The benefits of pistachios

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The benefits of pistachios

Green Pistachio

Pistachios reduce blood sugar, pistachios
New Delhi / said a recent study published recently in India to eat a handful of pistachios lowers blood sugar by slowing the absorption of carbohydrates in the body.
The study pointed out that, when eaten with peanut food high in carbohydrates such as white bread, peanut works to slow absorption of carbohydrates in the body thereby reducing the percentage of sugar in the blood.
He said, "Cyril Kendall," lead researcher on this study the control of the blood sugar level is important for the prevention and control of diabetes by reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL), which protects the heart.
He added that preliminary results showed that pistachio nuts helped to reduce the proportion of sugar in the blood with eating foods high in carbohydrates, which contribute to the prevention and control of diabetes, pointing out that the peanut was discovered that it helps to control appetite by controlling hunger and works to stimulate hormones, which lead
to improve the long-term control of blood sugar rate.
The study showed that peanuts help in the fight against diabetes, "sugar" in a country like India where there are 40 million people suffer from this disease is likely to reach 80 million by 2025.
The study pointed out that the capital New Delhi and Hindi alone, there were approximately 3 million people suffer from diabetes and has to do with heart disease, especially among young people.

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