Coffee and green tea, the enemies of brain cancer

Publié par happy-diet mardi 2 février 2010

القهوة والشاي الأخضر من أعداء سرطان الدماغ

Coffee and green tea, the enemies of brain cancer

Regardless of the damage excessive consumption of coffee and tea, but they enjoy many benefits, has announced a scientific team led by Dr. Corey Lee, John Zhang at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Research, said he had a joint research with scientists from the Koreans and foreigners showed the effectiveness of caffeine in coffee and green tea in the slow growth cells of brain cancer.
The Chairman of the Panel, the caffeine is valid for dilution of calcium inside cells, which are essential for the activities of the brain cancer cells and transported to other parts of the body .. And it is now possible to develop effective new drug for the treatment of brain cancer.
Results have been published research conducted by the science team in the Journal of Korean Cancer Research In Korean specialized in research on cancer.

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