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Cut Rbohaydarat help to reduce blood pressure

Help reduce Rbohaydarat to get rid of excess weight just Kahumaip low-fat and supported prescribing "Orlistat",
Is an effective means to reduce blood pressure in many of those who suffer from this problem.
The researchers said a study published in the journal "Orcayv of Internal Medicine," The pursuit of these two types of diet, no reduction was Rbohaydarat and high-fat foods, helped many patients who participated in the elimination of about 10% of the weight is almost as reflected positively on their health and control pressure blood.
And Dr. William Yancey, assistant professor of medicine at Duke University Medical Center "The blood pressure improves more when you reduce the amount of Rbohaydarat, and there are several options for people, and you just select the diet that you think that you can better adhere to and cooperation with your doctor to do so" .
Said Dr. Robert Kouchner, Faculty of Medicine at Northwestern University that obesity causes many problems such as heart disease and stroke, diabetes and many cancers.
He added that statistics indicate that more than one third of American adults are obese and that obesity rates rose by about 140% over the past decade.
The study included 146 people overweight or obese, average age of fifty-two years and the index of the body to have 39 randomly then asked them to comply with either low or Carbohaedrat diet medication "Orlistat" with low-fat diet. It is well known that when the body above the index is thirty-one obese.
It can buy medicine, "Orlistat" and trade name "Xinekal" without a doctor's prescription in America.
He was found after 48 weeks of the study group with the Carbohaydart less weight decreased by about 9,5% decline in the weights who took the drug "Orlistat" about 8,5% of weight, as well as improved cholesterol levels, "good" or "HDL "and triglycerides when the two groups followed the health system as directed by the researchers.
The researcher and specialist in nutrition and President Karen Kongro welfare program and life in the Brooklyn Hospital Medical Center, "There are many ways to get rid of weight, but the test is whether adherence to diet is successful or not."
"If the reduced weight at a rate ranging between 5% and 10% will be reflected positively on the level of blood pressure and cholesterol and glucose and that will make you healthier."

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