Uses and benefits of fish medical

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Uses and benefits of fish medical

1. Is rich in proteins that contain important amino acids such as arginine, tryptophan, and others. A task to maintain the body's tissues and to build what the body needs in the renovation that occurs to the body tissues.
2. Fish is an important source of iodine, and phosphorus. This is necessary for the teeth and bones and blood, which is an important source of calcium.
3. Fish that contain vitamin A, D. These vitamins found in fish liver.
4. Fish meat does not contain a semi-sugar, Algluxeidat, thus giving those who follow the diet to lose weight.
5. The phosphorus is located in particular types of fish sardines activate the memory has an important role in building bones.
6. Fish that contain a high proportion of Alglutmik acid, a substance essential to the functions of the brain and nerves and tissue.
7. Most important of all, the presence of omega-3. Found in fish oil and all the fruits of the sea, in contrast to cholesterol, which harms human health, the fish oil contain omega-material objects to prevent blood clots infection of the heart and the brain, the fat found in animals from sheep and cattle detrimental to health, fat fish is required for the health of the human body, because as much fat fish which abounded article Omega. All fish contain omega-3 on the body. But there are types of fish contain a greater proportion of this material, in some fish are fat, 1% by weight, and other types 2% by weight, and tuna ratio is 15%, and most important fish species that contain high levels of tuna, sardines , salmon, fish Aliskmbri. Prefer to heart patients eating fish three times a week to make completely prevent, but that modern research has proven that eating fish at least once a month happening and good protection. The substance found in omega fish and all aquatic creatures at different rates, which is a multi-fatty acids, unsaturated.
8. Rich fish Pmajp omega-3, are essential in the diet of patients with "plaque sclerosis" Multiple sclerosis. A disease of the "spinal cord". Fish and prevents the exacerbation of this disease that there is no effective drug has to deal with it so far. Prefer sea fish on the fish and river fish prefer to eat fresh.
9. Fish feeds and strengthens the body, especially energy mutilation, in particular fish eggs, "Sturgeon". Which is called "caviar." It is also eaten with alcoholic beverages to reduce the harm of alcohol on the body, and Russia, and Iran is a significant exporter of caviar.
In Egypt eaten "Batrk" to feed and activate sexual energy, and Batrk is the "womb filled with fish eggs." Which is eaten with garlic and olive oil, may be added to it a little ginger to increase interest rates.
Wanted to use fish from the diet to reduce weight and age of patients with various diseases and chronic diseases.

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