinal and timber.
The bark is harvested every year.
PART USED inner bark.
CONSTITUENTS Up to 10% saponins
triterpene, calcium oxalate and tannins.
peoples of the Andes of Peru and Chile,
Panama wood was used as
substitute for soap.
The healing properties of wood Panama
are recognized in the treatment of
respiratory diseases, thanks to a powerful
effect on bronchial mucus. As
Other herbs containing
of saponin, the wood contributes Panama
to liquefy the mucous tract
tract, thus facilitating their evacuation
by coughing. The bark of this tree is
also effective against cough,
but can not be used to treat
dry cough.
The wood is also Panama
in the form of some shampoos
ATTENTION Given its effect
Particularly galling for the camera
tract, Panama wood must be
a careful medical monitoring during
an internal processing.

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