Skin and the winter

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Skin and the winter

Some people look at the winter as the best times to listen Bdfoulafrac flame or heater when you sit down beside her, and in the country where snowfall is the largest skiing fun on the ice and snow balls for fun ...

But what about the problems of the skin and drying out and cracking nails, which many women are keen to take care of them.

Cracked lips

- The reasons for cracked lips:

Since the lips lack oil glands of the presence of so it is dry and cracks easily.
When the air becomes cool air was dry, and is to evaporate moisture from the area surrounding the mouth, tongue, and licking their lips a lot more Thqgaha.

- Treatment of cracked lips:

Retain moisture lips and non-hand exposure to cold weather when you go out and by putting Vaseline or any material wetted with it.

Extended capillary

May appear on the face under the skin traces of blood and hair is due to the sudden change in temperature (Kkheroj warmth in a place closed to the outside in cold weather) and this serves to weaken the collagen, which in turn leads to the expansion of capillaries and facial swelling that shows clearly below the surface the skin.

- Treat an aneurysm capillaries:

- To cover the face when you get out of a warm place closed to a cool place is open.

- Avoid the sun, heat and hot foods and alcohol, because all of these factors cause expansion of capillaries.

Cracked skin of hands

Caused cold in the air and high temperatures also dry skin and cracking.

- Treatment of cracked skin hands:

- Do not use detergents, the skin a lot of soap or other of the other products.

- Stay away from the water for extended periods.

- Wear gloves when you are abroad.

Dry elbow skin

When a elbow of friction leads to skin thickness of the elbow and be what it looks like the crust and harshness.

- Treatment of dry skin Elbow:

- Do not try to build on any surface by static.

- Wear away from the soft wool.

To avoid problems with dry skin

- Use of soft drinks after taking a bath when the body is wet or damp In other words, in this way the water will remain in the skin and ensure that no drying.

- Use of soft drinks of creams containing lanolin throughout the day to skin on the face and hands.

- Drink lots of water about 6 - 8 cups to maintain skin moisture.

- Taking a warm bath, not hot to avoid dehydration, because this is wrong when many people think.

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