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Mental abilities deteriorate after sleep

According to a study that the ability to think about when people have not slept for 24 hours are better than humans, even when drunk man woke up just after a good portion of sleep the night before.
The study, conducted by the University of Colorado, the ability to understanding and comprehension and short-term memory is worse after waking up.

The results of this study important for a number of staff such as doctors, who work in night shifts and are required to perform the work immediately after waking.
The study appears in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

During the study participants spent six nights during which control sleep, where they were sleeping 8 hours a night, and researchers have been examining their performance after sleep every night, and among the testing procedures that are required to add two-digit numbers not on the appointment.

The researchers found that the skill of persons of the experiment is not particularly short-term memory, counting and Bdoualuai Ocean during the last three minutes that follow are waking up to a minimum.

The researchers add that although the effects of this decline in mental capacity after sleeping usually disappear within 10 minutes following a wake-up but the effects usually can be tracked even after two hours.
The study, to complement previous studies on the impact of lack of sleep for 24 hours or more and found that the effect of sleep on sleeping after waking up the same as if drunk.

Commenting on Professor Kenneth Rice, supervisor of the research that the reasons for this may be due to some parts of the brain late in waking up after waking up from sleep immediately.

Other research suggests that the cortex of the brain pre-frontal lobe, which are responsible for problem solving, emotion and complex thought are among the brain regions that were late in waking up.

Dr. Wright said that doctors or nurses or firefighters or ambulance drivers, who are sometimes forced to work or go to the place of accident might offer

Themselves to Mjaovp.

The researcher also noted that the study refers to the challenges faced by the ordinary man who must sometimes make crucial decisions following abrupt awakening.

He added that there is a need to study the impact of a spare bed and sleep with a view to compensation to persons deprived of sleep or working in night shifts.

Says Dr Neil Stanley, of the British Sleep Society, commented: "There are many people, such as junior doctors, where is the time of waking and how they feel when you wake up the number of hours they work.

He adds Msudaia advice: "Do not be anyone to play any important work during a period ranging between 15 -30 minutes from the time of waking up."

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