Fashion's obsession leads to excessive thinness

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Fashion's obsession leads to excessive thinness

New York - 9 recognized the teens out of 10 American women that the fashion industry at least partially responsible for the excessive thinness obsession with girls.

The poll, conducted by the "Girl Scouts, the United States" included more than a thousand American girl between the ages of 13 and 17 years, that 89% of survey respondents viewed their fashion cause great deal of pressure on them, compared with 88% perceive that the media cause this.

But despite the criticism that the fashion industry only 3 out of 4 teens assert that it "fashion" "very important" to them.

He said 81% of survey respondents would prefer to see pictures of a natural fashion models instead of the modified digital image to them.

The 75% of teenage girls on their tendency to buy more clothes they see on the models Bhgmehn real and not on the women in Mfirtat thin.

He said 82% of girls said their colleagues, and 81% said their friends, and 65% said their parents leave the biggest impact on how teenagers look to their bodies.

And about a third of survey respondents admitted that they themselves or Juan refused to eat them in an effort to lose weight, while 42% of them reported on their knowledge to other girls Bamrhn forcing herself to vomit after eating, and 37% knew a girl Bamrhn she was diagnosed with an eating disorder.

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