Deep breath and write ... Discard the tension and stress

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Deep breath and write ... Discard the tension and stress

Dear .. If you suffer from tension and stress, severe, and are probably well aware the necessary advice to get rid of this problem and eliminate it, no need for confusion and carry with us the next lines give you the important tips and simple ways discard it completely.

But before you should be doing the implementation of any tips you must know that it is when you choose a strategy to combat stress, do not count on only one method, what is successful in treating a person, you may not succeed in another treatment, this was confirmed by U.S. psychological study from the University of Washington for the tension.

The study would prefer to follow a number of schemes to obtain positive results more effectively and deal with the tension and stress to you the basics of this task:

- Make sure to take enough sleep, or 8 hours without reduce or increase, as the increase in sleep cause drowsiness and fatigue, as has to rest for several minutes during the afternoon, to restore the rest of the day activity.

- Eat more vegetables and fruits and reduce the amount of meat, sugar and stimulants.

- Make sure to exercise, because it stimulates the secretion of endorphins and some chemicals that help calm the mood and reduce tension.

- Get used to deep breathing and long-term with him out slowly when you feel tense and narrow, contributing this way to control the fast heart beat.

Care to spend more time with friends and merry-positive, and stay away from depressed, disgruntled, Valmrah smile is contagious.

- To choose to watch comedies or cartoons because they lent an atmosphere of fun and imagination and reduce tension, to move away from watching the sad and bad news.

Make tolerance in you, and I give all the excuses so as not to accumulate Hnqk and your anger, your heart Vimlo pain, sadness and tension and leaves no place for joy, hope and love, which also means your eyes to appreciate the love around you as well.

- Encourages all psychologists on the importance of writing in the empty feelings of anger, fear and emotions, and after an escape clause from the paper to feel that you got rid of them.

- Learn the silent during the Toturk and anger, and wait until he comes back to you peace of mind for UNDERSTANDING what you think about the right way, and Ttalpin your rights, during the anger, you may feel regret things you say it, Vtaksrin listening and acceptance of your opinion.

- You must accept that others are not perfect, and you will not can you change the tempers and behavior.

Be kind to yourself and do not Thelomiha a lot, but I was the first and encouraging the best for yourself, and when you lost your chance the first, remember that there are other opportunities and the best ones.

Ask for help from friends and relatives when you feel tense or the inability to resolve the problem.

In the end, remember the famous saying of Reinhold Niebuhr: "God give me the courage and the ability to change the things that are better able to change, and the conviction to accept the things I can not change, and governance

And wisdom to know the difference between the two. "

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