Ginger good treatment of colon

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Ginger good treatment of colon

According to a scientific study that ginger helps to get rid of the pain of the colon, and put Kmattr with food helps digestion,

Is an anti-colic ...

The study showed that ginger tonic for the heart and stomach, as it prevents the nausea, so they brought in many pharmaceutical compounds.

The study pointed out that ginger contains a substance that glues and resin and fatty and starch and oil pilot gives smell fragrant, and oily resin

Non-pilot is the one who gives a warm ginger taste ...

The study concluded that eating ginger soaked before eating is conducive to calm the stomach and the treatment of gout, as it chased and digester gas, and

Used to expand the blood vessels and increasing race and a sense of warmth and mitigate the heat, and strengthen the sexual energy, is also used as a spice in the processing

Foods and awarded the distinguished taste ...

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