Beware of eating chocolate at night

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Beware of eating chocolate at night

Researchers have warned in the United States that eating more chocolate during the night

More than some pathological disorders associated with worse sleep and cause nightmares.

The researchers at the Sleep Disorders Center, Stanford University

U.S. to conduct disorder sleep a rapid eye movement (rem)

Is one of the disorders suffered by Massaboha of disturbing dreams and nightmares

Interact with a violent scream higher and many ups and downs during sleep, affects

In the person of one out of every hundred, and appear among men in particular.

Scientists explained that the caffeine found in chocolate hamper the natural process

Known as the "relaxation" that prevent rights movement during sleep

In his dreams, and thus become the sleeper more freedom to move as he wishes.

The team found in the magazine "New Scientist" scientific condition of a person

Screaming in his sleep because of frequent nightmares endure whenever dealing with chocolate biscuits

Or ice cream, sauces, and pointed out that this situation began with him after the

Risk of injury in his car accident, has increased chocolate ill

His health, back symptoms to reappear whenever addressed.

The researchers cautioned that eating chocolate and cocoa is not linked to

Violent sleep patterns, nightmares, when the general public and at

Ordinary people, but it affects only those with pre-sleep.

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