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Sleepwalking is a fascinating phenomenon and surprisingly common, about 15% of children aged 5 to 12 years will experience at least one episode of sleepwalking. Furthermore, it is likely that the person sleepwalker does not know his status unless he hurt during his nocturnal activities or to be informed by a witness who attends his nocturnal wandering.

Sleepwalking occurs during deep sleep slow wave. This is the part of peaceful sleep where dreams are less frequent. The activity of the dream does not occur during sleepwalking. In fact, brain activity is more comparable to that of a person than that of waking a sleeping person.

Sleepwalking is more common among young children than in adults and tends to disappear with time. There is also a family tendency to somnambulism. In children, anxiety, or poor sleep habits are the causes that trigger sleepwalking. Similarly, in adults, sleep deprivation, stress or too intense anxiety can bring it out of bed and cause sleepwalking activities.

It includes a sleepwalker can easily find themselves in dangerous situations, because, though his eyes open, his reasoning goes into sleep mode. Although some may have clairvoyants violent behavior during their episodes or commit acts unusual, the myth that to wake a sleepwalker might kill him is completely false. It may simply jump to be disoriented and not remember what he has just done. If you're facing an ill person sleepwalking, it calmly return her to her bed by the elbow to allow him to stay asleep if possible.

If you or one of your relatives are sleepwalking:

* Avoid triggers, such as fatigue, stress or substances like alcohol, drugs or certain medications.
* Provide security measures - barriers to block access to stairs, reinforced locks on doors and windows, protections against the corners or edges dangerous. Of course, bunk beds are a bad idea in the case of a sleepwalking child.
* Talk with your doctor about possible treatment options if the sleepwalking is disruptive or dangerous. In some cases, a medical problem underlying may be responsible. Prescription medications and hypnosis have been useful in some people.

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