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RESPIRATORY to overcome?

Inhalation of air and breath movements Afuetan natural lagoons, helping the harmony between body and mind, proper Valtnevs equivalent of all the drugs in the world of anti-tension and psychological pressure.
- Bmdi feel tense, Otarq much, s troubled and concerned, can I relax and rest if they followed breathe calm "
- The development of the psychological impact on the breathing and vice versa, when you take the time to breathe (the awareness and attention) through a sense of air that enters the nostrils and the one Nzfarh of the mouth, can we sit back and calm and tranquility, Valtnevs sound is one of the secrets of successful organization and effective stress , "The breath is life, thanks to the human body with the center space with every movement is respiratory ventilation air enters the lungs and exhale clean out pollutants and negative emotions" This is what yoga is explained by hundreds of years ago.

- A mirror of emotions:
Respiration is directly linked to Panevalatna When disturbed these emotions, the changes depending on a discontinuous breathing fast, chest high.
In fact, our body has a surplus of energy, but does not know how concentrating.
We note for example that while the cases of anxiety, frustration and anger get respiratory changes, you are not breathing deeply as evidenced by the diaphragm, the cargo is released only to oxygen, a poorly-ventilated, sometimes leading to a bottleneck, because the pressure unconscious crash energy and gets to the muscle spasm, stomach pain, intestinal problems , inability to sleep, fatigue and even irritation and sensitivity.

For the balance of power:
To improve the life style, attention should be paid to breathe, during the inhalation process is important not only taking the time to introduce fresh air, but also to attract all the good ideas and good pictures or sensations and feelings that nourish the body, what concerns us is the goal, that is, thinking that accompanies the breathing.
This is what you're looking for the trap and address qu gong distinguish, breathing and body awareness.
As they seek to link these three harmoniously Togayp until they control the vital energy, and also the like tai-chi, yoga, which involved linking always breathing and body awareness and considers that the breath is the bridge between mind and body and between the organism (qu Bachini, ki or prana Baliapani Pal sarsant) means that energy cosmic breath that gives us life, and to train on inhalation and exhalation control systems finally breathe so spare and store energy balanced.
If we were in a state of tension, in the case of pressure, care of here, go to exhale, which allows the expulsion of tension and relax the nerves, and vice versa when a component tired (the case of the weakness of the weakness in the muscles) focus on inhalation for a powerful body.
If the circumstances of life, it changes the end, but the work remains the same.

Training on good breathing:
It is important to stop the introduction of the abdomen always, let him move freely, Tmddi, try a sense of feeling like you Taatnevsi by placing fingers on the level of the navel.
"Sniff freshly inflatable air with the abdomen, and leave air spaces between the ribs slowly, and then to the top gradually toward the top of the lungs, and drag the rib cage" This is what yoga is explained by Professor lovis halla "Aszewri slowly push on the ribs one after the other with the lifting of the diaphragm until the stomach is empty and flat, "So adds.
Abdominal respiratory process is a good start in the research phase of the situation good or at least the situation better.
The process of relaxation of body and mind to amend the respiratory systems, directly affect the brain, the natural equivalent Valtnevs good as we mentioned earlier all drugs of psychological pressure, but only well-trained to breathe ..
Of course, every business, that spouse needs some time 2 - 3 months of exercise are necessary to gain control of this process is good).
During the first phase should take the time and breathing deeply with the count to the number of air exchanges.
Systems are frequency or the average respiratory movement is 12 per minute, and for people who arrive to indulge in the case of reflection can be frequent them 6 times (respiratory movements) / min.
"Last school table (religious philosophy based on the teaching of Chinese Otter", which is working to breathe only in the single status: the genetic breathing, they are slow so as not able to do only one movement per minute, "Whatever With each respiratory movement,
Should not be exaggerated, since everything is calm and harmony, to retain the 70% of physical capacity, and if this does not happen harmony could create tension and destabilization in the mechanisms.
Of the session into two sessions for 10 minutes a day is enough to keep the stimuli, and unwanted effects, as well as external stimuli toxic impact on life.

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