Addiction to nasal sprays anti-congestion:

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Addiction to nasal sprays anti-congestion:

It is difficult to imagine the possibility of addiction to nasal spray an anti-congestion These drugs, taken at the incidence of colds or sinusitis, or any state associated with any nasal congestion, but its use must be for a very limited (about three days), no more no and to listen to someone tells his addiction to anti-nasal congestion.

«I never expected to become addicted to any drug in particular the spray used by anti-congestion in the sensitive and when you try to stop using it after two weeks I could not breathe from the nose easily and it was because I use the spray for longer than selected recipe with the instructions on the use of point to the need
not exceed three days, a warning had been ignored, and after a few months you need to six times the prescribed dose per day in addition to the third dose in the morning ».

What happened with this patient?!

Explains Dr. Ronald McLean disease specialist allergy and immunology from Atlanta in Georgia, what happened that caused this tragedy is the interaction of the phenomenon known as refraction and nasal sprays work by reducing the blood vessels in the nose and the repeated use cause discomfort in these vessels, which makes the contraction of matter requiring higher doses and more frequent.

Instead of shrinking the blood, it swells and fills the surrounding tissues of nasal mucous fluid thereby creating congestion worse than ever before, forcing the doctor injected with cortisone to reduce inflammation and facilitate the drop-nasal spray.

It is recommended Edwin up by the European American chemist who are addicted to anti-nasal congestion replace items with another long-acting short-acting type, and then diluted for children and to experiment with a solution containing the patient on 2 / 1 teaspoon carbonate soda and one teaspoon of salt in a liter of cold water and used for the nose several times until
get rid of the inflammation.

Addiction to laxatives:

Although all anti-diarrhea medication contains a clear warning on the box that the repeated and continuous use leads to addiction, experts say that millions of people are turning to addicts facilitators Most laxatives contain substances that lead to addiction, such as Article «phenol Vitalin» It works Laxatives
By agitating the internal membrane of the intestines, and which in turn raises the nerves, causing daytime systolic muscle.

Warns Dr. - Marvin Schuster, gastroenteritis and intestinal Johns Hopkins University in Maryland Palinkhur saying: «in the end it could unravel nerve cells become permanently partially paralyzed bowel, which makes constipation worse than it was before the use of laxatives».

Often find those who use laxatives again they are forced to increase the dose to reach the same result with constipation to eat more grow automatically and get rid of the addiction to laxatives you refrain them gradually over the past several months and could be used as a purgative, is more effective than stimulant laxatives.

You also have the commitment of a diet rich in fiber and low fats and exercise consistently.

Addicted to eye drops:

Most patients with drink to feel my eyes on the use of drops for a long period without consulting a doctor or sometimes for a longer period than described them at other times, what happens to have?

Reduce these drops of blood vessels eye seems whiter and more frequent use of any three or four times a day for several weeks may cause a rebound phenomenon explains Dr. Ken Kennedy, a doctor of the eyes of Atlanta that the use of drops from time to time is good, but if offended may find that you use need it every few hours to get rid of redness in your eyes and when you try to stop your eyes become more redder than it was.

To address the issue you need to stop suddenly and completely, "says Dr. Kennedy:« may require the return of your eyes to intact natural full month may find it difficult in that which makes you want to use a few drops only, but it does so the trouble begins again ».

Addiction to drugs of sensitivity:

Most of the drugs used are anti Hsaitamen sleep occurs accidentally and gradually increase the willingness of patients to address these tablets are not for its anti-allergic, but also to influence hypnotic and slowly happen to have a drug addiction and when they stop these medications suffer insomnia and cross-used again.

It is known that these drugs have side effects allergic Kjvav throat, heart palpitations, it is preferable not to be used only if there is a need.

Says Joe Graidun: «A lot of people do not know whether they will catch Vinolun preventatively, insomnia, sleeping pills or tablets hypnotic influence (drugs Hsaitamen), leading to drug addiction, psychological motives. We must therefore guard against the recurrence of such medications without a need and without consulting a doctor.

Addiction Kodiin Cough:

Most of the pain-killing medicines containing the cough Alkodiin main habitat of the cough and Jacob Miller, pharmacist at Robbins «There are a lot of patients turn to a drink containing the coughs Alkodiin a substance is harmless, but too much of them cause constipation, nausea, infection, however, some of them may acquire the ability to These side effects Faisal by the case to addiction Alkodiin », says psychiatrist Levy said Alkodiin addiction treatment is according to a specialist to remove it out of the body under the auspices of a specialist.

Therefore, use of the Ministry of Health and the Pharmacy Guild of Syria to stress and control of all pharmacies to prevent the sale of these drugs only by prescription.

And finally: What we are aiming at is a warning that the medicine which is useful to turn to drug harmful if not abide by the instructions contained therein and the instructions of your doctor and pharmacist, we should not take the drugs in a random and without a doctor's prescription or in response to the proposal of our relatives and friends. If all diabetes medication therefore be prudent to
to leave the description of these medicines to the people of jurisdiction.

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