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Herpes lip Herpes Labialis

Herpes of the lip of the common skin diseases, which appears in the form of blisters on the lip or around the mouth constantly repeated normally.

* What is the cause of this disease?

- The cause of herpes virus is Herpes Simple Virus is of two types:

- Type of herpes virus (1) charge of the herpes of the lip.

- Type of herpes virus (2) responsible for genital herpes.

Research has shown that most people become infected with herpes type (1), which affects the lip, mouth, nose and cheek and chin.

The virus is responsible for so-called fever blisters Fever Blisters blisters or cold and flu Cold Sores or Herpes lip Herpes Labialis All of these synonyms.

Start of the first infection in childhood through touching, fondling and kissing by family members or friends of the family who carry the virus, the symptoms of the disease in this age of mild or nonexistent and are seldom very severe, requiring the introduction of the child to the hospital.

After the first infection the virus stays in the body into nerve cells for many years in a state of sleep (deep sleep) that the conditions allow the virus Feinst and winds its way to the surface of the skin goes back injury in some people over and over again.

And symptoms of recurrent infection are some of the itching or tingling or burning feeling in the lip or around the mouth, followed by the emergence of pimples in the volume of water be a pinhead base red swollen somewhat.

Soon Tnfqi pimples, automatically or by friction, and becomes a small sores dry surface and covered with scales. This will take a week or ten days at most.

This is usually done without leaving any trace of scars on the skin, and recurrence of infection varies from person to person may vary the period from weeks to months.

Q: What are the conditions that help to repeated infections?

- The following situations: cold, flu, fever for any reason, sun exposure, cases of mental fatigue, intestinal disorders such as indigestion, constipation, and when women may be menstruating (menstrual cycle) the cause of repeated infections on a regular basis, monthly.

Q: How are diagnosed with herpes?

- Easy on the patient and the doctor together to identify herpes, by setting the form of the disease and symptoms is well known.

If the diagnosis is not clear then resorts to the doctor to examine a sample of water blisters, or to perform a blood test to confirm the presence of the disease.

Q: Is there a cure for herpes?

- The pharmacy shelves full of medicines that are promoted as a cure for fever blisters or heat, and the fact they are all useless. Has proved to be vitamins, minerals and dietary treatment of paint and light and smallpox vaccine things that are not feasible at all. To this day do not have a vaccine against this disease.

And the treatment with antiviral compounds such as Acyclovir, and the Valciclovir and the Famciclovir. Different dosage and method of use according to the patient's condition.

These drugs work to alleviate the injury, may use one of these medicines for long periods of preventive treatment.

In the event of a secondary bacterial infection accompanied by heated and swollen lymph nodes in the neck, the doctor then advised to take up antibiotics by mouth for a week or ten days.

The injured area of the eye pose a risk to the eye disease usurps should consult a doctor or specialist Ophthalmologist.

* What are the methods that can be followed to avoid transmission to other patients?

- Is the prevention of this contagious disease is necessary, patients should follow the following:

1 - not to approach the children, and newborns, including, in particular, or kiss, throughout the existence of the disease on the skin.

2 - Use a towel (towel) of its own.

3 - The use of tools of its own food.

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