What causes the emergence of warts and how to treat?

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What causes the emergence of warts and how to treat?

Nmuat Warts are non-cancerous skin caused by a viral infection in the upper layer of skin called the viruses that cause warts human epithelial tumor virus (HPV). Warts are usually the same skin color and texture to be coarse, but may also be darker colors or flat or smooth texture, this diversity depends on where you grow it.

How kind of warts there?

There are several types, including: regular warts - warts (butt) feet - flat warts.

1 - regular warts: usually grow on fingers and around nails and on the hands, they are mainly in areas where the skin cracks, for example: when a nail has bitten or pluck parts of dead skin around the (so-called Balsav). Usually called this type of warts warts (seed) because the blood vessels of the Twlol be dark spots like seeds.

2 - warts seniority: It is usually in the soles of the foot and plantar warts are called and whether these warts formed groups it is called mosaic warts. Most plantar warts are not attached to the surface of the skin such as warts regular that it may be dark spots which cause pain may feel injured by it as stone when he was in the boot.

3 - Flat warts: These are smaller and smoother than other warts and tend to grow large numbers 20-100 Twlol at a time may occur anywhere but is most common in children in the face, either in adults they are usually found in the beard area in men or men in women It is most likely help shaving irritation caused by the appearance of these warts.

How can you get warts:

Movement of infection from person to another, sometimes indirectly, and the time period that show the warts to be long to the extent that it may be several months in the habit of the time of contact with the virus but the risk of contact with hands or feet or flat warts to any other person who has them is small occurrence.

Why do some people with other warts does not get:

Some people get warts depending on the times they are exposed to the virus as you get out more easily if the skin is damaged in some way and this explains the large possibility of injury to children who bite their nails or Intvon dead skin around the bumps in addition to that some people are only the most Altqata virus warts from other viruses, as has that some people are Altqata cold virus, as well as the patients with weak immune systems are also prone to pick up a virus warts.

Is treatment of warts:

In children, warts can disappear without any treatment in a period of months to a year but for the warts disturbing or painful or rapidly growing population, it must be addressed Warts in adults usually disappear easily or quickly disappearing in children.

How to cure warts:

There are several types of treatments depending on the patient's age and the type of Altwol.

1 - regular warts: in children can be treated at home, where advisable to make an acid Alsellacelik The liquid or amorphous formation or sticker on Altwlol Usually this treatment is not fun, as may be required for several weeks to obtain the result in the event of illness, but inflammation of warts during the treatment must be stopped at least temporarily For adults and older children it is usually preferable to use treated cryo (freezing), and this method is not very painful and rarely cause Tndbat to leave, but usually requires to repeat the treatment interval is estimated 1-3 weeks, also laser surgery which can be used for the treatment of stubborn warts that have not responded to any type of other treatment methods.

3 - warts seniority: It is difficult to treat because Altwlol be under the skin and treatment here includes the use of Adhesives Alsellacelik acid and the development of other chemicals on Altwlol or use one of the surgical treatments such as laser surgery or regular surgery, and has advised the doctor Pantal Other Shoes to ease pressure on and keep Altwlol foot dry since moisture allows the warts to spread.

3 - Flat warts: Usually in large numbers because it addresses the methods mentioned previously it is usually recommended in a peeling using materials used daily Khamad Alslacelik is required to visit the doctor regularly for surgical treatments that are sometimes necessary.

What are some treatments for warts: Other

There are different types of laser used for the treatment of warts with laser treatment destroys some types of warts there is another way, a fusing each Twlol drug called Bleomycin may be injected into painful as it may have other side effects.

Anticoagulant treatment: Immunotherapy

And that stimulate the body to use a rejection of him and there are many of these types of treatment that are used Vihdy way is to make the patient is sensitized to a particular chemical and paint on the body and then Altwlol reaction Thssea simple wizard on Altwlol This may lead to the demise of Altwlol completely.

What about recurring warts:

Sometimes it seems as if new warts appear quickly after the demise of the old Altwlol may occur because these Altwlol old may put the virus in the area of skin surrounding the deal before, in fact what happens is that new small warts to grow on Altwlol mother and so the best way to prevent this from happening Altwlol new treatment is as quickly as possible just to appear and therefore be in front of him a short time to put the virus in the surrounding skin and helps your doctor examine the skin to reassure you that the wizard Altwlol entirely disappeared.

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