Purification of the body of toxins accumulated

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Purification of the body of toxins accumulated

Our bodies are in an age of many of the chemicals harmful to our bodies either through the air we breathe or the food we eat, all of this tax is the modern civilization in which we live.

Automobile exhaust has a lot of contaminants is essential to us about cars, canned foods in general contain various chemical additives, including keeping food fresh and soft, such as corruption and prevent oxidation of food and what makes them attractive color, all these additives, although not directly affected, but the length of the time and over time they accumulate the body gradually.

No wonder that the whale that took hold in our bodies and our blood mixture and a wide range of products such as industrial chemicals, pesticide residues and food additives and residues of heavy metals and even the effects of chemical drugs.

This broad spectrum of harmful substances that accumulate and are deposited with the passage of time, leave their body, so we must get rid of as much as possible and this is what we would like to clarify it in the next few lines.

Under normal circumstances, the body to expel toxins from the body through the kidney or the digestive system or respiratory system or even through the skin and sweating.

As well as the body to neutralize certain toxins and that by turning it into harmless substances in the body by the liver and lymphatic system distributor in the body.
As noted above this natural situations. But in the circumstances of modern life, the body is exposed to much larger than the capacity to deal with these toxins.

Therefore, it must help our bodies in innovative ways to get rid of these toxins and expelled outside the body and purify the body to restore vitality and increase the body's immunity to disease.

Purification of the body and integrative medicine

We have devoted a lot of branches of integrative medicine interest and clear the body purified traditional Chinese medicine, for example, where the ancient Chinese tried to purify the body of toxins so that the old time, which was not the chemicals of modern for their belief that the purification of the body helps to prolong life and sharpen the mind and keep diseases from humans, and left us today borders to certain herbs prescribed for a person who wants to purify the body of toxins.

The same goes for the ancient Indian medicine Aiorvidk who developed a system to purify the body and expel toxins from the body using herbs, massage, aromatherapy and the use of saunas.

In the present integrative medicine specialist is advisable to follow a diet for one day or several days.

This system is designed to give the body an opportunity to get rid of these toxins in better conditions, enable members of the body to work efficiently to get rid of toxins, which then cleans the lymphatic system the body cells and purify the blood and overall the skin removing toxins through sweating.

The following is a simplified explanation of this system is to one day or two or three to be chosen by each person according to its circumstances Mainasabh

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