What is the food pyramid

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What is the food pyramid?

Food pyramid consists of the gradient of the food groups, made up the five major food groups that each person committed to building his body and enjoy good health, it refers to a healthy diet daily.
It was agreed that the order of those groups by the degree of need for the body to them, which have as follows:
1 - top of the pyramid: (fats, oils and sweets)

It represents the upper part of the small pyramid, fats, oils and sweets, including this group of oil and butter and generous, margarine, sugars and sweets, carbonated water, also includes some types of spices, high-fat, nutrition experts have advised the group to address food in moderation and in small quantities, the calories high heat, lack of benefits of food.
2 - Group II: (dairy)

It contains food consisting of milk, yogurt and cheese, a rich source of calcium.
3 - Group III: (protein)

Containing meat and poultry, fish, dried beans and eggs.
And the two sets are mostly from animal sources, an important source of protein, calcium, iron and zinc.
4 - Group D: Vegetables:

This collection contains the plant foods, and most people need to eat more of this group to supply the needs of the body, including vitamins, minerals and fiber.
5 - Base of the Pyramid: bread, cereals, rice and pasta:

Which foods are at the base of the food pyramid, which consists mostly of grain, and this group provides us with fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

The food pyramid is important in determining the ideal ratio, which must be addressed by the individual of each food group, and used these percentages as a guide to record in other types of foods, and it can be said that the scales of the pyramid can be used to suit the different categories in terms of age "children or adults or older persons ", or sex" male or female ", or the quality of work" simple or hard "or physiologically" a teenager or adult or pregnant. "

The following table shows the model for a nutrition program for one day, and for different people:

1600 kcal is suitable for women who do not work, nor Iqmn activities in the home, also suitable for the elderly.

* Group 6 bread rations
* Group 3 vegetable share
* Group 2 share of fruits
* 2-3 * a milk quotas
* Set the meat (Balounsp) 5 ounces
* Total fat (in grams) 53 grams
* Added sugar spoons total 6 teaspoon

2200 kcal is suitable for many children and adolescent girls and women. For pregnant women or nursing mothers may need more.

* Group 9 servings of bread
* Set the vegetables 4 servings
* Group 3 fruit quota
* 2-3 * a milk quotas
* Set the meat (Balounsp) 6 ounces
* Total fat (in grams) 73 grams
* The total sugar added 12 teaspoons a small

2800 kcal is suitable for children and adolescents, many of the working men and some women work that requires a large activity.

* A share of bread 11
* Group 5 servings vegetables
* Fruits 4 servings
* 2-3 * a milk quotas
* Set the meat (Balounsp) 7 ounces
* Total Total fat (in grams) 93 grams
* Total sugar added total 18 small teaspoon

I mentioned the word share more than once, what do you mean share?

Here is a list of calculated as a share of each of the six food groups.

Set bread and cereals, rice and pasta:

* 1 piece of bread (1 / 8 the size of the Great Arab bread) or (1 / 4 the size of the small Arab bread)
* 1 / 2 sandwich hamburger
* 1 ounce of ready-to-eat
* 1 / 2 cup of cereal, rice or pasta cooked
* Can be regarded as any item as a share the previous one, ie the 1-8 pitas is a large share of one and a half cup of cooked rice is one serving. And thus provides us with the food pyramid by the possibility of diversification alternatives within each group.

Group of vegetables:

* A cup of green leafy vegetables
* 1 / 2 cup of other kinds of vegetables, cooked or raw
* Again cup green leafy vegetables is one serving, and 1 / 2 cup of other kinds of vegetables is one serving.


* Medium apple or banana or orange
* 3 / 4 cup of fruit juice

A milk, yogurt and cheese:

* One cup of milk or yogurt
* 1 / 2 ounces of natural cheese
* 2 ounces of cheese industry

Group meat and dried beans, eggs and nuts:

* 2-3 ounces of meat or fat free meat poultry or fish
* 1 / 2 cup of cooked dried peas
* One egg
* 2 teaspoon of peanut butter

Pregnant or nursing women or adolescence and adult until the age of 24 years in need of three servings of milk group

To set the weight better advised to eat foods in the base of the pyramid in large quantities, as advised by the economy in dealing with others, especially those foods that are at the top of the pyramid, so as to improve overall health.

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