Popcorn beats the coffee in the brain alert

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Popcorn beats the coffee in the brain alert

. Can you believe that the "popcorn", maintaining a balance of organic and psychological development of man, and it beats the "coffee" in alerting the brain and brings a sense of happiness and joy without any side effects ...!!

These scientific facts revealed by Dr. Nasrin Albsmoy nutrition expert, which confirmed that the popcorn actually contains a lot of benefits, each 100 grams of popcorn contains the following: 342 calories, and 11.1 grams protein, 66.2 g carbohydrate, 4 .5 g fat, 2.7 grams of fiber, 10 mg calcium, 348 mg phosphorus, and 2.0 mg iron, and 7.5 mg vitamin "A", and 0.42 mg vitamin "B 1".

Albsmoi explained that one cup of popcorn contains the installation of food combining protein and carbohydrates, which stimulates secretion of "serotonin", and this article gives a feeling of a positive impact on the psychology of humans, and contains vitamins "B" which have a significant impact on the health of the device nervous system.

The popcorn Albsmoi that also help to increase alertness without negative effects like other stimulants, in addition to the positive effects of vitamins "with" flying power to resist burning and nerve inflammation, and the popcorn is a group of fiber makes it one of laxatives good health of the digestive system in general, In addition it contains calcium and phosphorus, which makes it more snacks on health and weight.

Popcorn is an important source for building muscle

. A recent study has also shown to contain popcorn, whole grains, and abundant amounts of antioxidants to form a vital source of fiber important to build muscle in the body.

This is the first study of its kind that reveals to contain the whole grain popcorn and large amounts of antioxidants, which means that the types of breakfast based primarily on whole grains play a major role Bamadadath antioxidant-rich to fight infection tumors.

The researchers explained that popcorn and brown bread and raisin topping the list of elements and grain-rich anti-oxidants, making them ask useful and healthy between meals in the event of a sense of hunger for material riches, "phenolic" One of the most important antioxidants.

Is present article "phenol" most often in seed and cortex of vegetables, fruits and whole grains is the main reason behind the consideration of raw chocolate and black coffee are also the most important sources of antioxidants.

The research may have measured the level of antioxidants in many foods such as flour and the full number of whole grain used for breakfast and a number of types of pasta made from brown flour in addition to popcorn, and showed to contain breakfast for one person consisting of cereal and raisins as 524 milligrams of antioxidants .

Popcorn reduce the risk of heart disease

And according to research conducted by scientists from the Center for Human Nutrition in Omaha, Nebraska, that eating roasted corn "popcorn" Kojbat light reduces the consumption of the body of the meat.

Popcorn and whole grain product associated with a number of health benefits including reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

The recommended dietary guidelines American amateur to eat popcorn at least three servings of whole grain foods per day.

To study the role of popcorn in the American diet, the researchers examined data test report National Health and Nutrition for the period of 1999-2002, which included a representative sample of 15,506 across the country, including those who had stated the U.S. during the twenty-four hours earlier, in average, popcorn eaters consumed 38.8 grams of popcorn a day.

The researchers found that compared with those who did not eat popcorn, it is Okloh have increased to about 25% whole grains and increased fiber intake of 22% approximately. Overall, the consumption of injecting popcorn also of whole grains and say their consumption of meat, as was the case of those who ate popcorn more magnesium and carbohydrates than those who did not eat.

Finally .. Popcorn protects against cancer

Researchers found that corn popcorn contains a large amount and surprising article from the "polyphenols" anti-oxidants, which protect against cancer and heart disease.

The researchers pointed out that the popcorn and a lot of meals, breakfast cereals containing one of the "polyphenols" anti-oxidant, and therefore maintain the body cells and increase blood flow in the arteries of the body.

The researchers explained that the fibers within the popcorn that reduce the risk of cancer and coronary heart disease, but recently they found a "polyphenols" in it, and this element is very important.

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