Eucalyptus ... Many benefits

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Eucalyptus ... Many benefits

الكينا... منافع كثيرة

Papers contain quinine, the treasures of the benefits, especially in relation to sewage-respiratory tract. This is in addition to the role they play in the purification of the environment.

There are 600 species of eucalyptus trees that have common features and distinctive characteristics, which is used for treatment plants. Other types grow, especially in Europe is known for its proximity to the essential oils (not grow only in warm places such as South France, Portugal and Spain). These trees can not tolerate extreme cold and snow, and have many secrets, for example, could be used for the paper industry, it contains a significant proportion of cellulose and Allegnin lignine.

Purify the environment

Kina has the characteristics of other prominent, given that it absorbs too much water, they are used to purify the swamps.
Planted as well as certain types of eucalyptus trees in humid areas in Africa helped to eliminate insects (which was deprived of her home naturally) and the prevention of malaria (the so-called Balbrda Paludisme).

This eucalyptus leaves that contain oil glands produce large quantities, which is used in the manufacture of many drugs.

Dealing with the respiratory tract

Eucalyptus leaves has a strong capacity to address the respiratory tract.
Regardless of how obtained, through the mouth, skin or anus (via pessary), pass through the sewage pulmonary eucalyptus. Perhaps that is the World Health Organization recognizes the ability of Nicoa eucalyptus to alleviate cough in children. Using two types of eucalyptus: camphor or Ookaleptus Glupoulos Eucalyptus globulus, and Ookaleptus Radiatta Eucalyptus radiata. Vziutema core that contains a large amount of Alookaliptull has great effectiveness in easing congestion in the respiratory tract and sterilized or filtered somewhat. From this standpoint, when you suffer from nasal fluid, it is recommended by inhalation of eucalyptus essential oils to open the airways. Can also take advantage of the characteristics of eucalyptus in the event of suffering from bronchitis and sinusitis.

Welcome Balnicoa

In the case of the common cold or colds, it is essential never to drink Nicoa eucalyptus, but make sure not to drink more than three cups a day.

1 - in any form preferred to buy?

• prefer to buy essential oils extracted from the leaves of eucalyptus. Reaching the impact of eucalyptus leaf oils Glupoulos basic mainly the lungs, while the eucalyptus leaves Radiatta affect the upper respiratory tract: nose, throat, ears and sinuses.

2 - How to use

• by inhalation: Place a few drops of eucalyptus essential oils in a pot placed on the heater, so you can breathe the smell of eucalyptus oil smart.

• Through Massage: Put on your back or under your feet a little bit of a mixture containing vegetable oil and 10 percent of the eucalyptus maximum (5 per cent for boys). For example: point of eucalyptus essential oils + 9 points from vegetable oils.

• in the form of suppository: to be able to recover quickly, this is the most effective and easy way (bought cellophane pessary from the pharmacy).


Should not be used for pregnant women and children below six years of eucalyptus essential oils (strictly forbidden the use of these oils to the children below three years, given the existence of the risk of infected contractions in the airways). May cause these oils to the skin sensitivity (preferably not be used on the face).

In the event taken by mouth may cause problems in the stomach and intestines. Such situations are rare but potentially happen. Must exercise caution, especially in the case of asthma or problems associated with Balorgip.

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