Inflammation of the throat, pharynx,

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Inflammation of the throat, pharynx,

The sense of distress or Chuck in the throat is a sign familiar to injury and impending cold or flu.
The sore throat usually go away within a few days, and sometimes needs to drive suction or Mahlolat gargling is described.
And the majority of cases of sore throat to two types of infections, viral and bacterial, but it may also result from allergy and air dry.

First: viral infections

And when it involves inflammation of the throat swelling and pain in the tonsils, called the situation inflamed tonsils.

Usually represents a source of cold, influenza, sore throat, which accompanied and colds usually go away within a week without treatment, when the antibodies of the immune system destroys the virus, and antibiotics, there is no benefit for the treatment of viral infections.
Among the most prominent symptoms of these injuries:
- A feeling of pain or Alichok or drought.
- Cough and sneeze.
- A slight increase or no increase in the heat.
- Hoarseness.
- Runny nose and dripped behind the nose.

II: bacterial infections

They are less common than viral infections, but more dangerous.
The nodal throat of the most common bacterial infections, and are often Ialtqat infection from an infected person, and show symptoms within two to seven days.
The children aged between five and five years, enrollment in school Oumajmoat other, more vulnerable to infection throat lumpy.
In fact, the bacteria usually transmitted through the nose or throat secretions, and rarely transmitted through food or milk or water contaminated streptococcus, a bacterial employee's name,
And symptoms include:
- Swelling of the tonsils and glands of the neck.
- Redness of the back of the neck with the appearance of white plaques.
- Rise in temperature of more than 37.95 degrees Celsius often, accompanied by a shiver.
- A feeling of pain when swallowing.
Most infections are spread directly throat friction, as it moves Contaminated sputum and saliva from the hand of the victim to the objects and Handles doors and other surfaces, including the hands and mouth or Aloanf.


- Doubled your consumption of fluids, Valsoail thinning sputum and easy to take it out of the mouth.
- Helps to drink liquids hot or too cold to reduce inflammation of the throat irritation.
- Steam inhalation.
- Gargle warm salt (Combine a teaspoon of salt with a cup of warm water and then by Ngrger Obesgah) This method softens the throat and help clean up the sputum.
- Pills suction or strong-flavored sweeteners or sugar-free gum, sucking Valalk and stimulates the secretion of saliva, which washes the throat and cleans it.
- Dealing with pain killers, others are described Valmsknat Kalasitaminovin Alibobrovin, aspirin, and sore throat live within four to six hours, but be careful of giving aspirin for the children's or adolescents.
- Disburden your voice, if inflammation of the throat may spread to the throat, and would talk to cause irritation and difficulty in sleeping, and is water and salt spray nasal useful as well.
- Avoid smoke and air pollutants as smoke causes irritation of the throat volatile, and therefore abstained from smoking and avoid all kinds of smoke and steam of the household detergents and paint, and to avoid exposing children to smoke Alsadran smokers.
Of prevention:
- Wash hands often, especially in seasons of cold and influenza.
- Move your hands from your face to avoid the transfer of bacteria and viruses to the mouth or nose.
Medical Aid

Would serious throat infections, sore washer, cause swelling and blockage in the airway.
Therefore, mean that medical aid was accompanied by inflammation of the throat of any of the following symptoms:
- Ceylon saliva or difficulty in swallowing or breathing.
- Stiffness, neck stiffness with a severe headache.
- Rise in temperature of more than 38.5 degrees Celsius 39.05 for adults or for children or fever lasts for more than 48 hours.

- Rash .-

Hoarseness continuous or sores in the mouth last for two weeks or more.
- Exposure to an infected person shaved my contract recently.
In the event of doubt the doctor nodal injury, will describe to you a counter-dynamic (such as penicillin or a drug like him) after the test and make sure that the result is positive.
Are rarely tonsillectomy, unless recurrent infections lead to serious problems.

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