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Cinnamon tree, perennial, evergreen leaves form a dark attack aromatic, and Azharha many small and yellow,

Blueberry fruit brown color. He graduated from the root of many vegetative cuttings cut

From the root and be stripped of her crust, scrape parts of internal and external linking and dried in packages and prepared for export.

Residues extracted from cinnamon oil .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are two types of cinnamon Ceylon cinnamon, known scientifically as

Chinese or house Chini. Know several names such as cinnamon and Casablanca Alhleykp Seine know in the pharaonic as driving.

User part of the cinnamon tree is the bark and peel oil pilot. And cobalt-known cinnamon brown color

Or slightly inclined to the light brown They are easy to break the pungent taste, sweet taste, aromatic and pungent smell.


Cinnamon is not only the bark of laurel trees of the species, with leaves a permanent root in the sandy land on the shores of the Sea,

Cobalt-containing cinnamon essential oils, where the rate reaches 4%, and the most important components of the oil vehicle

Compound known as Cinnamaldehyde is attributable to more pharmacologic effects,

It is also a composite Aleugenol the second boat in the oil, which is due to calming influence,

There are other vehicles less important than the former compounds. The cobalt-containing materials Afsih

And fluid materials and sugars and starch.

Istkhamat Cinnamon oil:

Cinnamon essential oil that is the main factor in effect Tonic stimulant for circulation of the blood and breathing,

And generating secretions, and the clutch and the engine of the blood vessels of the intestines, and the sterile anti-rot, and for this we see cinnamon

Intervention in the installation of a lot of drugs and pharmaceuticals, Chinese cinnamon is more

Aromatic essential oil of cinnamon other types of .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cinnamon oil paint used for the treatment of freckles, freckles, headaches, colds and ear pain
Cinnamon oil is used with vinegar herb for the treatment of blisters and sores, and more recently entered the cinnamon powder in the industry

Ointments against burns and sores.
3. Cinnamon oil is used at a rate drop drops as a disinfectant.
4 - Do not use cinnamon oil, except under medical advice as it may cause dizziness, vomiting, and may cause damage to the kidneys

The use of oil paint to the skin may cause Hrkana redder and must avoid.

The most important aspects in cinnamon old: --

1 / Abu Bakr al-Razi «boiled cinnamon ginger useful against diseases of the cold and flu.

2 / Ibn al-Bitar «cinnamon mixed with powdered mastic for the treatment of asthma and hiccups.

3 / Ibn Sina «force cinnamon heated, Mufthp fit every antiseptic, very gentleness,

Attractive and suitable for all power is corrupt. Analyst cinnamon and fat is very hot solvent, placed on the costs and freckles fit for Quabe

Some uses of the Interior:

1 - used by boiling cinnamon teaspoon of Mshogaha placed to fill the cup boiling water

The mixture is stirred and then left for ten minutes and then drink two cups at a rate of three cups per day

In order to treat a cold, cough, pain, difficulty in the uterus and urine usually monthly.

2 - Use an equal mixture of powdered cinnamon and ginger and by taking a teaspoon of cinnamon

And the other of the ginger and add them to fill the cups of boiling water and stir mix well and leave 10 minutes

Then drinks at a cup to two cups per day for the treatment of satiety, nausea and a swollen abdomen (Ttablh)

And the expulsion of intestinal gas and colic, poor appetite and improve digestion and against the ill-cold hands and feet.

3 - taken from the cinnamon oil between two points to be added to fill a glass of water or fill a normal cup milk

It blends well and drink an average of once a day to cleanse the digestive system, alarm and fever cases Altoviid

And palpitations, arthritis, and against the throbbing, obsessive and cruel, the south and strengthens the liver and lives hemorrhoids and vice versa.

It is said that cinnamon reservation for a person throughout his life .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! magnitude

It can also be use of cinnamon in the following cases: --

- Using drink boiled cinnamon rate of 2 to 3 cups per day of cold, cough, pain, difficulty in the uterus and urine usually monthly.
- Using cinnamon with ginger and cardamom hot drink is excellent for cases of overload and swelling of the stomach and intestinal colic and poor appetite.
- Used between 8 to 2 grams of cinnamon powder boiled with sugar to strengthen the stomach.
- Using cinnamon drenched rate of 2 to 8 grams of water with 500 mM to stimulate blood circulation and the gut and lactation and the fight against the cold and open the appetite.
- Cinnamon oil is used at a rate drop drops as a disinfectant.
- Use dye cinnamon rate of 4 to 8 grams to strengthen the heart and activate the athletes and swimmers.
- Kochehr used spices are added to food to impart the flavor and smell good. It also added to some drinks, sweets and perfumes.

Uses Foreign

1 - cinnamon oil is used topically for the treatment of paint freckles, freckles, headaches, colds and ear pain.
2 - cinnamon oil is used with vinegar herb for the treatment of sores and pimples.
3 - removed factories valleys newly cream of cinnamon powder for the treatment of burns and wounds.
4 - Use cinnamon powder mixed with salt and onion in the form of pumps for the treatment of hair loss.
5 - Use cinnamon powder mixed with figs in the form of dressings for the treatment of scorpion bite.
6 - Interference cinnamon in the manufacture of toothpaste and chewing gum.

Miracles cinnamon Indications: --

1 / l gout or arthritis

2 / Hair Loss

3 / bladder infections

4 / dental pain

5 / high cholesterol

6 / colds

7 / infertility

8 / Tuall stomach

9 / heart disease

10 / flu

11 / Boils

12 / weight reduction (slimming)

13 / fatigue - fatigue

14 / difficulty breathing

Important Note

Advised not to use for pregnant women because of the oppressive characteristics of uterine muscle

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