Beware of acoustical imaging "commercial" for the embryos!

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Beware of acoustical imaging "commercial" for the embryos!

London - experts have called for parents to think carefully about the safety of imaging fetuses in the wombs of their mothers just keeping pictures Memorial.

The British Broadcasting Corporation "BBC" The acoustical imaging to make sure children's health and proper justification, but the Health Protection Agency is concerned photography "commercial".

The Council discussed the independent consultant at the agency in the existing evidence of any health effects, and explained he needed more research to determine the long-term consequences.

Referred to some reports spoke of the impact of photography on the nervous system of the fetus.
The "BBC" to the fears of the non-medical imaging to keep the memorabilia resulting from having to keep the rays directed towards long-term fetus to take pictures of minutes.

The researchers found no evidence that routine imaging voice used in hospitals to ensure the safety of embryos adversely affect the health of children, but the commercial use of this radiation is the subject of scrutiny.

Said Professor Anthony Soerdo responsible for the preparation of the report that "acoustical imaging is used in the medical field since 50 years is no evidence on the risks, but excessive use, and a lot of camera images to keep the embryos Memorial, requires further research."

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