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Laughter is the best treatment myself at all

Laughter of the beautiful things and infectious diseases at the same time, but it could be more contagious than cough, Ooatts, as it is something that links between people and increase the happiness and harmony among them.
Valvkahp fun and enhances the immune system, and increase the body's energy, and that laughter can be protected from feeling pain, Owalijhad, this treatment is a fun precious priceless, as it is simple and easy.
- Laughter is the most powerful treatment for the same body:
Laughter is the best anti-stress and pain, studies have shown that there is nothing more impact on the return of the body and mind to the equilibrium state more than laughter.
The use of laughter reduces Oabaik and inspires meditation, and more connected to others, and even makes you more focused and attentive at work, in many cases, the laughter is considered a tremendous source to overcome the problems, and Tazizaalaqatk others, as well as support for both physical health and emotional.
- Laughter is very useful for your health:
It relieves all the members of the body, may help to alleviate the stress, and stress, leaving all muscles of the body in pure relaxation for up to more than 45 minutes.
It also enhances the immune system, which helps to reduce stress hormones and stress, and increases the immune system cells that work to fight infection, thereby increasing your ability to resist disease.

And leads to the secretion of laughter Alindrofen, a chemical that generated by the body, causing a feeling of comfort, calm, even for some time, as it also helps ease the pain.

It also protects the heart, and works to improve the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow, thus may help protect you from heart attacks and other problems of the heart and blood vessels.
Laughter and health benefits of physical, psychological, and social development:
First: the benefits of physical health:
1 - strengthens immunity.
2 - reduces stress hormones.
3 - ease the pain.
4 - works to relax the muscles.
5 - prevent heart disease.
Second: the benefits of mental health:
- Confer on the life of joy and happiness.
- Reduce the anxiety and fear.
- Ease the tension.
- Improve the mood.
- Enhance the ability to adapt.
Third: the social benefits:
1 - strength of social relations.
2 - attracts others to us.
3 - enhances the collective action.
4 - reduces conflicts.
5 - strength of links between persons per group.
- Laughter and fun will help you to stay on the good emotional health:
This is because laughter makes you in good mental health, and you just get the feeling that during laughter stays with you even after finishing it.
On the other hand, it helps to be positive and look at the optimistic outlook of life during the hard times of the exercise, Laughter is the most comfortable we have pain and grief, but will give you courage and strength to find new sources of hope and optimism.
In the most difficult your time, the laugh, or even a simple smile can go a long way to make you in a better state.
* The relationship between laughter and mental health:
- Laughter erase the sad feelings, when you laugh you can not Owalgill feeling sad at all.
- Laughter helps you to relax and gives you energy, as it reduces stress and increases energy, allowing you to focus on your business and do more of it.
- Laughter may change your outlook on some things, allowing you to UK situations are more realistic, and the light is less tense, and then the humor perspective inside you could create a psychological space, can help you to avoid negative emotions.
* The social benefits of laughter and humor:
Laughter strengthens our social feelings by creating positive, and also promote the emotional relationships, when we laugh with each other established strong links between us to serve as a strong barrier against the tension and differences.
- Laughter with others, be stronger than laughter alone:
Laughter is the common one of the most effective means to save the relationship thriving and exciting, and can also be for the exchange of emotions that create strong and lasting relationships, and exchange of laughter and humor lending to such relationships joy and vitality.
- Use laughter and humor in social relationships allows you to:
1 - to be more transparent and precise: the joke, laugh or take you away from everything that you think about it, and then break the cycle of problems.
2 - to step down from the defensive role: that're promulgate Alogak or criticism of others.
3 - to express your feelings the truth, and this by allowing the deep feelings appear to others.
- Dress by giving more of laughter and humor to your life:
Laughter is inherent, probably genetically, we may find a smile infants begin during the first weeks of birth, and laugh out loud start within a few months.
Even if Tencoi was laughter in the house of the common, you can acquire at any stage of life.
In the end, you want to include humor and laughter fabric of your life, and of course you may find that in all're doing.
Here are some steps to Tbdoi:
- Smile: Valaptsamp is the beginning of laughter, but laughter is as infectious as it is also, and pioneers in the field of treatment they say laughter: The rights can be laughing, even without exposure to the positions of funny, and the same applies to smile.
- Make the weapon of laughter to you: This once exposure to negative attitudes and experiences, let your arm is to laugh in order to turn those Almchaarili positive feelings, and when you're in grief, then let you have many ways to reach a laugh.
- When you hear the laughter locomotive part: in some cases the special laughter, and limited to a small group, and this is not unusual, but usually find a group, have felt intense joy, laughter and began exchanging high, and that participatory processes that allow them the opportunity to laugh again, if my name laugh , Vthrki him and try to participate.
- Spend time with people comfortable: They were laughing easily, both on life, or events that occur during the day.
- Add to your conversations laughter and humor: if people ask:
"What's so funny that happened to you today, Oohma week in your life in general?"

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